God and the hereafter. God is the protector

– A word used uncountable number of times every day. Sometimes people use it
for preaching; sometimes it’s used when saying a silent prayer. Some people say
it when frustrated and often it’s used when in pain. God is the amazing creator
of the whole universe. He is omnipresent and infinite. He is all-seeing,
all-knowing and caring. To me, God is the one thing that grounds me, that will
remain constant and I can turn to Him whatever happens and wherever I go. God
the omnipotent is eternal and absolute. He is just and patient with me even
when I have strayed. God is the protector and sustainer who brings people out
of darkness into light. Everyone always has direct access to worship God, as He
hears all who praise and call upon Him. He is close to us and listens to every
person who calls out to him.


ultimate purpose of life is to acknowledge the greatness of God, establish a
direct connection with him, and worship Him alone. Worshipping is not limited
to rituals such as praying and fasting, it includes all actions that are
pleasing to God such as having good manners, being honest, establishing  justice, being patient and helping the needy.
I believe in the Oneness and Uniqueness of Almighty God, who is the Creator and
Lord of all, perfect in all His attributes. He alone deserves our worship and
in this lies our happiness and success in this life and the hereafter. God is
the protector and the sustainer and his mercy knows no bounds. In order to be a
true believer, one must believe in the absolute oneness of God, as the only
Creator, Preserver and Nourisher of everything. However, this belief in the
true characteristics of God is not the sole condition of true faith; one must
also acknowledge that God is the only one who deserves to be worshipped. His
commands and guidelines for how to live one’s life should always take
precedence over the commands of anything He created. Indeed, He guides humanity
to what is best for them in this life and the hereafter and He is All-Knowing
and All-Wise.

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embraced this understanding of God, one should constantly have faith in Him,
and should remain steadfast on the truth. When true faith enters a person’s
heart, it positively impacts their outlook and behaviour. One might wonder what
Faith is? Faith is that which resides firmly in the heart and reflects in
actions. I would be ungrateful if I denied the basic truth of the existence of
God. Prayer is a connection between man and God. It is a means of communicating.

is the ultimate Being in existence, perfect in power, love, and character. Supreme
and Eternal, Infinite and Mighty, Merciful and Compassionate, Creator and
Provider –  God has no father or mother,
no son or daughter. None is equal to Him. He is God of all humankind, not of a
special tribe or race. In return for all the great favors and mercy, God does
not need anything from us, because He is Needless and Independent. God asks us
to know Him, to love Him and to enforce His law for our benefit and our own

I conclude with the
following statement: Our God is One God: There is no God but He, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful. 


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