ETE115: School and Schooling in America
which of the following statements is true about the racial, ethnic, and linguistic populations in schools?
the diversity of students is increasing while that of the teachers is decreasing
which of the following groups provide a primary supply for teaching positions each year?
newly trained teachers
which of the following were rated as the most trusted group of people in the country in a recent gallup poll?
nearly half of the teachers hired by the typical school district come from the rank of
newly trained first-time teachers
the number of states the require a degree in an academic major, rather than in education, for certification purposes:
has increased recently
maria works in an urban school district. like many other teachers, she likes to teach in a large city because:
it is challenging and therefore, more rewarding
in addition to accreditation which of the following is considered a major component in quality assurance for professionals?
state licensure
the no child left behind act is designed to:
reduce the number of out-of-field teacher assignments
juan wants to be the most effective teacher that he can be. he is aware that to be a competent and qualified teacher he needs to be knowledgeable about all of the following aspects in his field except
core concepts
when professional standards boards investigate complaints against teachers that may lead to removal of a license to teach, they:
apply a code of ethics recognized by the organization
all of the following are a part of no child left behind act except
every school must adopt the same curriculum
the principal of forest hill elementary school has noted that the school is becoming more ethnically and culturally divers. she determines that the best approach for the school would be to
provide professional development so that all teachers can be trained in teaching diverse students
tran is considering how to approach his first year of teaching.

which of the following dispositions is most likely to lead to a successful career in education for him?

demonstrating enthusiasm for the discipline he teaches
the vast majority of bilingual teachers are needed in
cities and rural areas all over the country
principles of the interstate new teacher assessment and support consortium describe
what teachers should know and be able to do in their first few years of practice
school districts are likely to retain new teachers if they have which of the following in place?
induction programs
when teachers are granted their initial teacher license that license is usually good for
a provisional period before securing a professional license
standards do all the following for professions except
establish a set of regulations that cover salary and benefits
signing bonuses would be acceptable as recruitment incentives to all of the following except
teachers unions
that national board for professional teaching standards was established to
provide a system for certifying accomplished teachers
teacher salaries, on average, are the highest in which part of the country
javier is developing a portfolio to present to school districts where he will be applying for a teaching position. he should provide evidence to answer all of the following questions except
can the candidate describe their family situation
professional standards for the teaching profession can be levers for
protecting students from incompetent practices
one of the major subject areas of teacher shortage is
science and math
professionals traditionally require all of the following except
a one-to-one relationship with a supervisors
as branko sorts through the artifacts he has collected in his folio, he decides that the following course of action would be to his best advantage as he prepares a portfolio to demonstrate how he has grown as a potential teacher during his years in the teacher preparation program
he should include some of his earlier work showing areas where he needed to improve
heidi is considering which dispositions she has that will help her be successful in her teaching career. she recognizes that all of the following are essential for success except
a belief that all children can learn at high levels
factors that influence the number of teachers needed annually include all of the following except
salary distribution
teachers usually leave the classroom for all of the following reason except
lack of teaching materials and poor buildings
after three years of teaching, what percentage of teachers will have left the profession?
all of the following are required to gain nbpts certifications except
recommendations from parents and students taught by the teacher
according to a national survey, the majority of the public believes that the best way to lift student achievements is for all teachers to
be highly qualified
the supply of teachers depends on all of the following except
job openings
professional standards boards hae been established in a number of states. these boards are characteristically controlled by
the national education association or american federation of teachers
the label sometimes given to the portion of the population that lacks a stable income and is persistently in poverty is the
enrique, a latino recently arrived for central america, wants to maintain his own cultural identity at home while adopting the mainstream culture in the classroom, he will then be classified as
sexual orientation in a child is established by
young adulthood
pluralism is
the preservation of cultural differences
the architects for glendale middle school are meeting with the administration of the school district to provide for accommodations for the schools inclusion plan.

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they will need to consider all of the following except

an inviting room exclusively for students with exceptionalities
what characteristic of society places individuals at different levels of the social structure based upon wealth, income,occupation, and education?
social stratification
students from all of the following typically do not achieve well academically in traditional schools except
the dominant culture
the dominant culture or mainstream culture in the united states today is
white, middle-class protestants from western europe
what is the process by which an immigrant group or culturally distinct group is incorporated into the dominant culture?
children learn their cultural heritage through a process known as
ethnic group members share all of the following except
a common religion
income, occupation, and educational attainment are criteria that constitute
socioeconomic status
what is the dominant religion in the united states?
the class that represents 40 precent of the employed population is the
working class
which statement best reflects the economic status of women in the united states?
they generally do not enjoy equal job status and earn considerably less than men do for comparable jobs
what is the officially recognized sign language with a complex grammar and well regulated syntax?
american sign language
chads parents are preapring to work in the united states embassy in tokyo. they want chad to be able to function in japanese society. he can learn the cultural patters of a second culture through the process of
a 2002 report by the united nations development fund for women on the state of gender equality shows the greatest worldwide progress in which of the following areas
educational advancements
historically, immigration quotas have been heavily weighted toward
western europeans
ethically and culturally students in us schools are among the
most diverse in the world
viktor and olga, who recently immigrated to the united states want their children to remain connected to their ethnic origins. they can do this by all of the following except
helping other new arrivals to become assimilated
when kaitlyn is interviewed for a teaching position in a a working class school she is asked why many of the boys in the school have developed patterns of resistance to school and its authority figures. her best answer would be
they perceive that schooling is feminine, emphasizing mental rather than manual work
our cultural identities are determined by all of the following except
at what age have children learned their gender and begun to exhibit stereotypical behavior
five to six years
some educators make a determination as to whether or not a child with special needs will be able to enter the diploma-bound program by the end of kindergarten. such a decision can
lead to lowered academic expectations for those students who can perform at high levels when provided with appropriate accommodations for their disability
individuals who have lived in and can operate successfully in two or more cultures are
all of the following are unaffected by a person’s gender except
verbal abilities
inclusion is most effective when all of the following are part of the plan except
the classroom teacher also acts as a specialist deal with the exceptionality
the rocky hill school district has been accused of not complying with the provisions of title ix with respect to their sports programs (oh snap!).

