Family Nursing Diagnoses Essay

The household discussed in this paper consists of five kids belonging to two parents. Included are the male parent ( PF ) . age 60. the female parent ( EF ) . age 54.

and five kids ( CF. JF. AF. KF.

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KF ) . whose ages are 18. 16. 14. 12. and 9. All of the kids are biological to the two parents who have been married about 30 old ages.

The male parent is a little concern proprietor of a furniture shop in business district. He is the exclusive fiscal support of the household. The female parent is a stay at place ma and home-schools the three younger girls.The kids are all about two old ages apart except for the youngest. The oldest boy. CF.

lives at place and has merely graduated high school after being home-schooled by his ma for most of his class school life. He will be go toing college in the summer and autumn. The 2nd boy. JF. lives at place and is traveling to be a junior at a private high school in Raleigh this coming school twelvemonth. The three younger girls all live at place and are home schooled by their ma.In general.

the household stays really busy with their single lives. They make clip about every dark before bed to acquire together and have household worship. The childs would wish it if they had more clip with their pa but say that he works a batch and that it is all right because they understand why. The ma would wish to hold more clip to be after repasts for dinner but is so busy that she has to purchase their repasts from a company that pre makes them and stop dead them. The ma says that she used to be able to cook before she had childs and even had clip to exert but now she merely hardly has clip in the twenty-four hours to acquire everything done on her list.

The hubby spends six yearss a hebdomad at work. 12 to 14 hours every twenty-four hours.It is all he has known for the past 30 old ages. He would wish more clip to pass with his childs but person has to run the concern and guarantee that the household is provided for. The whole household agrees that they wish they did more together as a household outside of their place and traveling to church. Their biggest concerns are a deficiency of clip and a struggle in everyone’s agendas every bit good as a desire to work on their diet and nutrition.

After inquiring them. they would love to travel to the park together and travel on holiday as a household more frequently than one time a twelvemonth. which is nerve-racking plenty to be after that. The married woman hopes to be able to get down cooking repasts once more for the household and planning healthier bites for the childs. The hubby says that he reasonably much chows pepperoni pizza every twenty-four hours.The household is really near to their extended household. which is immense.

For the most portion. the household spends every bit much clip as possible with the mom’s parents. The childs all have strong bonds with their grandparents. These relationships are really of import to the household.Using the Friedman Family Assessment Model helped me to garner and form my verbal conversations I had with the household. It was helpful in nailing appropriate nursing diagnosings and wellness issues for this household.

The household structural appraisal was broken down into communicating. functions. power. and household values.

Communication between the household members was easy assessed from conversation. The three younger misss tell me that they get along most of the clip and make everything together. That being said nevertheless. the oldest girl. 14.

expresses that she sometimes feels held back from making adolescent things because her two younger sisters can non be included. The male childs portion a room together and acquire along rather good. It is of import to observe that they both have really different agendas and do non pass a whole batch of clip together like they used to be able to make. They both tell me nevertheless.

that they are still best friends. The oldest brother jestingly says that his younger brother. JF. can be truly raging and loud sometimes and so the whole household chimed in stating.

“Oh yes that’s our JF! ” JF agreed smiling.Between the ma and pa there was small emotional conversation noted and it got really awkward when I started to inquire about their communicating. The pa said shortly that it was “just mulct.

” The ma evidently disagrees because she rolled her eyes at me. Seems to be a batch of tenseness between the parents when it comes to communicating. The ma subsequently told me that they are working on it and some yearss are better than others. The pa was really good about maintaining the childs under control when it came to household meetings with me. At times.

everyone would be speaking and it could acquire loud but PF would acquire the childs to be quiet and remind them to be respectful of whomever is talking. I can see that the childs all regard and love their male parent. He is invariably jesting around with them and can be really sarcastic. The childs love this but the married woman. non so much sometimes.The family’s functions were really clearly defined. The ma makes the regulations at place. She really does a batch for the place every bit far as care and betterments travel.

She besides pays all of the measures and manages all of the money. The ma besides home-schools the three youngest misss and spends her yearss taking them to different categories and activities. The ma is besides the martinet of the childs when it comes to anchoring them or even taking the door off of their sleeping room. On top of everything. the ma besides makes certain there is nutrient on the tabular array every dark.

Over the last few old ages this has been a battle for her because she does non hold the clip to be after healthy repasts like she used to. She is non even able to cook them any longer and has to purchase their repasts from a company that pre-makes them and stop dead them. The pa stays busy running the little furniture concern business district. He gets place from work about 6 o’clock every dark and is exhausted. He does all of the pace work. with the aid of they boys. and he says that he enjoys it because he gets to acquire up on his large tractor. The pa besides manages the rental house they have following door.

