Future It is clear that the world will

Future prediction is a difficult process we need
to analyze past and current situation of doing business. There are different
challenges in future of HR Four major factors are impacting and will continue
to impact, organization and shaping the future of work.


It is clear that the world will become
increasingly connected over the next 10 to 20 years as the flow of products,
services, talent, and knowledge continues apace across developed and developing
countries. To compete and survive, a growing number of companies will intensify
their efforts to explore new market opportunities and develop business
capabilities to take advantage of these markets, while continuing to grow in
more established venues.

for HR: Companies will
increasingly depend on building organizational and employee agility rather than
relying on periodic change initiatives. They will find it necessary to develop
the capacity to attract, develop and retain topnotch talent in emerging markets


Technology enables employees at all levels to
work virtually while easily collaborating and sharing ideas not only with each
other but also with outsiders. Continued advancements in globalization and
technology increasingly turn work into a 24/7 reality which blurs the lines
between work and non-work lives and increases the pressures and stress on
employees sometimes with unfortunate consequences for their  physical and emotional well-being.

for HR: In a world of
increasingly advanced technologies, where the nature of work changes with great
frequency, traditional approaches to filling jobs internally will give way to
more systematic and decentralized approaches to matching talent to work and
work to talent. As work is redefined and talent flow increase, new primarily
online approaches to employee development will become necessary to ensure that
requisite hard and soft skills are kept current.

New technology of data science has big impact on
talent acquisition. We can easily find skilled workforce from Big data through
data science by using data mining. Right man on right job on right time.


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