Growing e-commerce business in developing economies


The subject is chosen for its great current relevancy, e-commerce is altering the manner of concern behavior, it is foreseen that developing states, peculiar India and China will handle it as a driving force of its economic system. Despite the market potency in the emerging states, its alone institutional scene may present challenges on MNCs when turning their concern. The transferability of their concern theoretical account becomes unsure. It is evidenced by the failure of eBay and Google in China. EBay faced tough competition from a new Chinese on-line auction company, Taobao ( founded by Alibaba group ) in China. Now Taobao ‘s market portion is twice every bit big as eBay ‘s. This high degree of uncertainness justifies look intoing this subject.

The general research inquiries of this survey are as follows:

entifying and measuring the issues and challenges faced by e-commerce companies in turning their concerns in emerging economic systems

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How houses construct a sustainable e-commerce concern theoretical account in China

Background literature

2.1 Barriers to e-commerce in developing states

In response to the fast technological development of the Internet every bit good as the worsening monetary values for the usage of this engineering, academic e-commerce research on developing states has increased during the past decennary. Much of the bing literature focuses on analyzing inter-related spheres ( societal, cultural and substructure ) which impose constrain on the acceptance of e-commerce and the bringing of its benefit. Vatanasakdakul and Tibben et Al ( 2004 ) explore societal and cultural positions that impact on B2B e-commerce acceptance in developing states. Singh and Gilchrist ( 2002 ) prognoses a three-layer model of e-commerce challenges in developing states ‘ equal proviso of substructure, commercial services and trust. Besides, it is suggested that the Governments of developing economic sciences have to work in partnership with houses in the state to undertake these challenges. Boateng and Molla et Al. ( 2009 ) address the interconnected determiners of e-commerce acceptance and diffusion in engineering, managerial, organisational, cultural and environmental facet.

In drumhead, the old literature provides valuable theoretical penetrations turn toing the obstructions on e-commerce acceptance and development in emerging states by traditional company, but the literature does non, in any noteworthy mode, focal point on the challenges faced by the e-commerce company in turning their concern. In position of the failure encountered by the multi-national e-commerce giants ( e.g. the instance of Google, e-bay in China ) when enter into the emerging market, it is deserving finding a model that offers a strategic penetration in enabling houses to turn to the challenges or navigate around the restraints to accomplish success.

2.2 E-commerce concern theoretical account

A assortment of theoretical positions has been brought to bear in research on e-commerce concern theoretical account. It can be categorized into three facets: 1 ) gross & A ; merchandise specific 2 ) selling specific and 3 ) supply concatenation and web particular.

In gross facet, for illustration, Rappa ( 2001 ) spells out how a company makes money by stipulating where it is positioned in the value concatenation. His taxonomy consists of nine generic signifiers of e-business theoretical accounts, which classify companies among the nature of their value proposition or their manner of bring forthing grosss ( e.g. advertisement, subscription or public-service corporation theoretical account ) .

In marketing facet, a really rich model is constructed by Rayport and Jaworski ( Rayport et al, 2001 ) . They divide an e-commerce theoretical account in four pillars, which are value bunch, marketspace offering, resource system and grosss beginnings.

In concern histrion and web facet, Timmers ( 1998 ) regards “ concern theoretical account as an architecture for the merchandise, service and information flows, a description of the assorted concern histrions and of their functions ” , every bit good as “ a description of the possible benefits of these histrions ” and eventually “ a description of the beginnings of gross ” . He identified eleven concern theoretical accounts that were presently founded in e-commerce and classified them on the footing of grade of invention and functional integrated required.

Even though there is considerable concern theoretical account literature that addresses different facets of the phenomenon, small research exists taking to construct up a state specific concern theoretical account. Therefore, this thesis serves to turn to this spread by developing a model for e-commerce companies constructing a sustainable concern theoretical account in a fast turning market – China.