There is a batch of emphasis on the pa being the exclusive fiscal supplier of the family.Community and public wellness nursing assesses the relationship of variables in the community with the patients and overall wellness. Personal upbringings. civilization. faith. and ethnicity are all variables that are considered in order to hold a basic apprehension of the community’s model. After making the household appraisal. utilizing my windscreen study.

and current research. nursing diagnosings related to this household and intercessions with possible results will be discussed. Nurses are advocators for patient whether it is within a infirmary or in community wellness nursing. Advocacy in community wellness is the nurse recommending the household or community’s demands to organisations and concerns that can or are supposed to assist the community.

Integrating Jean Watson’s theory of lovingness is of import when supplying instruction for a household within a community. Watson’s theory uses a modern-day holistic model sing the individuals into dimension of organic structure. psyche. and head. Nursing is ever altering yet the foundation and values will forever remain the same ; apparent by Watson’s theory of caring. This caring theory is a moral/ethical foundation for professional nursing. Caring scientific discipline is a sacred scientific discipline that acknowledges the connexion of nurses with the human-environment field ( Watson. 2012 ) .

The nursing profession must be careful in prolonging meaningful. ethical. philosophical foundation to its’ scientific discipline and theories ( Watson. 2012 ) .There are three nursing diagnosings that apply to this household based off of the appraisal: cognition shortage related to emotional province impacting acquisition. unbalanced nutrition more than bodily demands related to deficiency of cognition of nutritionary demands.

nutrient consumption. and/or appropriate nutrient readying. and in conclusion.

activity intolerance related to deficient slumber or remainder periods. Healthy People 2020 taking wellness index of nutrition. physical activity.

and fleshiness applies to this family’s exposure. Most Americans do non eat a healthy balance diet in combination with no acquiring plenty exercising hence taking to fleshiness ( Healthy People 2020. 2015 ) . By and large talking. the household is non corpulent. nevertheless. a few are a spot fleshy and the male childs and pas have no musculus tone due to either emphasis ( on the dad’s portion ) or deficiency of physical activity ( on the boy’s portion ) .

Three intercessions related to the nursing diagnosings and the Healthy People 2020 LHI include ; educating the household on clip direction and prioritization. holding a household dietician consult meeting with the household on better feeding wonts and balanced convenient repasts. and set up guidelines and ends with the household for physical activity.A recent survey done on clip direction shows the effectivity of clip prioritization coaching ( Boniwell. Osin. & A ; Sircova. 2014 ) . This article may be an effectual tool in turn toing the family’s instability of clip direction and position therefore ensuing in improved emphasis over a deficiency of clip.

Conflicting values may be a closed mindedness towards nearing clip direction through coaching and the household will hence non do betterment on clip direction. Due to the nature of training. there may be some ethical issues such as continuing a professional relationship. keeping expertness. regard. and competency in training. That being said. the household could profit a batch in clip prioritization coaching.

In order to turn to the instability of nutrition diagnosing. a recent clinical survey shows that online dietician services can assist households with what they eat on a specialised personal degree. With the Internet of all time germinating. why non be able to run into with a dietician online that can measure the family’s nutritionary position and supply healthy intercessions ( Brandt. Pedersen. Glintborg. Toubro.

Nielsen. Eysenbach. Sendergaard. 2014 ) .This may be merely what the household needs ; internet-based interactive and personalized weight direction. Family values may differ in that they do non experience they need to pass money on a dietician plan of any sort and cognize what is healthy and what is non. Basically.

the household may be slightly in denial therefore forestalling the household from having instruction and personalized information to better their diet. Ethical issues include the hazard for developing an feeding upset. keeping a professional relationship. and the direction of patient informations must be secure. Addressing the nursing diagnosing of a demand for physical activity will necessitate betterment on clip direction.

The household needs to be provided with a list of activities that can be done together as a household and on their ain.The ma would love to fall in a gym but in the yesteryear when she does fall in she ne’er finds the clip to travel. In order to work out this job.

the ma needs to subscribe up for categories that are at a scheduled clip so that she can set these times in her agenda and do the clip for her to travel. A conflicting value of the ma may be that she feels she should be passing that clip with the household alternatively of on herself. which would forestall her from acquiring the physical activity she needs to better her wellness. Ethical considerations for bettering the family’s physical activity include esteeming the individual’s wants.

offering a non-judgmental environment. and protecting the individual’s information.MentionsBoniwell. I. .

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