Everywhere location. Being able to access your data

Everywhere you go these days’ people are talking about
Cloud. Now that cloud storage is available to the average person through music
and other content download application such as iTunes, Amazon and Google
everyone seems to want a little piece of cloud. When it comes to a business, a
Cloud Computing solution can be an answer to all of the data storage and
securities we need.

Cloud Computing is one of the most discussed and promising
IT innovation in today’s technological market. It constitutes a fundamental
shift in the way organisations are provided with computing resources.
Organisations aim to reduce their computing costs. Many of them start doing so
by consolidating their IT operations and implementing virtualisation
technology, that is optimising the servers capacity to store and process by
hosting the servers on their own premises. With the advancement in Cloud
Computing organisations are able to reduce additionally the costs by improving
utilisation, reducing infrastructure and administration costs and helps in
faster deployment cycles. It also helps organisations to reduce their hardware

Cloud computing reduce the cost of managing and maintaining
your IT system. You may be able to reduce the operating cost because your
energy consumption cost may be reduced. Protecting your data and system is a
important part of business continual planning. Due to any failure or crisis
having your data stored in Cloud ensures it is backed up and protected in a
secure and safe location. Being able to access your data easily and quickly
after the failure allows you to conduct business. Collaboration in a cloud
environment gives your business ability to communicate and share more easily
outside of the traditional methods. If you are working on project at a different
location you could use cloud computing to give employees, contractors, third
parties access to the same file. It allows employee to be more flexible in
their work practices. Hence Cloud Computing in all levels of business layer
provide a perfect platform for running an organization successfully.


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