fluids sinks to the bottom of the liquid

fluids exploring Buoyancy and TemperatureBuoyancy: is a property of all fluids-Positive buoyancy :  is when something is less dense than the water around it. Which will make a object  float -Negative buoyancy: is an object that has no positive buoyancy so therefore it sinks to the bottom of the liquid  -Neutral buoyancy: is a condition in which a physical body’s average density is equal to the density of the fluid in which it is dip or submerge into liquid. 2. What is the force of buoyancy and the force of gravity? How do these forces act on a object in water? Which force makes an object sink? Buoyancy is a force that makes objects float on liquids such as sponges, wood, apples, and balloons. Then reasons why  all the items will float is because they are less dense than the liquid that that object is in. 3. Explain how temperature affects the particles in a liquid and gas. The different types of temperature on a liquid can be affected by how hot or cold the particles are. If the particles are really cold then the water. The water will freeze.If the particles are boiling hot. Then it will cause the water to boil.but if the water is room temperature nothing while happen to the particles the particles will just stay the same just like if you were to leave a bottled water on the table for 2 hours and came back to drink out of it it will feel the same because it is room temperature.4. Why would overloading a ship cause it to sink.An overloading ship will sink because the buoyancy around   a boat is positive at first until they add more objects and items in the ship which will add more weight in the boat which is causing more density than the water. Which then it will cause negative buoyancy around the boat and then the boat will sink because of the negative buoyancy and it is  also because of  how the boat turn more denes the the water.5. In aircrafts, oxygen masks are stored in compartments above the passengers. The oxygen for the masks is stored as a liquid.  When it is needed, it is warmed up until it is a gas. Explain why oxygen is stored as a liquid rather than a gas in this situation. All oxygen on an aircraft are packed as a liquid because in an aircraft the only reason why the would start to use oxygen is if the plane feels like something bad is going to happen. Like if it feels that it is need to crash. The plane will start to heat up the liquid in the bag and the  liquid will started to turn into oxygen.  the bags will start to drop for the passengers to reach out and take.  Then they will start to grab the bag and breath normally. 6.  Describe the viscosity and density of lava when it is hot and cold how does it affect each property.Viscosity on lava can move very easily even though the viscosity is 100,000 times more viscosity than water. It can also move a greater distance when lava has a high viscosity it is really thick. But when it has a very low amount of viscosity it is very easily to move and it can travel around more quicker and it can  also go from a short distance to a very  long distance.  


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