Research purposes

The chief purposes of the research will be:

Understand issues and challenges faced by e-commerce houses in emerging economic systems

By measuring the success of Alibaba Group so as to understand how e-commerce companies operate in developing states

Concept a model for transnational companies turning their concern in emerging market


The research will utilize a combination of individual and multiple instance survey attacks in qualitative mode through obtaining informations from multiple informations beginnings. Case survey attack is chosen as its enable longitudinal survey and find on new contextual factors. Furthermore, the research inquiries good fit Yin ‘s ( 1994 ) suggestion that instance surveies are epistemologically justifiable when research inquiries focus on grounds behind ascertained phenomena, when behavioural events are non controlled, and when the accent is on modern-day events.

Initial apprehension of the barriers to e-commerce and competitory concern theoretical account will be synthesized from the literature to supply an initial model for the survey. By working the success of Alibaba in China in which accommodating their concern theoretical account to get the better of the institutional barriers, this individual instance survey serves to research the issues and challenges faced by the e-commerce companies in turning their concern in emerging states. Besides, the in-depth individual instance survey serves as a pilot in developing an initial model for concern mold. Following this major instance survey, a multiple instance survey attack will be undertaken affecting three other China based e-commerce companies ( i.e.Tencent ( ) , Dang Dang ( ) and HC International ( ) ) . The aim of this multiple instance survey is to supply comparative analysis, so as to polish the apprehension and prove the generalisation of findings, which resulted from the individual instance survey. Yin ( 1994 ) believes that multiple instance surveies are appropriate agencies of polishing the initial propositions of a survey. Through this attack, the writer aims to pull a typical model for e-commerce company constructing a sustainable concern theoretical account in China.

Qualitative informations will be collected through primary informations beginning and secondary informations beginning.

Secondary informations beginnings

Secondary informations will be collected through multiple informations beginnings, such as company papers ( e.g. one-year study, imperativeness release ) , media coverage, CEO picture, 3rd party research study through cyberspace and other public spheres. Relevant diaries and articles will be solicited by seeking databases,

Primary informations beginnings

Participant observation through on-line C2C dealing at Taobao ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) and its local rivals Dang Dang ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) and Tencent ‘s pai pai ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

By pulling up a model to let comparings between web sites, this exercising will supply utile background information. It will let basic benchmarking on the mark group, concern procedure, logistic flow and the types of merchandise offered. Besides, direct engagement in the concern activities would obtain hand-on experience in add-on to observation.

Semi-structured interviews with Taobao – the biggest C2C participant in China ( 78 % market portion )

The following phase will be to carry on interview with Taobao. This will take to in-depth apprehension on their concern theoretical account, researching China e-commerce environment and their hereafter services offered to concerns, and any feedback they have received. It is anticipated that the interview will be a mix of unfastened inquiries and specific inquiries.

Semi-structured interviews with investing bank analysts

To equilibrate the possibility of optimistic position of Taobao, another interview will be arranged with the e-commerce analysts in Hong Kong. As there are several China based companies listed in HK ( e.g. Alibaba ( Stock codification: 1688 ) , Tencent ( Stock codification: 700 ) , it is expected that the analysts are in the place to supply nonsubjective penetration on China e-commerce market.

Data analysis and proof

This analysis will concentrate on concern attack and will turn to the proficient IT issues as necessary. On informations proof, Denzin ( 1989 ) cited “ triangulation ” utilizing more than one method to increase cogency of qualitative informations. Methodological triangulation ( i.e. observations, interviews and company paperss ) will be used in this survey for truth. Furthermore, refering the issue in obtaining dependable informations in developing state, information from media coverage will merely pull out from authorities or semi-government publications and reputable newspaper/magazine.

Ethical issue

The research will be conducted in ethical non-harm manner with informed consent from the interviewees. Interviewee will adequately cognizant of the intent of survey and what type of information is being sought. Besides, name of respondents will be disclosed by consent merely.

Potential research deductions

Practical deductions – This survey address the of import issues for turning e-commerce concern in China, the determination may applicable to other developing states with similar institutional scene. Besides, the findings may function to foretell the way in which the market will develop and calculate the approaching challenges.

Academic deductions – This paper explores an developing subject through the analysis of instance surveies on cyberspace based companies. Owing to the rapid development on 3G engineering and the widely acceptance of nomadic phone in emerging states, it is necessary to farther spread out this line of research to mobile commercialism.


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