From years.” (3) from the fact data example,

From my perspective, the development of artificial intelligence is creating more new job and bring innovation to the society. The
development of artificial
intelligence will create a lot of new technology-related
work, for that people may have never heard of before. Just like people did not predict the new era of computer age before the
computer and internet developed. Moreover, the development of
artificial intelligence technology can help human society in many aspects such
as business, agriculture, and medical treatment.


Artificial intelligence is an outward-looking
subject and a multidisciplinary subject. it requires that people who study it
understand Artificial intelligence, and also need people have a solid
foundation in mathematics, philosophy, and biology. only in this way it can be
possible that a machine to simulate human thinking. so, the most fundamental
purpose of artificial intelligence is to simulate human thinking. Therefore,
its research field is closely related to human activities. Wherever someone is
working, he can use that area.

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Although there is a theory said that humans will
losing their jobs due to AI. However, the truth is probably not like what
people supposed. “The new research has
suggested that firms which are investing in smart, automated and self-teaching
systems are more likely to be creating jobs with it.” (1) So the
fact is artificial
intelligence actually bring benefit to people based on
research analysis. That is the first reason why I agree with artificial intelligence will bring benefice to people.


For example, “According
researchers at Capgemini surveyed 1000 organizations which have deployed AI
based systems and found that four out of five of them have created more jobs.”
(2) this research could strongly support my option.


There is another example, “other statistics showing that AI is currently creating jobs, rather
than destroying them, comes from jobs website indeed, which recently announced
that there has been a five-fold increase in the number of jobs advertised in
the UK, in the past three years.” (3) from the fact data example, we can
see the development of artificial intelligence has created new
jobs. people do not need to
worry about the unemployment based on artificial intelligence technology
replaces human labor.


The benefits of artificial intelligence are more than creating more new jobs is bring
innovation to human society. artificial intelligence will influence
humankind in all aspects of society. And assist human in different filed of
work. Including education, medical and agriculture. of course artificial intelligence will be innovating existing technologies. In the future, the human life
style will different to now and the human society structure will be change
because of innovation of artificial intelligence. I firmly believe
that a better era will come since artificial intelligence.


For example, from the US news “On Nov. 1, Brown underwent the first robotic
Whipple procedure at the James at Ohio State University. The emerging surgical
technique is meant to be less invasive than traditional surgery and results in
reduced blood loss, smaller incisions with less scarring and faster recovery
times. The demanding Whipple procedure involves opening a patient and removing
the head of the pancreas, part of the small intestine, the gallbladder and the
bile duct. Then surgeons reattach the remaining organs so patients can digest
food normally after the procedure. For patients, robotic surgery involves a
lower risk of infection, a reduced need for pain medication and shorter
hospital stays, Schmidt said.” (4) We can see that the
development of artificial intelligence in the medical field can help people
better treatment and surgery in hospital.


Secondly, the artificial intelligence technology also has a positive impact on another field. Such as
agriculture. For example, “there is an app Enter Farm Logs, a farming
management app currently used by one out of three farmers in America. Farm Logs
uses data and technology to help farmers monitor fields, track the weather and
get insights into soil using historical satellite imagery to calculate
irregular plant growth.


“Farming has really changed forever,” said Jess Volmert, a Michigan
farmer and co-founder of Farm Logs. The next big wave of transformation in this
industry will come from data science, in applying the new information that we
have in the world into agriculture and helping farmers use that to get the most
out of every acre they farm.” (5) that is
an example how AI technology bring helpful for agriculture. The impact of AI on
all aspects of society is actually based on a more comprehensive and
higher-tech computer operation. This will improve the efficiency of various
industries and bring more convenience to human society


the new technology of
AI can even save people’s lives. Here’s an example that shows the benefits of
AI brings to human through the development of smartphone. “AI Could Diagnose Your Heart Attack on the Phone—Even If You’re Not
the Caller An AI that listens in on 911 calls in Denmark
will diagnose heart attacks, from voices and other background sounds, better
than dispatchers can. How it works: When someone calls for an ambulance in
Copenhagen, an AI assistant called Cori will be listening in. Using
sound-recognition software, it will analyze words and background noises—like a
victim’s unusual breathing, even if that person is not the caller—to alert a
dispatcher if it believes a heart attack is in progress. Better than humans: As
Fast Company points out, Danish dispatchers can recognize a heart attack over
the phone about 73 percent of the time. An early study on Cori suggest the AI
can spot one 95 percent of the time.” (6)  If AI technology can be better developed, it
will have a huge change in human life. At least the AI technology enable solve
some difficulties problem that humans can not complete.


At present, there are
still many hard-to-accomplish tasks, such as work in a dangerous environment or
work that may endanger the safety of life. Such as working with a reflective
chemical environment. It is well known that the emergence of robots has been
able to replace some of the dangerous workings of human, for example, bombing
robot or machines that detect nuclear radiation have invented.


there are some
examples to prove that the development of AI technology can solve some of the
problems that human difficult to complete. For example, “A novel type of robot that can communicate and share images quickly
may be better suited than humans for certain high-risk jobs. A new system
developed at Cornell University could enable teams of robots to share
information as they move around and interpret what they see, which would allow
the robots to conduct surveillance as a single entity with many eyes. This new
development could also replace some of human’s most dangerous jobs, including
disposing of landmines, cleaning up after a nuclear meltdown or surveying the
damage after a flood or hurricane. “Once you have robots that cooperate, you
can do all sorts of things,” Kilian Weinberger, associate professor of computer
science, who is collaborating on the project with Silvia Ferrari, professor of
mechanical and aerospace engineering, and Mark Campbell, professor of
mechanical engineering, said in a statement.” (8) Through the people use
of AI technology and the operation of the machine, people can easily accomplish
some high-risk work, which will bring a better life to human society


moreover, development of AI technology enables to complete some of government’s dangerous work in
the future. for example, “In
the US, Westinghouse (builder of nearly half the nation’s operating nuclear
plants) is working on more advanced ”snake” robots that will have grippers
for walking up poles and the capacity to carry out complex tasks. But these
machines are probably eight years away, says Westinghouse scientist Harry
Andrews. Simpler robots have long been used in nuclear plant work – but are
limited in the tasks they can do. Two were recently enlisted for inspection and
radiation testing at Three Mile Island. A third will go to work there by year’s
end. Fitted with camera and radiation sensors, the small tank like vehicle,
with a robot arm as a turret, will help dispose of radioactive sludge.”



I believe that the
popularization AI technologies will certainly help human to solve problems and
improve social development in all fields in the future social.


people hope that
artificial intelligence and intelligent machines can perform various kinds of labor
instead of human labor. On the other hand, they worry about the development AI
will cause new social problems. In fact, the social structure of the future
will evolve from the “human-machine” social structure to the social
structure of “human-intelligent machine-machine.” Many of the present
and future jobs that would take by robots, and as a result, people will have to
learn to get along with intelligent machines and adapt to this changing. it is
the change of way of thinking and concept. The development and popularization
and application of artificial intelligence will affect human’s way of thinking
and traditional concepts and make them change. For example, the traditional
knowledge is generally printed on books and magazines, and is thus unchanged. while
the knowledge base of an artificial intelligence system can be constantly
modified, expanded and updated.


The current artificial
intelligence technology is far from reaching the above mentioned level. but
with its development, the relationship between human beings and artificial
intelligent will certainly be most important one of the problems that people
needs to solve. At the same time, I also think that some effects of AI cannot
be seen now and may not be predictable now. However, no matter whether this
effect is positive or negative, it is certain that artificial intelligence will
exert great influence on human material civilization and spiritual civilization
have an increasing impact.



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