FCNS Midterm
Developmental Domains
Developmental Perspective
 teachers and other adults most be constantly aware of how a child is progressing in each area to create environments that assist with the development of all skills a human has ever developed.
Piagets stages of Develpment
      Sensormotoer ages 0-2: learn through motor movement     Preoperational ages 2-7 idea of representationConcrete operational 7-11     Formal operational 11+ 
Family Grouping
having a small amount of children of diffrent ages in the same classroom.
Sensomoter Substages
1 reflex2 differention3 reproduction4 coordination5 experimentation6 representation
 Preoperational substages
preconceptualnon verbal classificationverbal preconceptsverbal reasoningconcreat and formal
interaction between children and their social enviroment zpd, scaffolding
First 3 stages for Erickson
Trust vs mistrustAutonomy vs shameInitaitve vs guilt
5 domains of emotional intelligence
Knowing ones emotionsmanaging emotionsmotivating ones selfrecognizing emotions in othershandling relationships
Self Esteem
ones personal judement of worthiness
The 3 A’s
categories of attachment
Secure:; parents is strong baseAvoidant: distressed by separation may avoid parent prefer stranger when parent returns.Resistant: Infant seeks closeness to parent resists exploring environment difficult comfort when parent returns