GRE prefixes and suffixes
not or withoutamoral – without moralatypical – isn’t typicalapathetic – uncaring or without feeling
not or withoutanaerobic enviornment – without oxygenanarchy – without rule or government
goodeulogy – good speecheuphemism – good way of saying something or a polite expression, like saying that someone has passed away
goodbenefit – something that has a good result, an advantagebenevolent – good and kindbon voyage – have a good voyagebon vivant – person who lives the good life
badcacophonous – bad sounding
badnefarious – full of bad, wicked, or evilmalicious – full of bad, wicked, or harmful
notimpossible – isn’t possibleimmortal – isn’t going to die, but will live foreverimplacable – isn’t able to be calmed down
notinappropriate – isn’t appropriateinept – isn’t adept, not skillfulinsolvent – has no money insideinnate – something that is born inside of you
beforea.m. – ante meridiem (before the middle of the day)antebellum – before the warantediluvian – before the flood (Noah’s deluge) (means very old)
afterp.m. – post meridiem (after the half of the day)postmortem – after deathpost mortem exam – means an autopsy
littlecigarette – little cigardinette – little dining tablecoquette – little flirt (little chicken)
littlearmadillo – little armored animalpeccadillo – little sin;
full of (very)joyous – full of joyamorous – ful of amour (love)pulchritudinous – full of beauty (beautiful);
a persontypist – person who typespugilist – person who fights (pug means war or fight)pacifist – person who believes in peace, noncambatant (pac means peace or calm)
to makebeautify – to make beautifulossity – to make bone (broken arms takes weeks to ossify)deify – to make into a deity, a god
to maketo alphabetize – to make alphabeticalimmunize – to make immuneostracize – to make separate from the group or to shun
to makeduplicate – to make doublerenovate – to make new again (nov means new)placate – to make peaceful or calm (plac means peaceful or calm);
noun of suffix that doesn’t actually mean anything; it just turns a word into a nounjollity – is a noun form of jollyserenity – the noun form of serenetimidity – the noun form of timid