Financial Income of Actors Essay

Avatar a multi-billion dollar film with over two and a half billion U. S dollars of gross revenues and each histrion gaining close to about 80 million dollars was a box office hit watched by the whole universe. The film had such a immense success because of its histrion Sam Worthington and besides its histrion James Cameron. To be a successful histrion in the film universe. histrions must hold perfect memory to be able to memorise their parts. A little job like that could do any histrion a work stoppage on their calling. Actors should be paid more because they exert a batch of clip and attempt on their occupation. they have to move as function theoretical accounts for everyone and they donate a batch to the hapless and needy.

Actors exert a batch of attempt and clip on their occupation to be able to play the functions needed of them. Although working hours of histrions can non be compared to that of single people. they have more of a short term working occupation. “Actors do non hold a 9-5 occupation five yearss a hebdomad. They don’t acquire to go forth the office at 5. they ne’er get to leave” indicates Seymour ( 2000. Para 2 ) . While you would wish to hang out with your friends to travel watch a game. for an histrion it might be merely impossible or their calling might merely be on the line. For illustration. histrion Sam Worthington who plays the hero in Avatar explains the crew had to be on set near to about 14 hours a twenty-four hours. “We see the Sun as we drive to work. and non once more till the following morning” James Cameron explains. Actors in every possible manner deserve every penny earned.

Actors have to functions theoretical accounts for both the media and everyone. A rational homo being would ever look up to a function theoretical account and such would ever desire to watch their function theoretical account in a film. Seymour ( 2010 ) explains. “actors are everlastingly in the spotlight ; they are supposed to be function theoretical accounts for us mundane folks. but we are speedy to judge to judge when they make the same mistakes we do” ( Para 2 ) . Natalie Portman is an exceeding function theoretical account. with her work with NPOs in developing states has helped 1000s of people. she besides worked really hard in her acting calling without seting a arrest to her instruction from the age of 11 and last but non the least shows a strong bond with household and friends.

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A batch of expostulations were made against these thought some including histrions are selfish and greedy because they make immense sum of money and besides utilize them to purchase illegal drugs such as cocaine and hemp. Schneider ( 2010 ) explains. “Every twenty-four hours you hear about all of the different dirts and drugs that half of Hollywood is involved in. There are manner excessively many professional entertainers who use their wealths for wrong” ( Para. 4 ) . There might be some truth in that but comparatively ; histrions besides donate their money to the hapless and needy. Harmonizing to revenue enhancement records. Actors ( Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit ) donated more than eight million to charity in 2006 alone. Besides. Oprah Winfrey known to be the richest adult female on Earth by Forbes magazine and besides the most generous famous person donated 40 one million dollars to charity trough her Oprah Winfrey Foundation. which was top aid those in demand for instruction and occupations.


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