Gaming Platforms And Documentation Project Video Games Essay

H is a RPG game which combines unreal life, the action genre and strategic tactics into its gameplay. The game is divided into twenty-four hours and dark. In the twenty-four hours, the participant gets to command a figure of characters and seek to decode their secrets and what makes them particular in their ain alone manner. H sets its dark for conflicts with the fabulous monsters prevalent in the heads of the worlds. It is the undertaking of the Z ( the participant ) to acquire strong plenty to win the overmastering moving ridges of enemies.

The most successful of unreal life games so far in the industry today is The Sims created by Electronic Arts Inc. The Sims are a household created by the participant to raising and lead to fiscal prosperity. The people within the game are dependent on the participant to remind them to take attention of child inside informations in their life such as, cleaning their sleeping room and even taking attention of their day-to-day activities such as taking a shower or utilizing the lavatory. They besides get to larn new accomplishments, acquire a occupation to supply for the household or travel fishing.. If certain undertakings are non completed, certain negative effects that will happen, such as the participant ‘s temper will acquire angry or if they do non kip the participant may go through out.

The Sims is a landmark in videogame history because it has opened a Pandora ‘s box by replacing the usual troll and sci-fi phantasy monster with mean worlds. The fact was that a game about worlds engaged the audience to take a critical expression at both the simulation and world. The Sims ‘ most powerful statement is that human life, both on its personal and societal degrees, can be simulated.

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There are many The Sims Series including The Sims 2 H & A ; M Fashion Runway, The Sims 2 Seasons, The Sims 2 Nightlife, The Sims 3, there is even Sims for the IPhone every bit good and many others.

Besides The Sims, Second Life is besides a practical universe game, which became good known amongst the users as they can construct, store, drama and make merely about anything. It besides has a hard currency store that allows users to interchange in-game-world hard currency for existent money or Vice versa. Although you can make arms and do conflict in particular countries of Second Life, that is non the major point. The game is designed for more sophisticated practical citizens, one who would be more interested in constructing a 3-D reproduction of the Effiel tower than in blowing off other inhabitants.

For the participant who besides enjoys RPG games with a spot of action/strategy. Final Fantasy games is merriment for you to seek,

created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and is developed and owned by Square Enix ( once Square ) . The franchise centres on a series of fantasy and science-fantasy console role-playing games ( RPGs ) , but includes gesture images, anime, printed media, and other merchandise.The series began in 1987 as an eponymic picture game developed to salvage Square Enix from bankruptcy ; the game was a success and they made subsequences. The picture game series has since branched into other genres such as tactical role-playing, massively multiplayer on-line role-playing, and racing.

The cardinal struggle in many Final Fantasy games focuses on a group of characters combating an immorality, and sometimes ancient, antagonist that dominates the game ‘s universe. Narratives often involve a autonomous province in rebellion, with the supporters taking portion in the rebellion. The heroes are frequently destined to get the better of the immorality, and on occasion gather as a direct consequence of the adversary ‘s malicious actions. Another basic of the series is the being of two scoundrels ; the chief scoundrel is non ever who it appears to be, as the primary adversary may really be subservient to another character or entity. The chief adversary introduced at the beginning of the game is non ever the concluding enemy, and the characters must go on their quest beyond what appears to be the concluding battle.

Narratives in the series often emphasize the internal battles, passions, and calamities of the characters, and the chief secret plan frequently recedes into the background as the focal point displacements to their personal lives. Games besides explore relationships between characters, runing from love to rivalry. Other repeating state of affairss that drive the secret plan include memory loss, a hero corrupted by an evil force, misguided individuality, and selfless self-destruction. Charming eyeball and crystals are repeating in-game points that are often connected to the subjects of the games ‘ secret plans. Crystals frequently play a cardinal function in the creative activity of the universe, and a bulk of the Final Fantasy games link crystals and eyeballs to the planet ‘s life force. As such, control over these crystals drives the chief struggle. The classical elements are a repeating subject in the series related to the heroes, scoundrels, and points. Other common secret plan and puting subjects include the Gaia hypothesis, an apocalypse, and struggles between advanced engineering and nature.

