Gin and Vodka
Vodka Made from
any raw carbohydrateswheat, rye, cornno such thing as pure vodka
Vodka Definition
neutral spirit distilled from any material at or above 190 proof, reduced to no more then 100 nor less then 80, and then treated to remove character, aroma and taste
Vodka Means
“dear little water”Water of life
Main ingredient of Vodka
WaterIt refines the charcter of the drink
Stolchnaya Contribution
Added Stoli Limo, made vodka become a mixed flavor drink
Charcoals Role in Vodka
IT helps to remove the congeners or flaovr of the drink
Vodka Brands
SkyySmirnoff Ketel One
How to drink Vodka 
Straight upor great as a base for a cocktail 
Vodka Drinks
CosmoBloddy MarySex on the beachLemon Drop
Famous Gin Drink
Gin made of
Corn and Barley75/25
Diffrencce between Gin and Vodka
Gin is destilled with juniper and other botanicalsGin is from “malt wine” (Fermented Wine)
2 types of Gin
Jounge, young unaged spiritOude, stored at least one year
German Gin Laws
Only triple-distilled, spirit, juniper berries and water
Flavors of Gin
LicoriceOrange or Lemon PeelsCardamomHerbs, etc
Gin blending techniques (three)
essential oils methodcompounding techniquegin head distillation
Gin: Compounding methog
Crushing fruits/botanicals and having the gin soak in it, be placed in a cloth bag and teabag it, or by having the vapor raise thoriugh it
Gin: Essential oil method
cooked botanicals are cooked to extract their oils out and the the oils are mixed into the alcohol
Gin : Gin head Distillation
Crushed herbs in the pot still head is placed so that the vapor will pass through it. Only method that can be labeled distilled, and most expensive, and no filtration since no material actually touched alcohol
Brands of Gin
Gin Act of 1736
Tax Gin and limited the smallest amount that can be sold, no more small amounts sells
Tippling Act
Made small gin makers illegal and gave rights to large distillaries. Making it so only the “elite” get toenjoy Gin
What made Vodka work in US
Moscow Mule : Hollywood’s drinkSolider’s from WW with Russia