Engaging With Vulnerable People Analysis Social Work Essay

This essay will look at the patient in instance 6 and discuss grounds why she is vulnerable. It will besides look at and discourse the constructs of exposure and will research the ways in which professional values can be demonstrated and developed harmonizing to the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC ) Code of Conduct. The name of the patient in Case 6 has non been identified to guarantee confidentiality in conformity with the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( 2008 ) The Code Section 2. Equally good as identify ways to authorise the patient and keep her self-respect. This essay will be looking specifically at certain countries of exposure including favoritism, bias, mental unwellness, safeguarding kids and grownup maltreatment. Paying peculiar attending to how the patient is affected and how anti-discriminatory patterns can be promoted. The section of Health ( 2000 ) definition of a vulnerable grownup is:

“ Who is or may be in demand of community attention or services by ground of mental or other disablement, age or unwellness ; and who is or possibly unable to take attention of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against important injury or development. ”

The definition has been specifically set out for a vulnerable grownup but its content can besides straight use to a vulnerable kid or immature individual.

The construct of exposure has been used to intend damage to the physical or mental good being needed for a normal life and that it is at changeless hazard. The patient has been identified every bit vulnerable as she displays and fits into certain standards.

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Peoples from black and cultural minority groups suffer from poorer wellness, have reduced life anticipation and have greater jobs with entree to wellness attention than the bulk white population ( African and Caribbean Mental Health Commission, 2008 ) . Everyone has been vulnerable ( be it from unwellness, mourning or emphasis ) at some point in their lives but some persons are more vulnerable than others. However, exposure can besides use to groups of people. These groups include race, gender, disablement, age, sexual orientation and those who are ill.

Burbank ( 2006 ) highlighted that even though these groups are normally classified as high-risk, it may be a instance that the persons within these groups are non vulnerable. It varies on the environment and the fortunes that surround the person. For illustration a Black African adult female populating in South-East London, England may non see racism or favoritism because there is a big Black African community in the South London country and it is socially accepted. Conversely, if she were populating in Southern Italy, she could be subjected to physical and verbal maltreatment, every bit good as the improbable goon of being integrated in society e.g. employment. This may be because of spiritual and cultural positions in that country may non accept Black African people.

However, harmonizing to DeChesnay and Anderson ( 2008 ) exposure does non ever have a negative consequence. It can be a positive deduction that enhances patterned advance and alteration. In the country of race and ethnicity, statute law has been created to implement the equal rights of minority groups, be it in the on the job environment or in society. Because of these statute laws vulnerable people as a whole have been more incorporate and accepted within society leting them to derive independency and entree to back up and resources

The patient is a female parent of two immature kids and it may be that since her matrimonial interruption down to her hubby two old ages ago she has found it really hard to get by being a individual Dendranthema grandifloruom, therefore the ground for her kids being in attention. She admits guilt for being unable to look after her kids and this may add to her depressive province. She is besides vulnerable to pretermit and loneliness. Neglect from wellness professionals as they may experience that she is the cause for her ain unwellness and as a consequence are non paying her attending and solitariness from her household who have disowned her as they feel she is to fault for kids being placed into attention.

Finally the patient is really vulnerable as she is exposing forms of ego harming. It may be that she is seeking attending by harming herself in order to derive entree to assist, as she may non or happen it hard to voice her sentiments.

The chief focal point of the NMC Code of professional behavior is to protect patients and guarantee their safety, avoiding maltreatment. Mentioning to the NMC codification ( 2008 ) the staff in the instance 6 has non showed professional values by non handling her as an person. Staffs have discriminated against the patient by leting their personal positions to impact the degree of attention given. Dignity in attention can be encouraged or weakened by the environment, organizational civilization, attitudes and behavior of wellness attention professionals every bit good as how attention is given. ( RCN 2008 ) . Guaranting that patient information is kept confidential, including discoursing their attention and go throughing on information. Unless it was in the patient ‘s best involvements, information about the patient should non be discussed or passed on, particularly to those who are non involved in her attention.

I would show professional values and authorise the patient by doing clip for the patient to speak through her distress/crisis and happening out ways to assist her. Interacting with the patient by regularly checking on her and stimulating conversation will do her feel at easiness, that person attentions and at the same clip guarantee she is treated as an person and non stray. I will besides happen out if there were any linguistic communication barriers and whether there was a demand for an translator, every bit good as acknowledging, valuing and leting her to show her civilization in her ain manner.

“ Culture has been defined as… . guidelines which is inherited by persons of a peculiar society that tells them how to act and see the universe in relation to others. The usage of symbols, linguistic communication and art provides them with ways of relaying their guidelines to the following coevals. ” ( Helman, 1994 p.2 )

I would talk to her household and promote them to see and back up the patient every bit good as happening out and assisting implement support webs that may be available in her country.

