Following and hypotheses put forward earlier. Relevant findings

Following the presentation of the results in the last section, the outcomes will now be discussed with reference to the research questions and hypotheses put forward earlier. Relevant findings from other studies and theoretical concepts mentioned in the literature review will also be taken into consideration when interpreting the results.

 This section provides a specific discussion for each research hypothesis and makes attempt to link each finding to the existing literature. Addressing the first hypothesis it was revealed that an improvement occurred in vocabulary acquisition of experimental group students who learned vocabulary through exposure to authentic materials. This result could be added to the results of other studies which would be mentioned here. As mentioned in the literature review, in some studies the positive effects of authentic materials on language learning were confirmed. One of these studies was Zoghi, et al., (2014) who intended to investigate the effects of authentic materials on vocabulary acquisition in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) students of  Kimiya-e-Danesh institute,Yasuj, Iran. It focused on how authentic materials facilitated vocabulary development. To this end, 50 IELTS student were randomly selected. IELTS classes were observed several times and then a self-reported questionnaire was distributed to all students of chosen classes. The results showed that most of the students preferred using authentic materials for vocabulary acquisition. Authentic materials played an important role in teaching a second language. By using authentic material students dealt with outside and real world, they became interested when dealt with real language. Students became familiar with the culture of target language, Awareness of cultural background was important in learning a language. Also authentic materials increased motivation of learners for learning second language.

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Rodengam (2011) aimed at investigating the use of authentic materials to enhance vocabulary for listening comprehension and studying the influence of authentic materials on students’ attitudes towards learning English vocabulary for listening comprehension. The study was conducted with 45 high school students in the English Japanese program (EJP) at Winitsuksa School, Thailand. It was found that the use of authentic materials had a positive effect and helped increase students’ performance, comfort and self-confidence when listening to the target language.



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