Fellini of Italy. He born in a middle

Fellini is one of the well known director of Italy. He born in a middle class family on January 20 1920. His father Urbano was a travelling salesman and his mother Ida was a Roman. During high school fellini involved in creating caricatures for a local theatere. In 1939 Fellini moved to Rome ostensibly to attend a law school but he was working for satire magezine ” Marc Aurelio ” over there. Fellini also begin writing for Radio show at one of the radio show he met Giulietta Masina and later married her in october 1943. In 1945 Fellini got invitation from Robert Rosellini  to collabrate on Rome, Open city this film gaved birth to neo realism which favour natural lighting , real characters  and a political message. This film becomed a international sucsess and Fellini motivated to direct his own film. The first film directed by Fedini White Sherk unfortunately failed to register in a box office this also becomed faliure for fedini as well later in 1952  fedini made vitelloni which is set in a small town of italy abut five freinds who have nothing to do. This film was a sucsess and helped fedini to earn respect as a director.Th Film making process of Fedrico fellini is very personal most of his films are autobiographical in nature. For eg La dolce vita is an film about a artist first time arrived in Rome which tells about his early life and 8 1/2 is about a life of a director stucked in middle life crisis. His film is often compared as art produced in a renaissance period rather then an industrial product. Every film of fellini is scripted personally assisted by a small group. Film making for fedrico fellini is a act of spiritual discovery.His very personal film and a great success is 81/2 this film was 3 hrs long and it was a structured in episodes. During the interview fellini tells ” You have to separate from your own self to act in a film “. Characters of fellini fims are internaly conflicted and disturbed. Fellini always use framing of his story with complimentry framing of first and last scene  In the first scene in La Strada, Zampano goes to a seaside hovel and buys a girl from her poverty stricken mother. The distraught child, Gelsomina is then led away from her home on the beach. The last scene of the film has Gelsomina’s opposite character, Zampano, returning to the beach. Fedrico fellini had made major influence on a director such as Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, François Truffaut, Peter Greenaway, Bob Fosse, Francis Ford Coppola, Giuseppe Tornatore, Lina Wertmüller, and Spike Jonze.i


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