Market sections:

The preliminary market section is targeted at both the male and female. The controlling of unreal life entreaties to females as it involves the procedure of roll uping, finishing and interaction with the NPCs. Engaging in conflicts and roll uping of arms and doing strategic moves to derive entree of the arms is a certain hit among the males. A strong sense of inquisitive-ness can makes hours of merriment for both types of gamers, as there are many assortments of collectables that can be discovered and used along the manner. There are besides many side pursuits that contribute to interesting game drama.

It is intended for both the insouciant gamer every bit good as difficult nucleus gamer. The insouciant gamer can research the town/city countries at length in the daylight. The difficult nucleus gamer will be more acute to work out the conundrums given each twenty-four hours to guarantee that he is able to carry through the undertaking of the game.

Expected gross revenues:

This game will be the prime game for the Gaming Machine, and gross revenues are expected to be alert and high. The Gaming Machine is the newest game console is coming to town, conveying the arcade experience into the places of many devouring gamers.

The Game Machine consists

State of the art sound environment system

2 ) Large buttons and control stick, hardware for hiting etc.

Touch screen engineering

In instance of an exigency or if the participant has to be someplace else and does n’t hold clip to salvage, the game will salvage itself the minute the participant enters a town at any point within the game.

The Gaming machine has a pick of buttons for button mashing lovers, or the advanced touch screen for the futuristic engineering lovers.

As the consumers need to purchase this Game Machine that is reasonably costly to get down with, we expect gross revenues turnover to be negative in the first few months but as the selling of the gambling console becomes more aggressive, gross revenues are expected to pick up after the 4th month.

Target audience:

This is decidedly a game for everyone particularly immature working grownups who are bored of the FPS games in the likes of counter work stoppage. More frequently than non, recent RPG Games that proliferate in the game market today are modelled in mediaeval scenes. H hopes to cast new visible radiation into the industry by supplying scenes that are non so normally found in the mass game market such as covering facets of researching the enigmas of other new lands. If the participant manages to excel a certain standards, he/she will acquire to travel to whole new different dimensions or even outer infinite.

My Game

This game is besides for anyone interested in the things that are go oning around us which can non be explained by logic, scientific discipline or faith.

The participant besides controls a little set of characters where the characters can remain together or move as a squad against the participant. Each character is alone in manner and therefore contributes to interesting and exceeding game drama.

My game is called ‘Invincible Ultracide ‘

The narrative is about Ladmir from a beautiful small town named “ Ptolemy ” , He is a 15 twelvemonth old male child with extraordinary intelligence.

One twenty-four hours he bumped into his school bully Jared, Jared did non like Ladmir much, and finds Ladmir excessively vulnerable and weak, perfect as quarry to extort material out of. Ladmir knew that there was nil more he wanted at that minute than to acquire out of this muss. So he closed his eyes existent tightly and idea of his “ safe-haven ” in Agia Anna another small town where his pa is. Then in a wink of an oculus, he vanished from Jared ‘s sight and gone off.

Ladmir waited for 1 minute and nil happened, he felt non the slightest sum of hurting, he could hear voices far off and knew he was in a whole different topographic point. The minute he opened his eyes, he saw his old room the books had a small dust his bed was the same manner he left it, a small messy. Ladmir thought this was merely him in his subconscious dream province but he kicked the wall so hard that he was convinced he was n’t woolgathering.

Ladmir went out and establish his male parent reading his newspaper on his front-runner sofa and decided to surprise him. His male parent was shocked at first evidently but found out that it was clip he told Ladmir of his newfound ability and that his female parent used to hold that ability. That was when Ladmir discovered he could teleport and his ability is more so merely teleporting but its waiting for him to detect more about it for himself

But his male parent warns him to maintain a expression out for the shapeshift kin that wants to tackle the power for themselves

So Ladmir decided to travel on a journey to happen out more about this power and happen out more about the shapeshift kin, so as to seek and halt them from stealing other ‘s power but the difficult portion is happening them cause as stated in their kin ‘s name they can shapeshift so the full kin could be anyplace looking like anybody.

