Frankenstein Debate

Frankensteins debate: Thesis: The Creature is more human than Victor Frankenstein The creature is more human than victor because he learns all of his emotions from scratch and how to deal with them. Proof: The creature wants companionship and love when he observes the family in the cottage, but then feels rejection when they chase him away and then wants to get revenge, for being cast off by the human race. Explaination: All of those are very human emotions.

Victor just sits around and acts sad, and as if the world revolves around him. Point: The creature seeks to father a child and to be a parent to have a kid that will love him. Proof: The creature tries to take William away and raise him as his own, and teaches him to love and care. But then finds out his father is Frankenstein and kills him. Explanation: Victor does not seem very interested in raising a child or being with his family, he is not with them half the time.

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Point: The Creature learns to be just as sophisticated as victor Frankenstein on his own. Proof: By reading a couple books and watching how people relate with each other. This to me is super human. This also makes him more human than ever before. Explanation: Victor took years to build his knowledge of the world and social skills, when the creature learned to be sociable and understand society in general in the time span of a couple of years.

Conclusion: the creature is more human then victor because he learns, various emotions on his own and he made it on his own, with no pre set moral values or stereo types. He is more human because he yearns for love and companionship and was even going to try and raise a child on his own. The creature is very adaptive, and has learned to understand humans and humanity in a relatively short period of time, that makes him human because humans had to adapt to survive. Therefore the creature is more human then Victor.


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