ShanShan Jiang

Objective:  Seeking a fun, challenging, exciting business opportunity that will enable me                                   to further enhance my knowledge of business and my social skills.Profile:Extremely hard working with a superb work ethic, as evidenced by “Award of Excellence” and #1 sales ranking that were both received at Bank of AmericaA great deal of previous experience working with the public and interacting within a group atmosphereTop-notch educational credentialsA vast amount of real-world business experience that few other candidates possess at such a relatively young ageProficient in Mandarin Chinese, use of Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and AccessEducation:Graduated in 2007 from UC Santa CruzEarned a B.A. in Business Management EconomicsCumulative G.P.A. of 3.1 in EconomicsExperience:Miceli Financial Partners of Mass Mutual, Santa Cruz, CA-Life Insurance Agent from March, 2007 until the present-Licensed Sales Agent-Duties including:  dealing with pressure situations, sales, and utilizing                       interpersonal skillsBank of America, Santa Cruz, CA                             Supervisor:  Karen Sugidono-Part-time teller from December, 2005 until August, 2006-Duties including:  assisting clients with their banking needs, meeting and                             maintaining sales goals, customer service, and organizational duties-Awards including:  1st Quarter of 2006 “Award of Excellence,” 1st                             Quarter of 2006 top sales ranking, and March, 2006 “Team Choice                                   Award”Little Shanghai Restaurant, Santa Cruz, CA                        Supervisor:  Sue Chiao-Waitress and Counter Worker from October, 2004 until December, 2005-Duties including:  interacting with the public to take carry-out orders or                          while waiting tables, effectively working with co-workers, and                                             maintaining an efficient, clean atmosphereTarget, Walnut Creek, CA                                         Supervisor:  Ivonne Roja-Member of Price Change Team from August, 2003 until January, 2005-Duties including:  management of credit card promotions, sales, and                               general store managementWashington Mutual Bank, Concord, CA                  Supervisor:  Zohra Tawakali-Internship as a Teller from June, 2003 until June, 2003-Duties including:  assisting customers with their banking needs and in                       accessing their safety boxes, balancing accounts, cross referrals on bank                          accounts and credit cards, and interacting with my co-workers in an                         professional, efficient manner