Because the patient is of a Black Afro Caribbean background she is more susceptible to favoritism. Racial favoritism can be direct, indirect, exploitation and torment ( Equality and Human Rights Commission 2008 ) . It is of import that the patient is treated reasonably and non unfavoured because of the coloring material of her tegument or ethnicity. This can be demonstrated by admiting or valuing cultural differences and diverseness e.g. offering a assortment of nutrient pick or the chance to hold an translator or merely by esteeming their spiritual, cultural or wellness beliefs. Sector ( 1996 ) highlights the importance of understanding wellness beliefs. She states “ We have to happen a manner of caring for the client that matches that client ‘s perceptual experience of the wellness job and its treatmentaˆ¦the demands most hard to run into are those of people whose belief systems are most different from the “ mainstream ” wellness attention supplier civilization. ” ( Sector, 1996, p.4 )

Goffman is good known for his probes into and analyses of human interaction. Refuges: Essaies on the societal state of affairs of mental patients and other inmates, demonstrates his purposes to detect the unofficial world of what really occurred within what he termed ‘total establishments ‘ . Institutional racism is an recognized construct bing within both the populace and private sectors. It could be argued that the society we live in is one where racial favoritism is so profoundly enshrined into our systems that even those who are impartial someway become separated from personal beliefs and alternatively acquire drawn into procedures, behaviors and attitudes which discriminate through ignorance or stereotype, which has a disadvantage on cultural minorities.

An illustration of this is in the NHS health care system where Mental Health Black patients who are deemed schizophrenic are unsuitably restrained, medicated and sectioned without being right assessed. In 2004 a study was published into the probe of a Black adult male who died after being restrained by staff in a mental wellness clinic. The study said that the restraining procedures Nurses used were inappropriate every bit good as unauthorized high doses of medicine ( The Independent 2004 ) .

The patient is suspected of ego harming. The NMC Code of Conduct provinces that people should be treated every bit, Peoples who self injury should have the same degree and quality of attention that a individual with inadvertent similar hurts would have. The patient besides has a right to take part in determinations sing their attention. She should be consulted to whether she would profit or if a psychological appraisal is needed. If the patient is excessively hard-pressed to give an informed pick so a physician should be consulted in order to supply the best attention in the involvement of the patient.

On the other manus possibly mentioning the patient to the medical societal worker may beneficial in an effort to recover mutuality leting a manner for her kids to return. Medical societal workers typically work in infirmary and work with patients and their households in demand of psychosocial aid. It may be that the patient needs extra aid and services after discharge, such as psychotherapeutics, support or heartache guidance, spread outing or initializing webs for societal support or linking the patient to necessary resources.

Researching this essay has reiterated the fact that being a patient can be a really chilling experience, particularly in the instance where entire dependance is required. For those who are vulnerable this is worsened for a assortment of grounds. For illustration if the patient is from an cultural minority background, has mental wellness issues or societal or physical disablement. As nurses we should ne’er underestimate how of import maintaining and exposing to patients, peculiarly those who are vulnerable that we care. That is why the NMC Code of Conduct exists and we must continue the professional values to the highest at all times.

Boyd and Fales ( 1983 ) suggested that brooding acquisition is the procedure of internally analyzing and researching an issue of concern, triggered by an experience, which creates and clarifies intending in footings of ego, and which consequences in a changed conceptual position.

How a patient is approached is really important, hence developing my interpersonal and communicating accomplishments will assist in how I come into contact with patients, particularly those who are vulnerable. As a black African adult female who has grown up in Britain we live in a society where the coloring material of the tegument attracts prejudiced behavior, knowing or unwilled. My experience shows that difference is merely recognized every bit long as it fits in with the dominant race universe position with some differences ( e.g. Notting Hill carnival, Jerk Chicken, Reggae music etc ) being acceptable and even desirable while others ( free look, household constructions, spiritual beliefs ) are much less tolerated.

I have realised and am get downing to understand the true function of a nurse, one of much more than a physical component of attention. Harmonizing to Cuthbert and Quallington ( 2008 ) lovingness is non merely a practical act, it involves a existent concern for the wellness, protection and good being for the patient. I have discovered how easy it can be for nurses to let their personal positions to somehow struggle with the attention given to the patient. Upon initial reading in the instance discussed I found myself being unsympathetic to the patient as I felt that possibly she was the cause for her ain ruin. This is why nurses should hold ongoing self-development preparation to be cognizant of the values and beliefs they hold. This can be achieved by looking at the different civilizations in this state and seeking to cognize and understand them. Giving good advice and support can do a immense difference to the result of a patient ‘s wellness and merely by working as a squad can we accomplish this.


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