From victory over the «push» and the return

From Hemeimeem, Putin ordered a partial withdrawal of his country’s
troops deployed in Syria “towards its permanent bases”, to
concentrate its presence there along with certain points where it performs
specific tasks, including monitoring the areas of “de-escalation Zones “.
Hours after Putin’s words, the Russian Defence Ministry confirmed that it had
already begun to implement the order.

It is necessary to read the Russian move in the context of efforts to
launch the path of “political settlement” in Syria, which was clearly
presented in Putin’s speech yesterday. Also, the declaration of victory over
the «push» and the return of part of the Russian forces will be within Russia
in the interest of the president candidate for a second term. With Moscow’s
broad criticism of the “illegal” US military presence on Syrian
territory, its recent decision will constitute an additional bargaining chip in
negotiations with American “partners.” The withdrawal of troops is
unlikely to affect the strength of the Russian presence in Syria. The bases of Hemeimeem
and Tartous will remain an important center of operations, while some military
police, the Reconciliation Center and military advisers will maintain their
presence in various Syrian regions. The nature of the developments in the (, 2017)«de-escalation agreements
and the progress of the Geneva, Astana and Sochi conferences will have a
decisive role in determining the size and type of such a presence.

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Putin, from the air base, praised the results of
counterterrorism operations in Syria and reiterated his readiness to work with
Turkey and Iran to “restore peaceful life and establish a political
process … and prepare for the Syrian national dialogue conference.”
Putin thanked the soldiers of his forces for their role in “protecting
their country” during their participation in operations in Syria,
“helping the people of Syria to maintain their state, and defeat the
terrorists.” He added that “Syria has been preserved as an
independent and sovereign state, and the refugees are returning to their homes
and favorable conditions have been created for reaching a political settlement
within the framework of the United Nations.” The Russian Center for Reconciliation
will continue its work in accordance with international agreements, “If
the terrorists return to activity again, we will carry out unprecedented
strikes against them.” For his part, Assad expressed his gratitude «on
behalf of the Syrian people … the role played by the Russian armed forces».
“The coming generations that will read about this war will not
differentiate between a Syrian martyr and a Russian martyr,” he said.
“Your visit is an opportunity to discuss the second phase of counter-terrorism
and at the same time the political process in Syria.” (,

SDF and the coordination with the Iraqi forces

In light of these developments, the celebration
of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” witnessed a meeting with a number
of Iraqi army officers on the Syrian-Iraqi border north of the Euphrates River,
talking about a “joint center” for coordination between the two
parties, which called for an official Iraqi denial from the Joint Operations Command.
Common. “The consultative meeting, which was proposed by the Iraqi side,
discussed how best to deal with the infiltration of terrorist factions across
the border,” said Mustafa Bali, director of the media center at SDF,
referring to an understanding of “a mechanism for exchange of information
and joint coordination to monitor border security” . He went so far as to
consider the meeting «an implicit recognition of one of the most important
neighboring countries legitimacy SDF, as a military force liberated northern
Syria from terrorism». On the other hand, the spokesman for the Iraqi
Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahiya Rasool, said that “there is
absolutely no agreement with SDF to establish a joint coordination center …
It was not a meeting to discuss the issue of securing the border.”

Battles continue in the last bastions of «ISIS»

The Syrian army and its allies continued their
military operations against the last “hot spots” on the Al-Mayadin
al-Bukamal road. The army units were able to advance towards the town of
Salhiya in the countryside of al-Bukamal, and control of a number of oil wells
and towns.

The forces are approaching more to control the
entire road between the two cities and isolating “ISIS” in a large
desert enclave. The army launched attacks to secure the area between the town
of Hamaimh and al-Bukamal in the depth of the southeast desert of Deir al-Zour.

In parallel, the Syrian Democratic Forces
continue their attack on the Da’ash sites in the eastern and north-eastern
countryside of Deir al-Zour, where they took control of the villages of Abu
Hamam and Suwaidan and reached the outskirts of Alkishkieh.

The liberation of all areas of the South Euphrates

Less than 20 days after the liberation of the
border town of al-Bukamal, the Syrian army and its allies completed the
liberation of the entire Euphrates basin from the control of ISIS. The
organization is trapped in a wide desert enclave extending west to the
outskirts of the city of Sokhna. The restoration of the towns of the Euphrates
valley is no less important than the liberation of al-Bukamal. These towns are
the road between Deir al-Zour and the Iraqi border, and securing them will
enable the revitalization of the existing al-Bukamal crossing. Controlling them
also means expelling the organization from its last point of control, which
includes residential communities, so that it will have a desert area that could
be a starting point for security operations against the surrounding towns and
cities. T2 is expected to be the main target for these operations, given its
remote and isolated location in the Badia (,

This field achievement came through the
liberation of the last towns between the axis of the army activity north of
al-Bukamal and southeast of the fields. Due to the importance of these sites to
«urging», It was costly to recover it. A large number of members of the army and its
allies were martyred during the fierce fighting in the vicinity of the towns of
Qouriya, Ashara and elsewhere.

In parallel with the official declaration of the
army on the liberation of the entire Euphrates basin, Moscow went out to
declare a defeat of «ISIS». President Vladimir Putin said in parallel with the
confirmation of his candidacy for a second presidential term, the end of the
military operations on the banks of the Euphrates with a “complete defeat
of terrorists”, despite the existence of some “enclaves” of the
organization. It seems that Putin repeated what he said during his meeting with
his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al-Assad, on the need to “move to the next
stage”, the political process, noting the efforts to hold the conference
«national dialogue» in Sochi. He referred to the ongoing work on a “new
constitution” for Syria, after which “the transition to presidential
and parliamentary elections” would take place.


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