Even Crane later tried to find writing work

Even though Stephen Crane lived a short 28 year long life he lived it to its fullest. He wrote many bodies of work, and he started writing at the age of eight. Stephen did not have great success in the beginning, so he was a writer and a reporter for multiple newspapers in New York. The writing style of a journalist is apparent in his books. He was always one to research the subject as thoroughly as possible. For example, he interviewed many different Civil War veterans when writing The Red Badge of Courage in 1985. Other books such as Maggie were setting a location that he himself even lived in and experienced personally. Crane had an intense fascination with truth. The topic of his many books was often different and so was the setting. This had to do with the scarce sales of his books, especially commercially. Though he was not commercially successful, Stephen formed close friendships with some successful writers of the time who recognized his work. A few of the writers were William Dean Howells, Joseph Conrad, Henry James, and Ford Maddox Ford. Stephen Crane was born in Newark, New Jersey on November 1, 1871. He was the youngest of 14 childeren. His father was a strict Methodist Minister who had multiple appointments that the family would move around New England to, but he died in 1880 whenever Stephen was only 9. Afterwards, the family moved to Asbury Park, New Jersey where they stayed. Stephen went to college at Lafayette College and the University of Syracuse. He played college baseball and continued to work as journalist for the New York Tribune. Crane later tried to find writing work wherever he could find it. Stephen continued on searching for work. While doing so he was also working on his two most famous novels which were The Red Badge of Courage, and Maggie. He claimed that he wrote Maggie in only 2 days. Even though he was still not very successful commercially, Crane didn’t stop writing. He met his future wife in 1896, a year after he had written The Red Badge of Courage. Her name was Cora Taylor, and she owned a large hotel. She took on his last name although there is no documentation of marriage. The two of them traveled through Europe together and eventually settled in London, England. Crane contracted a sickness that turned out to be tuberculosis when in Cuba. He eventually died in 1900 before he was even 29. He died in Germany, but was brought back and buried in Hillside, New Jersey.


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