Global world, we can help these countries by

Global poverty in the world is
becoming a very serious issue today. Many countries around the world lack
access to healthy food and water, electricity, health services, and to primary
education. This is not only affecting the generation now but it will also
affect the future generations of these insolvent countries. Many countries
around the world are living a profligate lifestyle while there are many more
countries struggling to find water or food for a day. The United States is
spending thousands and millions of dollars on things that they really do not
need. They could be spending this money by helping poor countries gain access
to water, food, electricity, or education. Millions of people are living in
poverty around the world and many people seem to still be ignoring it. Global
poverty is consuming the lives of many children and adults as well. The lack of
access to healthy food and water is affecting future generations from growing
and developing into regular kids. Also, the lack of the simplest education
leads to poverty. This is because of the expensive costs of education. Global
poverty is eating away at the world, we can help these countries by providing
them with the simple access to healthy food and water, electricity or education
that we take advantage of every day.

Global poverty is social justice
issue. It can be defined as the inability to afford essential goods and
services by having lower levels of income. The lack of access to healthy food
and water is detrimental to many countries. Many adults and children are dying
from starvation and malnutrition. Around the world, 1.4 billion people are
earning less than $1.25 a day. According to UNICEF impoverished countries spend
60-80% of their income on food while Americans spend less than 10%, there are
approximately 1.2 billion people that live without electricity and more than
750 million people who lack adequate access to clean drinking water. It is
estimated that 8 million children are dying from preventable diseases as well
as 29,000 children dying every day from these diseases (UNICEF). The lack of
simple health services is destroying the lives of many families. Corrupt
government policies are causes of this issue and are affecting many people
today. Many people around the world today need to realize global poverty
because it gets worse every year. There are many children who live in extreme
poverty as well. According to FINCA, it is estimated that 104 million children
under the age of 5 live in extreme poverty. While it extends to 328 million that
live in extreme poverty under the age of 18. Children are the ones who are most
effected in poverty. Their bodies are still developing and growing which is why
they need as much food as possible. Children’s young bodies are less durable to
the effects of living without clean water, food, or healthcare. This leads to
the cause of many deaths in these impecunious countries.

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    These problems are happening all around the
world. Many countries lack the money to provide food or water for their
families. When families do not have enough food, this creates children to
become malnourished and suffering from developing and growing. Also, it creates
people to become weaker and even become sick. The lack of health services makes
people become even sicker and making those people unable to work. This will
create even more problems because they start to have no income. When they are
unable to work they become poorer and sicker from the lack of food. These are
lacks to simple conditions that many countries have but it is causing millions
of deaths to other countries around the world.

    As the population increases more and more
people are suffering from poverty around the world. The lack of access to
education is also affecting those in impoverished countries. 3rd world
countries lack the funds for education, no teachers, classrooms, or learning
materials for children, and as well as no education for children with
disabilities. Many schools are not being built near villages or neighborhoods
which can take a toll for many children going to school. Also, the food and the
nutrition schools provide children is not enough for them. These things can
prevent children from going to school. If children are not getting an education
then they are lacking skills for work in the future. This then leads to not
working and gaining no income. The education in impoverished countries can help
children learn the basics of reading and writing, which will help them find
jobs to support their families. If there are more schools this can help individuals
to find jobs easier and maintain income for their families. A better way for
children to get educated is if it was low cost. Education is too expensive for
many families to afford but if it was low cost or even free many more families
would be able to enroll their children.

    Everyone human is created in the likeness
and image of God so everyone has essential dignity. No one in the world should
have their dignity conceded. The dignity of the human person is imago Dei and
God does not want his creations to be destroyed. The poverty around the world
is making God’s creations lose what he created them to be. Poverty, hunger, and
injustice make it impossible to live a life that God has created for us. The
dignity of the human person is being violated with the immense poverty
countries have. All nations must work together to find solutions to these
problems and they must work towards saving imago Dei. Global poverty has
affected the dignity of the human person by their lack of access to healthy
food water, and access to health services. These things destroy a human’s
dignity that was created to live a different life in God’s eyes. Another
problem that global poverty suffers from is the common good. The common good is
the goods we share in common that allows us to have a life of knowledge,
beauty, arts, safe/clean environment, basic goods (food, water, clothing),
infrastructure (roads, buildings, cities), and this is only possible if
everyone works together. Every person should have sufficient access to the
goods and resources of society so that they can completely and easily live
fulfilling lives. The right of individuals to personal items and community
resources must be balanced with those who are impoverished. The common good is
reached when we work together to improve the happiness of people in our society
and the entire world. If we follow social justice we could lead lives to be
lived fully and effortlessly. Contributive, distributive, commutative justices
play an essential role in the common good. Contributive justice utilizes skills
to in developing the common good for individuals. Distributive justice is to
participate in utilizing goods for the dignified persons. These are violated
when a small part of individuals takes in the common good. Commutative justice
which is the fairness and interaction between an equally dignified person and
to not cheat the anyone. These justices help spread the common good to everyone
in the world but it only works if everyone works together.

