Good Practice In The Field Of Sexual Assault Social Work Essay

It is indispensable provide effectual curative responses to kids and their households, immature people and adult females who have been affected by sexual assault. For administrations to supply an effectual service, it is imperative that current information be accessed in order to develop and use evidence-based schemes to react to incidences of sexual assault. This essay will look at the patterns of Wide Bay Sexual Assault Association Inc ( WBSAAI ) . Strategies the administration employs to turn to challenges when working with clients who are affected by sexual assault will be examined. Awareness and bar attacks when working with immature people will be discussed.

The purpose of The Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault ( ACSSA ) “ is to better entree to current information on sexual assault in order to help policy shapers and others interested in this country to develop evidence-based schemes to forestall, respond to, and finally cut down the incidence of sexual assault ” ( ACSSA 2005, p. 1 ) . This Centre is hosted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and funded by the Office for Women, Australian Government Family and Community Services, through the National Initiative to Combat Sexual Assault. WBSAAI utilises the information contained in its publications ” Aware ” , “ ACSSA Wrap ” , “ Issues ” , and “ Briefing ” to entree up to day of the month research and pattern developments in the country of sexual assault. Other publications including The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work ( Dulwich Centre 2003 ) and a comprehensive library incorporating appropriate literature to enable counselors to efficaciously back up clients ( adult females, kids and young person ) who have been affected by sexual assault.

A figure of standards for good pattern in the field of sexual assault were identified in the ACCSA Newsletter “ Aware ” . The newssheet identified good pattern standards including: pickings into history ‘contemporary research and pattern developments in the field ‘ ; showing ‘a sensitiveness towards the barriers faced by victims/survivors in unwraping and describing sexual assault ‘ ; holding ‘a clearly defined conceptual model ‘ ; including ‘processes of answerability and rating ‘ ; and showing ‘a capacity for reproduction ‘ ( plans could be adapted or re-modelled for other administrations ) ( ACSSA 2005, p. 1 ) .

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This ACSSA Newsletter highlighted a resource book “ Working with immature adult females who self injury ” developed by Zig Zag Young Women ‘s Resource Service in Brisbane as an illustration of good pattern in service proviso. Jill Astbury ( 2006 ) her paper “ Servicess for victim/survivors of sexual assault ” identified that group therapy was valued as it gave adult females the chance to run into and speak freely with other adult females in the same state of affairs. The pupil facilitated a adult females ‘s group during November and December 2008 at WBSAAI. The group met for eight hebdomads and John Bradshaw ‘s “ Home Coming: Reclaiming and defending your inner kid ” was used to steer the support group. Activities included treatment, art therapy and relaxation exercisings. The adult females ‘s picks sing their healing procedures were respected and there was uninterrupted rating of the procedures.

Astbury ( 2006 ) identifies the immediate results ( daze, fright, weakness, and physical hurts ) and long-run effects ( physical and psychological wellness jobs ) of sexual force. The writer lineations literature which identifies cognitive behavior therapy ( CBT ) and feminist therapy ( FT ) as the chief attacks when working with victims/survivors of sexual assault. FT is a systems attack that recognises the cultural, societal and political factors which contribute to a individual ‘s jobs ( Corey 2009 ) . Campbell ( in Astbury 2006, p.10 ) describes the end of FT is to help the client to:

… understand that such force is a social job non merely an single job and that sexual force is reinforced by gender-based differences in privilege and power that play out with interpersonal relationships.

Campbell ( in Astbury 2006 ) adds that instead than merely ‘alleviating the psychological symptoms in the short term ‘ , FT focuses on ‘survivor ‘s troubles with guilt and self-blame in the long term ‘ . Findingss of a figure of surveies suggest that FT has had more success than traditional therapies in cut downing subsister ‘s degrees of guilt and self-blame and there was greater betterment in psychological symptoms such as depression and post-traumatic emphasis ( Astbury 2006 ) .

The author of this paper believes that WBSAAI efforts to work sensitively and efficaciously with subsisters within a feminist model in a manner that assists clients to recover control over their lives following the desolation of sexual assault. The integrating of other theoretical accounts such as CBT and narrative therapy ( NT ) and techniques such as art therapy, symbol work, sandplay therapy and drama therapy are utilised by counselors at the service.

NT developed at clip in which feminism was act uponing the therapy universe ( Russell & A ; Carey 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Epstein & A ; White a cardinal part of NT is to project jobs instead than turn up them as internal to people and ‘understand that ways in which jobs are constructed and experienced are related to affairs of civilization and history ‘ ( in Russell & A ; Carey 2003, p. 73 ) . NT ‘s focal point on ‘story ‘ tantrums with the feminist committedness to enable adult females to state the narratives of their lives and experiences with a supportive audience therefore enabling them to do new significances. ( Russell & A ; Carey 2003 ) . NT ‘s position is that when jobs are externalised there is a chance that issues of gender, category civilization, race, gender are considered during therapy ( Russell & A ; Carey 2003 ) .

Robert Blundo ( 2001, p. 303 ) describes the strengths position as ‘an attitude and a frame from which to prosecute those with whom we are working ‘ . The position will be moved ‘from a worker directed- attempt to a client-directed attempt in coaction with the client ‘ ( Blundo 2001, p. 303 ) . Blundo ( 2001 ) adds that this position challenges personal and professional conventions. Rather than concentrating on underlying and concealed significances, strengths based pattern embraces the belief in human resiliency and strengths. This is supported by Duncan, Miller and Sparks ( 2004, p. eleven ) who in The Heroic Client present empirical happening about what works in therapy achieved via client-based outcome feedback. The writers believe that it is worth the attempt to go a client-directed healer ‘because of the benefits clients will see in a healing pattern that recognises their wisdom and respects their apprehension of themselves ‘ ( Duncan, Miller and Sparks 2004, p. eleven ) .

