Gen 102
bachelors degree
4 year degree, professional study in your field for many kinds of employment
associates degree
2 year degree
certificate program
technical or vocation fields
developmental courses
courses # 0-99
course number
number that generally indicates the level off difficulty
officially enrolled into the courses
advising center
course selection that fulfills the college degree requirement
learning about the school and things it offers
college level examinination program
college catalog
the college publication of admissions, information, tuition and fees, academic information and college degree requirements
American College Test
scholastic aptitude test
entrance exam (compass)
open admissions
minimum score on ACT and SAT accept students with high school diploma and GED
selective admissions
minimum score obtained on the entrance exam
admissions office
the process by which you are accepted into the college
core curriculum
all students are required to take the same group of courses, to provide a well-rounded education
the process of exiting 1 institution and entering another institution
course load
the amount of credit hours you are taking for the semester
general education courses that form the core curriculum
process allows you to be taken out of a course (drop) select a new course (add)
withdrawing from a class in paper form (instructor’s signature)
academic calendar
highlights the important dates in the academic year
the official record of the courses you take and the grades you make
the official record of the courses you take and the grades you make
the grades you make in the courses tally into your GPA (grade point average)
until you completed 30 credit hours
completed 60 credit hours
completed 90 credit hours
completed over 90 credit hours
office of residential housing
involves applying for a residence hall and submitting any applicable fees
failure to pay by payment deadline
cashiers office
coordinates students record of payment, tuition, fees, and fines
bursars office
office of business
financial aid office
coordinates the distribution of funds
financial aid office
coordinates the distribution of funds such as loans, grants, scholarships, and work study.
tuition and fees
you will be charged tuition by credit hour in which you enroll.

variable course fees are charged in addition to tuition

an outline of what is expected of you in that particular course
stealing the work of another authors without citing the author as a reference and presenting it as if it were your own work