So Ladmir ventures off into the wild unknown yesteryear Acanthus, the small town where his male parent is populating in.

Game Play Start

The participant starts playing from outside of Acanthus small town where he/she will command Ladmir and pattern BASIC controls over how to travel and fight monsters.

There will be little and easy monsters for the participant to develop foremost on the outskirts of Acanthus and the participant can besides hold merriment with Ladmir ‘s teleport accomplishment. Although Ladmir did teleport from Ptolemy to Acanthus, that was because of force per unit area, emphasis anxiousness and fortune.

Now that Ladmir is merely found out that he has powers he is non truly afraid so the teleport ability went back to normal and now the participant merely can teleport a certain distance.

But at degree 10, Ladmir will larn nearest town teleport in which like the move provinces, it will automatically convey the participant ‘s character back to the nearest town, this move is a little unsafe to utilize though because if the participant chooses to teleport to the nearest town because of a rough conflict.

Alternatively the participant may acquire transported to the other town in forepart which may hold harder monsters than the norm.

So the participant may desire to see a safer distance to the town that they want to go to before utilizing that accomplishment.

Once the participant gets comfy with the controls which has a pick of traveling with ‘w, s, a, vitamin D ‘ or point and chink. And set the accomplishments on the hotkeys of the keyboard, they will have their first pursuit which is to travel back into thier male parent ‘s house to have his used robes and some accomplishment raising potions.

Ladmir ‘s male parent will so learn Ladmir a accomplishment called Synge.

Synge is a low degree enchantment onslaught of Ladmir which is a combination of a ace ‘s enchantment bolt and a sorcerer ‘s darkness hinder. It is the lone accomplishment in the game that will level up as Ladmir degrees up and its name will alter a twosome of times. The flat bound of this game is 40 which is Ladmir ‘s maximal degree.

Once he participant feels ready to go forth Acanthus to research, which is when they are around flat 6, Ladmir ‘s male parent will retrieve that he has a little Map of the Island and hands it to Ladmir so that he can eventually get down his journey.

Though the participant can still take to go forth and research below degree 6 which so they will jump the portion where Ladmir ‘s male parent hands him the map, so the participant has to voyage on his ain to the following small town called ‘Akrai ; which is close to another small town called ‘Akragas ‘ .

Description of the characters


Main character, Ladmir 15 year old telekinetic shifter

Sub- Main character, Ann 16 year old telekinetic shifter which Ladmir will run into subsequently on

Enemy, Shapeshift clan set on reaping all types of powers from newfound ‘hybrids ‘ which they find. They have elemental powers and shapeshifting and now, they want Ladmir ‘s psychokinesis

The chief aims

1. Figure out how to get the hang the accomplishment.

2. Find out about your accomplishments. Along the manner

3. Unlock all your accomplishments

4. Find the telekinetic Maestro if there is even one

Last, garner your forces and take out the form switching kin

Reward system

The participant will acquire to unlock more psychic type of accomplishments every bit good as others and larn to enrapture his ain armour boulder clay its about unbeatable find/ unlock the Best Suit of armour ingame known as the Ultracide Battle Suit. Learn to talk in different linguistic communications in game and have fun along the manner. Learn about life the good side and bad side of it. Learn to care about others, autumn in and out of love if possible.

Punishment system

If you die at any point in game, like the existent universe, you are dead which means you will hold to re get down the whole game all over once more so do n’t seek to be a hero unless u think you have the accomplishments and you are ready for it. There is merely 2 cheque points in the game which is at the mid manner point which is a measure before the participant finds the bomber kin leader, and has to contend him, and at the Final foreman conflict where you will contend the concluding foreman which is the true kin leader and his minions which he summoned

Win/loss state of affairss

Once you successfully take out the form switching kin you ‘ll win the game

You will lose if u dice at anypoint

Different degrees of the game




FUTURE ( Anywhere )


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