As portion of organizational scheme to heighten workers ‘ assurance and capacity to supply effectual curative responses to service users, counselors at WBSAAI have attended preparation, including “ Narrative Approach to Reacting to Trauma ” and “ Strengths Based Approach to working with kids ” workshops and have many resources to incorporate these theoretical accounts into their patterns ( L Nord 2009, pers. comm. , 2 Oct ) .

Many immature people have reported that formal sexual instruction plans are irrelevant and say that they value information about the dialogue of sexual consent ( Powell 2007 ) . Although there is an increased consciousness of the issue of sexual assault as the consequence of drugs and intoxicant, colza is represented as impressions of ‘force, opposition and fault ‘ instead than the two elements underpinning sexual assault- ‘a adult female ‘s right to sexual liberty regardless or her soberness: and a culprit ‘s misdemeanor of that right ‘ ( Alexander Neame 2003, p 1 ) . WBSAAI recognises that sexual instruction must be carried out in a manner that immature people can associate to. In order to forestall sexual force and advance other safe sex behaviors, Early intercession and bar is seen as an critical component. The functions of workers include community instruction ( community events and intercession plans in schools ) . WBSAAI were involved in a figure of instruction activities and events such as an information base at Urangan High School ; Maryborough market twenty-four hours information base during Sexual force Awareness Month, Information, and Community Expos. Many events were held in partnership with other community administrations such as the Women ‘s Domestic Violence Service and Lifeline Community Care.

Jill Astbury ( 2006 ) in her paper on “ Servicess for victims/survivors of sexual assault ” writes that there needs to be full interagency coaction if effectual intercession is to be effectual. During 2009 WBSAAI has been involved in a figure of undertakings, partnerships and community instruction, activities and events with a figure of service suppliers in the local web ( Hervey Bay Youth Sector Network, Child Safety, QLD Police Service, QLD Health, Lifeline Fraser Coast, Wide Bay Women ‘s Health Centre, Centacare, Education QLD and Yoorana, Women ‘s Domestic Violence Service to call a few ) to set up, keep and develop the of import links necessary for effectual community work ( L Nord 2009, pers. com. , 2 Oct ) .

Zoe Morrison describes vicarious injury as a ‘psychological term used to mention to alterations in a individual that can happen when they are repeatedly exposed to traumatic stuff ‘ and as ‘a normal response to repeated exposure and empathic battle with traumatic stuff ‘ ( 2007, p. 1 ) . In her paper “ Feeling heavy ‘ : vicarious injury and other issues confronting those who work in the sexual assault field ” , Morrison provides a resource for people working in the sexual assault field ( 2007 ) . Symptoms of vicarious injuries, including anxiousness, depression, avoiding state of affairss, misgiving, and break of personal relationships, and kiping jobs, are outlined ( Morrison 2007 ) . In order to forestall vicarious injuries and fire out, Morrison writes about the importance of organizational support and self- attention schemes for counselors ( 2007 ) . Research has found that self-care modus operandis and organizational support are indispensable to forestall vicarious injuries and related issues ( burnout, compassion weariness, secondary traumatisation and counter-transference ) ( Morrison 2007 ) . Organizational support may include ‘appropriate and varied caseloads ‘ ; proviso of ‘effective supervising ‘ ; entree to ‘debriefing ‘ ; ‘staff and peer support ‘ ; and ‘safety and comfort in the work environment ‘ ( Morrison 2007, p.9 ) .

Regular supervising enables counselors to work through personal issues ; upgrade their accomplishments ; supply an external reappraisal of the guidance procedure for peculiar clients ; and turn to issues refering dependence and professional boundaries ( Geldard & A ; Geldard, 2005 ) . WBSAAI has a Workplace Health and Safety Policy to turn to this issue and workers participated in a workshop “ Vicarious Trauma & A ; the indispensable topographic point of ego attention ” and “ How to put and keep healthy boundaries ” in 2009. Case direction to apportion clients and discourse any issues is held hebdomadally ; line and external clinical supervising is provided on a regular basis ; and debriefing is carried out after a crisis intercession ( L Nord 2009, pers. com. , 2 Oct ) .

Whether a service is supplying flexible intervention plans for kids who have experienced sexual maltreatment, being antiphonal to the demands and experiences of single kids and their households or to immature people and adult females who are victims/survivors of sexual maltreatment, it is of import that sexual assault services respond in a manner to ease clients to recover control of their lives. WBSAAI provides regular and relevant preparation and professional development chances to heighten workers ‘ capacities to supply effectual curative responses to service users affected by the injury of force and subjugation within relationships ( L Nord 2009, pers. , com. 2 Oct ) . The pupil found the environment at WBSAAI comfy and inviting, the diverseness of clients is acknowledged and staff members supportive and friendly.

It is the sentiment of the author that WBSAAI accesses current information on sexual assault and utilises evidence-based schemes in order to supply early intercession and community instruction about sexual force, and effectual curative responses to kids and their households, and immature people and adult females who have been affected by sexual assault.


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