Esthetics Glossary 2
Aloe Vera
The most popular used in cosmetic formulations; emollient and film-forming gum resin with hydrating, softening, healing, antimicrorbial, and anti infammatory properties.
Alternating Current (AC)
Rapid and interrupted current, flowing first in one direction and then in the opposite direction.
Compound made of aluminum, potassium, or ammonium sulfate with strong astringent properties.
Amino Acids
Organic Acids that form the building blocks of protein.
Amp (A)
Unit that measures the amount of an electric current.
Small, sealed vials containing a single application of highly concentrated extracts in a water or oil base.
Constructive metabolism; the process of building up larger molecules from smaller ones.
1st stage of hair growth, during which new hair is produced.
Process of desincrustation or forcing negative liquids into tissues from the negative toward the positive pole, an alkaline, stimulating reaction.
The study of the structure of the body that can be seen with the naked eye and what it is made up of.
Angular Artery
Artery that supplies blood th the side of the nose.
Deficiency in perspiration, often a result of a fever or skin disease, taht requires medical treatment.
Describes products that do not contain water.
Positive electrodes.
Anterior Auricular Artery
Arterty that supplies blood to the front part of the ear.
Free radical scavengers, vitamins and ingredients.
Agents that may kill retard or prevent the growth of bacteria.
Apocrine Glands
coiled stuctures attached to the hair follicles found in the underarm and genital areas.
Tendon that connects the occipitalis and the frontalis.
The therapeutic use of plant aromas and essential oils for beauty and health treatment purposes.
Arrector Pili Muscles
Located in the hair follicle, when it contracts the hair stands sraight up causing goose bumps.
Thick walled muscular and flexible tubes that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the capillaries throughout the body.
Clogging and harding of the Arteries.
Aseptic Procedure
Process of properly handling sterlizied and disinfected equipment and supplies so they do not become contaminated by microorganisms until they are used ona client.
Subtances such as vegatable, pigment, or mineral dyes that give products color.
Rapid oxidation of any substance, accompanied by the production of heat and light.
A tendency to clog follicles and cause a build up of dead skin cells, resulting in comedones.
Tendency of any topical substance to cause a build up in the follicle leading to the development of a comedo (blackhead).
An open comedo or black head; a mass of hardened sebum and skin cells in a hair follicle.
A method of compensation that is % based and is directly related to the employee’s preformance.
Common Carotid Arteries
Arteries that supply blood to the face, head, and neck.
When a disease spreads from one person to another by contact.
The act of accurately sharing information between 2 people, or groups of people.
Comlementary Colors
Primary and secondary colors opposite one anotheron the color wheel.
Complementary Foods
Combinations of 2 incomplete foods complementary protiens eaten together provide all the amino acids and make a complete protein.
Complete Circuit
The path of an electric current from the generating source through conductors and back to its original source.
Compound Molecules
Chemical combination of 2 or more atoms of different elements.
Cosmetics used to cover blemishes and discolorations; may be applied before or after foundation.
Any substance, material, or medium that easily transmits electricity.
Connective Tissue
Fibrous tissue that binds together,protects, and supports the various parts of the body such as bone, cartilage, and tendons.