Geographical the north, Jafrabad in the west to

Geographical Location

Dhaka City is centrally located in Bangladesh, the continent of Asia. Great Himalaya in the North and the Bay of Bengal in the south.Dhaka is situated at the Buriganga River, about 200 km (125 mi) north of the Bay of Bengal.


Physical Growth of Dhaka City (Reff-6)

Dhaka City has developed over a long span of time. The city was under the suzerainty of different kings and rulers and its growth was hindered and distributed from time to time. The growth and development of Dhaka can be categorized into six periods e.g. the pre-Mughal period (1205-1610), the Mughal period (1620-1757), the   East India Company period (1758-1858), the British colonial period (1858-1947), the Pakistan period (1947-1971) and the Bangladesh period (from 1971). As society radically changed after British colonial period, Dhaka City underwent drastic changes over the past decades (Dani, 1962:74).

Historically, in Pre Mughal Period, the development of Dhaka city started from the southern part, that is, the present “old town” The city began expanding in the west during 1602-1604. in that time, the city covered an area of about 2.20 sq. km .The city gained its reputation as a capital during the early period of the 17th century. As being a capital, it required more space for administrative, military purposes and accommodation.

During the rule of the Mughals Dhaka City grew in a north-western direction. the greatest urban growth took place 1662-1667 and 1679-1689.At that time, the city extended from the Buriganga river in the south to Tongi Bridge in the north,  Jafrabad  in the west to Postagola in the east, and in a east-west direction. at that time the city had a population of over a million. The city then started to lose its glory with the shifting of the provincial capital to Murshidabad in 1717  .At that time the size of Dhaka City was about 4.5 sq. km and the population was about 1 million.


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