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“Forged By Fire” by Sharon Draper includes multiple times where Angel and Gerald are being mistreated. Even though the topic of child abuse appears many times in the novel, it is one of the biggest issues within the novel. I have chosen to learn about the topic of child abuse in Ohio and In the United States to see if child abuse is the same in the real world as the novel.   What is child abuse? Child abuse is when parents mistreat or hit their children. Child abuse happens every ten seconds to millions of kids all over the world. There are different types of child abuse. For example there is physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, and neglect. One reason why parents abuse their children is because they have learned it from their own parents or they have experienced it as a child. Another reason this could happen is that maybe the abuser has mental health issues or disorders. In Ohio there are 78,000 kids that get abused each year and that’s not even the whole U.S., just imagine how many kids are being abused throughout the world. In 2013, Ohio had 166,583 total referrals for child abuse or neglect. In 2014, state agencies found an estimated 702,000 victims of child abuse, this would fill up 10 modern football stadiums.In the novel “Forged By Fire” the two main characters Gerald and Angel both got abused at some point in the novel. In the beginning of the novel Gerald got mistreated by Monique and then later in the novel he also got abused by Jordan Moniques husband. But Angel got abused only by Jordan towards the end of the book. When it got carried away Gerald couldn’t take it and told Mr. Washington about it and then they went to court and Jordan went to jail for 6 years. Both Gerald and Angel were very mad at Jordan and that’s why they sent him to jail. Once he got out of jail he was trying to be a nice person but he started to abuse them again then at the end of the book he had died in the house fire and Angel and Gerald got out alive with Monique.  Forged By Fire is a realistic story because this happens to millions of children around the world just like it happened to Gerald and Angel. There are 7.2 million reports of child abuse, that’s how common child abuse is throughout the world. The novel handled this realistic issue when Gerald told Mr. Washington that Jordan was abusing him and Angel. After this They went to court and Jordan got sentenced 6 years of prision.   Hopefully you have learned something from this essay and you can help out children that are being abused. They deserve a good and happy life like any other child does. They should live with a family that loves them and doesn’t abuse them. Make a difference and help abused children feel better and get a family that loves them.


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