Global is extremely likely that this change is

Global warming; one of the most
debated issues in our society today. Are there facts and evidence supporting
the idea, or is it simply a hoax? Some say climate change will be the
inevitable end to our world as we know it, using global warming as an excuse
for every naturally occurring weather phenomenon, natural disaster, or even
significant change in usual weather patterns. Others will simply scoff at the
idea, laugh, and brush it off. The real truth in the matter is that the facts
are there, the evidence is strong, and any scientist will tell you climate
change is not man made.

Carbon dioxide is an important,
heat trapping gas, necessary for our planet’s survival. The gas is released
through human respiration, deforestation, and burning fossil fuels, as well as
natural processes such as volcanic eruption. Additionally, higher levels of
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are actually highly beneficial to plants and
animals. Carbon dioxide levels in the air are currently 406.96 parts per
million, the highest they have been in 650,000 years, according to NASA. Levels
have been steadily increasing by about 2 parts per million every year since
2005. Naturally, as population increases, carbon dioxide levels will increase
as well. There is no question that increased levels of the “greenhouse gas” is
the cause of our rising temperatures.

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The year 2016 actually ranks as the
warmest on our 136-year record. Out of the top 17 warmest years on record, 16
of them have occurred since 2001, NASA says. It is extremely likely that this
change is the effect of human activity since the mid-twentieth century. Ice
cores that have been drawn from all around the globe will show climate change
responds to Earth’s carbon dioxide levels. Ocean sediments, tree rings,
sedimentary rocks, and coral reefs will also show ancient evidence in global
warming. This paleoclimate evidence shows that our current warming is about ten
times faster than it has been previously.

In my opinion, climate change is
real, and probably not something we should be worried about. In the end, if a
nuclear war does not take us out, mother nature will. The facts are there. The
idea that climate change is caused by humans does have some evidence behind it,
but then again, seems a little arrogant. This universe is full of many
mysteries we may never understand. Earth and space are so complex, who are we
to mess with the balance of things? The earth will change on its own, always.

Nothing in nature will ever occur the exact same way twice. Change is and will
always be inevitable. Does the human species really have that much effect on
the state of the environment?

Sure, pollution and waste do take a
serious toll on the environment, and the rise in population will account for
the rising levels of carbon dioxide and higher temperature average. But who are
we to think we have that much of an impact on nature’s pre-written course? Why
would we waste time, money, effort, and recourses trying to “fix” climate
change when we as a species really have little effect on the world? Earth will
do what it was always meant to do, there is nothing we can do to change that.

Ultimately, science will explain everything. Humans will take their toll on the
earth, but will we really be the reason for the end of life as we know it? Will
we bring our own environmental demise? Unfortunately, in this lifetime, we may
never know.



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