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Four score and seven years ago, people considered fruits and vegetables the average snacks for children. In the year 2017 the average snack food would most likely be a bag of Doritos or a hot pocket. As one can see, there is quite a bit of difference between those snack choices. Some children in this day and age consider an apple something they are forced to consume. Fast food is the one of the most popular food options in the United States. The southern states are especially known to be famous for what people call soul food. Soul food often is made up of fried, greasy, fatty foods enjoyed by many.
Greasy, oily foods are known to cause many health defects, but fried food can affect people in many different ways. Processed and fried foods do not break down as they should in people’s digestive track like other things the average American consumes. These items will often stay in the liver, prostate, and kidneys acting as a toxin after sitting for an excessive amount of time. Fried and greasy food also can cause heart conditions, clogging arteries and causing high cholesterol. Along with many other long term affects of the heart. These unhealthy food choices can affect every aspect of a person’s life is not consumed cautiously.  
According to the most recent statistics, the percent of obesity in adults exceeds 35 percent in five states. The amount of oils, fats, and greasy foods people consume this day and age is known to be a large factor contributing to the obesity rate in adults and children. Another factor is that greasy foods are, calorie dense. This means that the food has a surplus of calories in a small serving. Thus making one consume multiple servings of the calorie packed meal due to the small amount you are consuming. This explains how fast food restaurants are so popular in this day and age. They offer an easy, quick, and calorie dense meal for teens, adults, and children that is full of empty calories and oils. 
Eating greasy foods is not always a bad thing. They should be consumed in moderation to avoid things such as heart disease, unhealthy weight gain, acne, and other effects of consuming unhealthy food choices. Another factor that can affect the damage done by greasy, fried, and oily foods is if they were fried in saturated or unsaturated oils. Saturated oils are what are known for causing health problems, while unsaturated oils are not necessarily good for you but are safer to consume compared to saturated oils.
 A common problem for teens today is severe acne. This can be genetic of course, but many times the severity can be due to an unhealthy diet of fried food and calories dense items. Drinking an excessive amount of sodas and eating an excessive amount of oily foods has been proven to trigger acne in people and teens with acne prone skin. Consuming these excessively will eventually cause the breakout to occur and inflammation.
Along with acne, there are more and far more serious diseases that can come with consuming a surplus of fried and greasy food. One serious disease that can develop is heart disease. There are many different kinds of heart disease. With this disease come diseased blood vessels, structural problems, and blood clots. These can many times lead to cardiac arrest, or the unexpected loss of the function of your heart, breathing, and consciousness. Cardiac arrest, or more commonly known as a heart attack, many times leave permanent damage or can be fatal.
Fried food has also been linked to the development of Type 2 Diabetes in people. Cooking oil is known to break down when being fried. This causes a chemical transformation that changes the oil’s fatty acid composition. Foods being saturated in that oil soak in many fatty acids and other unhealthy compounds. This is not good, because these acids and compounds cause weight gain and bloating, cholesterol and blood pressure spikes, and higher levels of different types of stress, all of these factors could explain the links between fried food consumption and higher rates of Type 2 diabetes.
Still, despite the down sides to these food choices, there is a possible light at the end of the tunnel for people who enjoy fried food. Nutritionists say research conducted in the past has dropped hints that trans, fat-free cooking oils may not cause the same health risks. Cooking at home with oils that are fresher might also lessen the possibility of unhealthy compounds. While nutrition scientists do more research on the matter, research suggests you are better off limiting your fried food intake, especially when eating at a fast food or any restaurant for that matter, where oils are more likely to be reused.
Unfortunately, no one is quite sure which fried foods are safe to consume and which ones are not. In conclusion, fried foods are like all other food people consume, too much of anything is not a good thing. A balanced diet is the best way to live. Creating an equal plate of the necessary food items needed to maintain good health.


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