    Everyone has the right to participate in
decisions that affect their lives. Subsidiarity requires that decisions are
made by the people closest and most affected by the issues and concerns of the
community. Social problems should be solved at the most urgent levels without
interference from national authority. People who suffer from global poverty
should have interconnectedness that provides them with receiving the most
urgent care that they need. The Catholic social teaching should not allow
impoverished individuals to be dragged down by the government rules.
Subsidiarity provides these impoverished countries to receive the food, water,
and health services that they need. Charities and other small organizations
should handle these problems because they know much more about the lives of
suffering individuals. Much of the government has failed to reform systems from
providing these countries with healthy access to food and water. These people
in impoverished countries should be able to have a say on how they should be
treated in their systems or when receiving help from others because it could
meritoriously change their lives. Subsidiarity also ensures the fundamental
rights of education for all. This gives people the education to live find
successful jobs in providing for their families.

shows that everyone belongs to one human family regardless where they are from.
Everyone has an obligation to promote their rights and development as well as
all of the people around the world. Everyone in the world should be reaching out
to those who are marginalized. We must be loyal to providing sustainability to
our entire family including those suffering from poverty. Individuals around
the world should support those in impoverished countries and provide these
people with the benefits they deserve to live imago Dei lives. Solidarity
contributes to the mutual support of others and gives penurious countries the
ability to support their future generations. 
If there is no support for future generations there with be no one to
support in the future because everyone would have left this world from the
poverty driving them out. Solidarity is concern for the most vulnerable people.
This leads to the preferential option for the poor as caring for the poor is
everyone’s responsibility. Preferential care should be shown to the poor and
all vulnerable people, whose needs and rights are being overlooked by everyone.
Reaching out to the poorest and most marginalized people can stipulate everyone
with happiness. Marginalization cuts of the contributive justice and disenables
people from the common good. It could be based on ethnicity or religion but
this should not be allowed. The preferential option for the poor gives
individuals the necessity of the common good with the help from everyone in the
world. It will take time and money to help the poorest people but if everyone
contributes it will save the lives of millions.

As Christians of God, we can help
get rid of global poverty and reduce the impact it has on everyone. Many
organizations and charities are providing these countries with the ability to
access food, water, clothing, and health services. This is saving the lives of
millions of people. The simple donation can contribute to the life of
thousands. There are many organizations such 
as UNICEF, UNESCO, and CARE. These organizations focus on the global
challenges poverty, disease, and environmental pollution. We can support these
organizations by helping them feed those lives of disadvantaged countries with
water, food, clothing, or health services. Another way to help act is through
the Foreign Aid Budget which provides assistance to other countries that are in
need. The United States can provide millions of dollars to these countries in
poverty with the simple access to healthy food and water. The Foreign Aid
Budget helps global poverty move out of existence. Another act would be the
Farm Bill which has connected getting food on the plates of those countries in
poverty. The Farm Bill impacts the lives of broke countries because their
resources are agricultural products. This bill stops the destruction of these
farms that are the only source of food for these penniless countries.

Global poverty is a great ordeal in
today’s world. Many people are acting as if it not a thing but many people are
contributing to the disaster. Through the analysis and keys points of the
Catholic social teaching, we could destroy global poverty forever. We must work
together as a country and as a world to stop this ridiculous cause. The United
States could save much more money instead of wasting it. We could help donate
to global poverty even if it just a couple canned goods. This could save not
the life of just one but of thousands or even millions. Different bills and
acts can lead others to contribute towards of effect of stopping global
poverty. The only way global poverty could end is if everyone puts their minds
together to help contribute and end this appalling cause.


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