General Category of Service User.

The World Health Organisation defines Mental Health as “ a province of complete physical and mental good being, and non simply the absence of disease ” ( World Health Organisation, 2010 ) For tuning in intents is a hard construct given Mental wellness is broad runing and people are effected to changing extents. The Department of Health and Social Services describes mental wellness as a continuum of experience runing from mental wellness and good being through to severe and digesting mental unwellness.

“ We all experience alterations in our mental wellness province, influenced by societal, personal, fiscal and other factors. Major life events such as a close mourning, or go forthing place, can impact significantly on how we feel about ourselves, for illustration, taking to depression and anxiousness. ” ( DHSSPS, 2003:18 ) )

This is an of import get downing topographic point to understand the impact of Mental Health on the service user ‘s life and how it affects them. Post Natal Depression is defined as a “ temper upset that begins after childbearing and lasts more than six hebdomads ” ( Medical Dictionary aˆ¦aˆ¦ . )

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Article 3 of the Mental Health ( NI ) Order 1986 high spots “ Mental unwellness as a province of head which effects a individuals thought, perceiving, emotion or judgement to the extent that requires attention or medical intervention ” ( Mental Health ( NI ) Order 1986 ) . Therefore Postnatal depression would be considered a mental unwellness.

In order to estimate the issues that may be originating for Mrs Andrews it is utile to see this within the context of life span development theories. Erickson ( Cited in Bee, 1999 ) describes the ages of 26-40 as the “ Generatively versus stagnancy ” ( 1999:278 ) a clip when rise uping kids and occupational accomplishment are the focal point of life. This has relevancy in sing how to back up Mrs Andrews to travel through this phase given her current emotional province.

It besides necessary to see the phases of the kids Mrs Andrews is caring for and estimate the sum of force per unit area and the demands they place upon her at this phase in their lives. Brian is two and harmonizing to Erickson is at the “ Autonomy versus shame and uncertainty phase ” ( Bee, 1999:279 ) , hence necessitating support and reassurances from his parents.

“ if a kid ‘s attempts for independency are non carefully guided by a parent and they experience perennial failures or ridicule, so this consequences of all the new chances for geographic expedition may be shame and uncertainty alternatively of a basic sense of ego control and worth ” ( Bee, 1999:279 )

Christine is 3 months old and harmonizing to Erickson ‘s phases of development is within the “ Basic trust versus basic misgiving ” ( Bee, 1999:276 ) , nevertheless given the concerns of the service user and referral information it may be utile to see this in tandem with Bowlby ‘s theory on fond regard ( Thompson 2002 ) . This theory pays peculiar mention to early childhood fond regards being secure and cardinal to this is the impression of maternal want. The accent is on a kid s relationship with its female parent and and “ kids who do non bask such a relationship will be hampered in their development ” ( Thompson 2002:14 )

In readying for working with Mrs Andrews I must see relevant statute law. The Torahs set uping people with Mental Health troubles affects other people besides i.e. The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons 1978 and Health and Social Care Act 2001. Additionally to this I have besides given awareness the Human rights Act 1998, peculiarly 6 and 8 sketching the right to fair test and the right to a private and household life which I feel makes mention to societal services step ining no more than necessary than to further this households independency and to guarantee that any appraisal of demand is just and non prejudice.

As highlighted antecedently post natal depression is recognised as a mental unwellness under the Mental Health Order ( NI ) 1986 given this Mrs Andrew is entitled to an appraisal of her demands, intervention and extra supports to assist her manage her status.

The Children ( NI ) Order 1995 outlines a kid ‘s public assistance is overriding and in visible radiation of the information contained within the referral pertaining non merely to Mrs Andrews mental wellness but besides possible relationship issues the kids could be considered kids in demand, in conformity with article 17 subdivision B which defines a kid in demand as a kid who ‘s wellness or development is likely to be significantly impaired without service proviso for them.

Information Specific service user

Mrs Andrews is 27 old ages old and female parent of two kids, Brian who is 3 old ages old and Christine who is 3 months, she has been married to conserve Terry for four old ages.

Mrs Andrews has reported to the GP she is holding troubles adhering with her immature babe and that her relationship with her hubby has become labored. Mrs Andrews has no old symptoms of depression with her first kid Brian and has told her GP he was an easy babe to look after kiping through the dark. Mrs Andrews besides reports low tempers and fighting with her day-to-day modus operandis. The GP is questioning postpartum depression.

