Essentials of Children’s Lit
Reading Courses
provide instructional Strategies that help children learn how to read and understand what they are reading
Courses in children’s literature
Acquaint teachers with good quality material for children to read and strategies to motivate children to read widely for practice of their reading skills and for developing into lifelong reading.
Basal reader approach and the literature-based reading approach
Inservice and preservice teachers will encounter two different approaches to literary subscribed to in schools and teacher training institutions
a demand by government agencies and the public for school systems and teachers to improve students’ school achievement as demonstrated by test scores in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics
Independent reading
free-choice reading done voluntarily in and out of school-has been the decline among children and young adults in this country for several decades.
Reading practice
Helps strengthen skills through reading instruction and that the reading skills of those who do not engage in recreational reading, including good readers, often erode over time.
Once they reach intermediate grades and middle grades
many children have turned off reading
What is the greatest challenge for teachers and librarians who work in primary grades is…
To provide solid skills instruction and inspire children to love to read and to read voluntarily and regularly
intermediate grade teachers must continue efforts to overcome students’ resistance to reading by
locating appealing materials and finding ways to get them to read widely and intensively both at school and home
What is the aim of teachers, librarians, and publishers?
To bring students to the reading habit by placing in their hands reading materials that will interest them and not intimidate them
Book publishers aware of failing test scores…
have produced books for low-level readers
promoting reading is
a matter of helping students select appropriate and appealing reading material
In order to make your reading program effective
focus on award winning, notable books, and books that appeal to individual children.
the best teachers….
know their students well
Children’s interests
have been shown to be one of the most powerful motivating forces available to teachers
young children can listen and comprehend more difficult material better…
Than they can read and comprehend
Reading interest
suggests a feeling one has toward particular reading material
reading preference
implies making a choice from two or more options
reading choice
investigates print materials selected and read from a predetermined selection.
There are no significant differences between reading preferences of boys and girls before what age?
What is the first step to motivate your students to enjoy excellent quality?
create an enthusiasm about books and reading.
an estimate of a text’s difficulty based on vocabulary and sentence structure
Conceptual difficulty
pertains to the complexity of ideas treated in the work and how the ideas are presented
What makes it difficult to provide materials of varying difficulty?
students reading levels differ greatly in most classrooms.
Being able to assess reading levels is helpful when…
locating lower level materials
When choosing independent or leisure reading…
students should be encouraged to read books regardless of the level as long as they are capable of comprehension.
A student with prior knowledge or interest in a subject…
can not be factored into or measured by a formula
You know a book is too difficult if
they count more than 5 or 6 words that they can not read or do not know out of 100 words
Reading incentive programs
programs such as accelerated reader that motivate children to read more widely
What is the main concern of incentive programs?
students only value the books in the programs database due to the reward system
What is the curricular area that is of most importance to parents, teachers and school administrators?
What grades range in the highest decline in reading in the last twenty years?
4th through High school