the lawyer for the school district has informed the school board members of the three part test- upheld by courts in the past, that they must apply. the includes all of the following points except

the school district must provide opportunities for all females and males to participate in the same sports
the term asian american refers to the classification of a population known as
panethnic membership
adults look on teenagers in all of the following ways except
they are mature enough to have the benefits of adulthood
in the united states today, the average age for beginning a family is
higher than in the past
todays young people face all of the following challenges except
more relaxed standards from educational authorities
manuel orentes is a music teacher at rolling meadows high school, which is located in a middle to high-income suburb. he is trying to organize a concert by the local symphony orchestra at the school on a weekday evening so that all of his 17year old students can attend.

he is having a great deal of difficulty scheduling the event because

a high percentage of 17 year olds work after school
the sexual harassment taskforce of the american association of university women recommends that teachers assist students who are petential victins of bullying and harassment by doing all of the following except
model appropriate behavior that avoids sexual references and innuendoes
the approximate percentage of students with less than a high school diploma who find employment is
45 percent
current statists show that the number of teenage mothers who graduate from high school or obtain their ged is about
60 percent
increasing numbers of urban and suburban dwellers are re-establishing themselves in rural communities from which they commute to employment in cities. which of the following tends to be true about the values of the newcomers who compared to the values of the natives of the rural communities?
they are content to accept what is in place
about 20 percent of children in kindergarten through eighth grade
attend after-school programs in the school or in child-care centers
the highest graduate rates for both males and females in the united states occurs in which of the following racial or ethnic groups
asian americans
as students develop a sense of “self”, they also develop as sense of “others”. the construction of “others” involves all of the following except
affiliating with one’s gender and racial and ethnic groups
even though the mckinney-vento homeless assistance act eliminated residency requirements for students, homeless children are faced with all of the following problems except
schools districts can easily obtain court orders to prevent then from enrolling
roger whittington was raised in an affluent, white, protestant family and attended a private college preparatory school in the northeast. roger is likely to have more difficultly than most americans in acknowledging the existence of
differences in power and advantage
statistics show that the following group is the victim of the highest percentage of bullying and harassment in schools
lgbt students
children in low-income families suffer disproportionately from limited access to all of the following except
higher budget allocations
what do we call the belief that members of one’s cultural group are superior to members of other culture groups
many individuals who are ethnocentric believe that
their culture is superior to all others
some children develop preconceived negative attitudes against members of groups of individuals who are different from them in some way. these patterns, which they may learn from their families, cause them to practice
which of the following statements refers to the majority of us teenagers today
more of them finish high school and attend college than ever before
a 2005 poll of the publics attitudes toward public schools ranked all of the following problems ahead of drug use except
violence is schools
hiring practices which look at each applicant based upon skills and qualifications rather than judging applications by their sex, skin color, or able-bodiedness are designed to prevent
until recently which group in the united states was most likely to be socialized to be in charge
which of the following actions is not a typical response to experiencing harassment by peers or teachers at school
asserting oneself more to show confidence
which of the following actions is not a typical response to experiencing harassment by peers of teachers at school
asserting oneself more to show confidence

wilson believes that schools should be structured to maintain the power and dominance of the individuals and groups that benefit most from the current systems. as a member of the dominant society, she feels that academic tracking should be used to provide opportunities for less academically-inclined students to earn their living. at the same time, advanced placement and gifted programs are able to efficiently groom the more academically inclined for positions as managers and leaders in society. which of the following reproductive theories does ms. wilson believe in?

which of the following is an important consideration for teachers who still face fairly homogeneous populations?
they need to work harder to bring different perspectives to presentations and discussions
which of the following statements is true of educational strategies that draw and cultural strengths?
competitive strategies are less successful for girls and males from racial groups other than white
teachers must be able to teach the same concept
demonstrating the concept with multiple representatives that have meaning to students
which of the following do all people have embedded in their cultural background and experiences
preferred learning styles
when maurice trepnaier found that would have several native american students in his class, he realized that many of them were likely to have which of the following backgrounds because of their cultural traditions
they would have extensive knowledge of mathematics and science based on their naturalist traditions
transmission of culture is considered to be a role of the school system of any nation.

however there are some portions of society in the united states today who object to transmissions of many of the aspects of culture for one reason of another. the only one of the following that is objected to by a significant number of americans is

the promotion of our democratic form of government
multiculturalists believe that
the recognition and promotion of diversity will strengthen the nation
those holding liberal democratic and capitalist views have different options about the roles of schools. which of the following statements correctly described these views
democracy calls for a liberal education while capitalism calls for preparation for work
which of the following is an example of social injustice
a high school in a low-income area does not have the funds to offer an advanced placement
which theory emphasizes the school as an agent for change in society
what is the first step in building a foundation of trust between teachers and students
validating the cultures of students and communities
title ix programs are intended to
prevent discrimination so that females and males have equal educational opportunities
people whose income ranges from 30,000 to 80,000 make up the
lower class
how are characteristics such as levels and rank within the social class structure classified
social stratification
the members of the valleydale high school physical and health education staff are planning the curriculum for the human sexuality class. they have examined the literature and found that today’s youth have all of the following beliefs except
boys connect sex with love enduring relationships