My aims when run intoing with Mrs Andrews will be to discourse how she is experiencing presently and research her day-to-day modus operandi. I will besides discourse what supports she has in footings of her hubby and other household members and in visible radiation of Brian ‘s age and phase of development whether he attends any female parents and yearlings groups. Last I will research Mrs Andrews feelings in relation to her girl and the differences between the experiences she had with her first kid.

Specific Phase of Work

As a pupil societal worker sing Mrs Andrews at place I will necessitate to be cognizant of how she may experience before I arrive.

The chief inquiries on clients head in single work is “ what is this traveling to be about? ” and “ what sort of worker is this traveling to be ”

( Shulman, 2009: 56 )

Therefore I should see Mrs Andrews possible feelings about my visit and her apprehension of why I am at that place. I recognise she may be concerned about my visit and that she may experience she is perceived as a bad female parent and I am at that place to judge her. Mrs Andrews may nevertheless see my visit as a life line in her current state of affairs, sing me as person who can offer hope and be a possible support.

I recognise that Mrs Andrews is the expert in her ain state of affairs and it will be up to me to derive from her the information to outdo meet her demands.

“ A general regulation of societal work is the more information gleaned the more is learnt about peoples reactions by inquiring unfastened inquiries ” ( Coulshed & A ; Orme 1998: 95 ) .

Some possible aims Mrs Andrews may hold may be to alter her state of affairs, or to experience better and pull off her modus operandis. Mrs Andrews may hold issues she needs to discourse that she may non hold spoken about yet possibly in relation to her hubby and the support she needs. I will desire to guarantee Mrs Andrews feels listened to and has control of her state of affairs.

“ Supporting services users rights to command their lives and do informed picks about the services they receive ” ( NISCC 2002: 1.3 ) .

Tuning in to ain feelings

When Tuning in to my ain feelings, I recognise I will be nervous and discerning during my first visit. In visible radiation of the information gathered from the referral, I recognise I have concerns about my ability to understand the complexnesss of Mrs Andrews life and the force per unit areas she is under.

I realise I have important experience of direct work with service users and relevant experience of working with service users with Mental wellness troubles, nevertheless my old work experience has had different aims as I would be involved more from the kid attention position. Mrs Andrews has been referred to the Community Mental Health Team as the service user and while the kids ‘s demands are paramount and may hold to be referred on to the child care squad, I will hold to be witting Mrs Andrews herself is my precedence and a holistic appraisal of her demands undertaken.

My purpose would be to hold a positive first meeting and every bit good as finishing all the relevant reading I will endeavor to work in partnership with Mrs Andrews in order to happen the best supports for her state of affairs. Partnership is an of import societal work value, Parrott ( 2006 ) , highlights the importance of working in partnership with service users in order to look into cogency of information being gathered instead than presuming it is right.

I would non deliberately oppress or know apart against service users, nevertheless I feel it may be hard non to unconsciously suppress given my deficiency of experience. Thompson ‘s Personal, Cultural, Structural theoretical account will be utile in assisting me place and be cognizant of how this could impact on my pattern.

“ Our ideas feelings and attitudes about peculiar groups in society, will to a certain grade at least, be shaped by our experiences at a personal degree ” ( Thompson:2006:27 )

I recognise while I am a female a similar age to Mrs Andrews there will be challenges in my function to to the full hold on the complexnesss of being married and caring for two little kids given this is non my experience.

I feel that given this is my first visit with Mrs Andrews, I will desire to derive as much apprehension of her state of affairs as I can. I will utilize all my communicating accomplishments and in peculiar focal point on accomplishments of empathy.

Shulman ( 2009 ) cites empathy as an of import accomplishment when working with people, foregrounding that it is critical the worker begins to tune in and derive apprehension of the service user in the beginning phases. Howe ( 2008 ) agrees on the importance of empathy stating:

The ability to demo empathy, to see and experience the universe from the others point of position, is peculiarly of import quality that defines a successful societal worker ( Howe: 2008:173 )

Non verbal communicating is besides of import in peculiar Egan ‘s ( 1990 ) SOLER acronym I intend to utilize this as a agency of conveying openness and accessibility thereby encouraging Mrs Andrews to portion her narrative.

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