Ethics/History SP Test 2
What are the three master models of training that most influenced school psychology training program preparation?
Scientist-practitioner ModelProfessional ModelPragmatic Model
What national accrediting organization supports NASP’s training standards?
National Council for Accreditation of teacher education NCATE
Give the name and year of the first comprehensive national conference on school psychology?
The Thayer Conference 1954
What is NASP recommendation for annual caseload?
What experience in the school psychology training program is reported to be the most valuable?
What is projected to be the ratio of school psychologist to students for the foreseeable future?
What has continued to increase as a replace for the “test and place” role of the school psychologist?
Problem Solving
Define ethics
Agreed upon rules of behavior
Diagram the relationship between ethics and morals.
What organization developed the ethical principles and guidelines specifically for school psychologists?
Name 3 basic sources of public school law
US Constitution, Statutes & Regulations, Case Law
Under what amendment is congress forbidden from creating a nationalized school system?
10th amendment
What two rights are assured under the 14th amendment?
Equal protection and Due process
Name the three situations in which a school psychologist must break confidentiality.
When a student requests, when it is a danger to student or others, when they are called to testify in court