Exploring The Experience Of Five Young Mothers Social Work Essay

This research explored the experiences of five immature female parents. A feminist qualitative attack was utilized to concentrate on the experiences of immature maternity, in a sense this research “ off silenced ” the voices of the five immature adult females so that they could portion their narratives and show their feelings around maternity, so as to offer other people an penetration into their lived experiences of being a immature female parent. This research besides explored the positions of 3 cardinal professionals in relation to the supports and services immature female parents can avail of during early gestation and maternity.

A critical reappraisal of the literature on immature maternity depicted and characterised their immature female parent position as a ‘poor life pick ‘ ; immature female parents were portrayed and represented as unequal parents and debatable through their destructive behavior. However, holding utilized a feminist attack for the intent of this research challenged these stereotyped beliefs, the voices of the five immature female parents were amplified through this research survey and their narratives told are immensely different than those told by policy shapers, faculty members and those who have n’t gone through the experience of being a immature female parent.

My first purpose for this research was to research the building of immature maternity and early childbirth bing outside the laterality of the ‘traditional ‘ atomic household, because immature female parents do non conform to this ideologically dominant ‘traditional household ‘ consequences in many immature adult females following an alternate way to adulthood. Existing outside the ideals of the traditional household was something that the adult females in this research were cognizant of, this was discussed by the immature female parents in footings of feeling excluded ; their narratives expressed feelings of isolation and solitariness. Many of the adult females in this research suggested that cultural thoughts of early maternity and gestation are constructed partially in relation to faith. Irelands spiritual beliefs continues to be influenced by Christian thoughts of matrimony, virginity and appropriate maternity ( the female parent holding the double function of being the primary carer ) , by holding prenuptial sex and childbearing outside of marriage the immature female parents discussed “ non suiting in ” with this spiritual regulation. Much literature have depicted early childbearing as the beginning of a downward spiral that comprises of ; dropping out of school, depending on societal public assistance or minimal pay paying occupations, and staying poor/single female parents. ( SmithBattle, 2007, p409 ) . This impression has been described as debatable, ensuing in the concern that immature female parents will necessitate long-run fiscal support from societal public assistance ( instead than holding a trust on work forces ) . Conventional wisdom besides suggests that their kids will follow the same alternate way to maturity and they excessively will go immature parents. ( SmithBattle, 2007, p409 ) . Keeping with bing literature fiscal adversity was one of the most ambitious facets of immature maternity faced by the five immature adult females nevertheless, in add-on to the battle of ‘making terminals meat ‘ populating on an income below the poorness line does non needfully intend that immature female parents face a life of ageless poorness.

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This research identified and explored positive facets every bit good as challenges the immature female parents experienced with maternity. Hearing the adult females ‘s narratives highlighted how their experiences of being immature female parents positively transformed their lives for the better. This was discussed in footings of transforming their destructive and slightly “ out of control ” behavior and deriving motive for being a responsible grownup. Being responsible meant discontinuing intoxicant and drug usage and go oning with or returning to school. For those adult females who participated in destructive behaviour prior to holding kids, maternity appeared to be adaptative, flexible and natural for them, bing with bing qualitative literature that immature female parents have many needed properties intrinsic to the ‘natural ‘ procedure of maternity. In add-on, the female parents besides discussed the enormous force per unit area society put on them to make motherhood ‘the right manner ‘ .

With early maternity came negative effects and challenges. The adult females who participated in my research radius of such challenges as ; integrating unanticipated early maternity into dreams and aspirations they envisaged for themselves for the hereafter. Many of the participants discussed physical exhaustion and deficiency of clip for themselves. A major challenge discussed by the participants was deficiency of support ; this in bend added extra emphasis to immature maternity.

Suiting with the literature in chapter two ; a reoccurring subject throughout this research was the adult females ‘s experiences of stigma and opinion ; this was a existent and cardinal challenge for the five immature female parents, this was discussed in footings of being judged as ‘lazy ‘ and ‘incapable ‘ female parents. The female parents in this research viewed holding their cognition and expertness disregarded by others greatly impacted on their self-esteem and assurance which in bend contributed to their isolation and exclusion from certain topographic points where they felt unacceptable as a immature female parent. While it was of import to research how the female parents faced stigma and opinion in their day-to-day life ‘s it was besides indispensable for research to place and admit how they resisted and challenged negative stereotypes assigned to them. However, the capacity to which the person adult females could dispute and defy this opinion appeared to be related to their personal features and assurance.

A cardinal constituent of this research was to research how the immature female parents viewed support services available to them ; with this I was besides interested in happening out what support services are available to immature female parents and how their service empowers immature adult females in their mothering ability. To make this I explored the adult females ‘s perceptual experiences and experiences of support services available to them. Not surprisingly the adult females were hesitating to utilize services where they felt judged and undermined as a female parent. The adult females that did utilize services expressed how they valued their support and counsel peculiarly from the Public Health Nurse. Part of this valuable service is that it is home-based which in bend removes barriers e.g. conveyance. A cardinal determination from questioning 3 professionals ( sample group two ) who work with immature female parents was how their service promoted self assurance and boosted self esteem among immature female parents. In amount, I can reason by stating as degrees of support find how immature adult females perceive early maternity, it is cardinal that services suppliers show a willingness to do their service accessible and attractive for immature female parents.

While my research survey explored the experiences of early maternity, it was nevertheless impossible to happen any literature sing the experiences of those being born into and brought up by immature female parents, therefore, I propose that future research should concentrate on those being born into individual parent families headed by immature female parents. Evidence presented in my research analysis highlighted clearly the importance of fiting immature grownups with job work outing accomplishments when covering with peer force per unit area amongst other factors associated with early gestation. In this station modern epoch where striplings are being exposed to a figure of messages from the Television, media and calendered magazines that promote insouciant sexual battle, therefore, it would be good for schools and communities to follow constructive steps such as sex instruction schemes, in the effort that it will undertake the turning concern of unwed and unplanned gestations. Another suggestion I propose for future research in respects to immature maternity could possibly research parental emphasis among immature, low- income first clip female parents. Like most qualitative research my research was limited to a figure of participants, therefore, this survey did non cover a broad scope of immature female parents from different dominations, nor did my research see early childbirth and maternity from different races, therefore it would be enlightening for future research to see and research the experiences of immature maternity across assorted cultural groups.


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