Gladiator – What It Takes To Be a Caesar

Director Ridley Scott’s movie Gladiator is the result of a wonderful camera work, outstanding music, great scenes and beautiful costumes. This is a great movie, even though is long it is full of action and from its beginning to the end it captures your attention. Most of the actors are able to transcend the emotions to you. Gladiator shows us how one person’s frustrations can lead to a total un-plug to the real world. The urge for power can destroy a family, a country an empire. This is the story of a general who became a slave, a slave who became a gladiator, the gladiator who defied an empire.

The music in this movie, takes you into the moment. It is so majestic that gives you goose bumps. I recall the first scene where Maximus is walking through a wheat field and is able to touch it. In the next scene when he opens his eyes he is in the middle of a dark, cold muddy war. He is able to close his eyes while at war and travel back home. While he does that the music has such melody that portraits the quietness and peacefulness of his home.

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Also when they are fighting in Germania the music matches the actions. The brutal, and bloody scenes happen really fast while the music’s speed is quite fast also. But when the scenes are shown slowly the music does too, and gives it a touch of harmony. A scene that really touched me was the one were Maximus goes to his house and finds his family brutally murdered, they were burned and crucified. The music again is so sad and tragic. It’s like a crying melody that has been stuck in my head for days. I can picture the scene and listen to the music. I think it’s pretty neat how they are able to put together such work that it can be remembered together.

The camera work is outstanding; they are able to emphasize their points by pointing the camera in certain angle and positions. For example when the gladiators go to Morocco there is a small arena where the gladiators are supposed to fight. This small are is first show a little from the top and you can barely see the shape and size of it. When the show the roman colisseum on the other hand, the camera shots start from the very bottom making it look huge, and imposing. They also make an aerial shot of the area showing the colisseum between the tiny buildings around it, once again exemplifying its greatness.

When they show the fighting scenes the camera goes in two different speeds. When it goes slower we can see the effort they are making, the…………


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