Hair Loss is one of the hardest things

 Hair Loss is one of the hardest things to deal with for both women and men. I myself had experienced everything when it comes to hair fall! Stress, climate change, hard water, diet, products, all of these causes significant hair loss for me in the past. I am always in passionate towards amazing beauty and hair products available in the market but not at the cost of science and that is why whenever I get chance to meet and talk with Trichologist or some professional hair expert I ask them a million questions and one of the most common reply which I find myself very true and interesting is learning and identifying our daily lifestyle and things we do, that sometimes causes the most damage. Just by understanding the root cause of the problem half of the job is done.Before heading towards the major reasons that trigger hair loss, first we need to understand and identify weather it’s a hair fall or hair breakage we are suffering there is a big difference in hair fall and hair breakage.Hair fall:When hair naturally falls from the root and you notice a white bulb is attached with the hair you are certainly losing your hairs and it is quite difficult to prevent it, but certainly you can take steps o keep your hair as healthy as possible. This is commonly 70% hereditary and rest 30% chemical.Hair Breakage:If the ends are frayed or look chewed this is most certainly breakage and can be addressed. Mostly breakage is due to lack of proper hair treatments.Weather its hair fall or hair breakage there are plenty of reasons behind.HereditaryHormonalBad NutritionLack of ExerciseStressSicknessPregnancyHard waterToo much products For me hair loss was never related to any medical or hereditary condition there by I was so pretty infatuated   while finding the right treatment to help deal my hair fall problem as soon as possible, and I actually found that magic ingredient. But obviously I started with a healthy diet!! If you are not healthy from inside, it will come up outside of your body.So here is the Magic reveled:Biotin & Omega 3-6-9+ I started adding one of the most powerful thing to my diet Biotin (Vitamin B7)as well as omega 3-6-9 tablets and waited for at least 90 days  (Natural hair cycle takes that much of time)You really have to respect the time hair takes, there are no overnight fixes. To be honest for few of my friends it took around 6 months or more before they begin noticing it. But it’s worth to wait.For me Biotin really made a dramatic change to the amount of hair I had. I have noticed my hair literally doubled on my head and become shiner and healthier too!If you want you can consult your doctor, but biotin is usually available over the counter as a dietary supplement and can be taken with most vitamins.There are few more things which I followed rigorously massaging my scalp with coconut oil as much as possible.Rinsing my shampooed hair with bottled spring water, which actually helped my hair follicle by washing away hard water residues.I am sure if you follow the same you will definitely see the result in 30-90 days.If your hair still falls it is good idea to have a blood test. Look at all iron levels including ferritin, white and red blood cells, zinc, vitamin B12,folic acid as well as thyroid and hormonal and best to take the result to Trichologist instead of your GP. Because your GP will read your test report differently to a Trichologist.So Beauties this was my hair fall regimen, and I hope this blog helped u a bit while struggling with your hair fall problem.If you have any question or doubt you may ask the same in my comment section.Please note this post is not being sponsored, it’s just my personal experience and honest advice for my readers!!       


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