he simultaneously it can benefit their relationship.”(Herb,2014) Second

he idea of men
taking time off for paternity leave is controversial only because of
the fact that paternity leave is still considered as issue that has
no resolution for parents or employers. The idea of a employee
looking to add to their family used to be praised in different years
from companies. Now employees live in fear due to the knowledge of
their unborn children. This issue was mainly a woman’s issue about
how to address her birth and still keeping her career. As society
changes the definition of paternity leave has changed as well.

We are really
discovering that indeed it does take a village to raise a child. With
that being said that village does include the mother and father is
the core foundation for the child especially in the first couple of

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We must first
discuss the argument on why men should be given more time off for
paternity leave. Men getting more time off would improve the
relationship between the mother and father. Kenneth Matos, co-author
of ” The New Male Mystique” and Senior director of research at
The Families and Work Institute believes that paternity leave
bolsters connection and communication between partners. ” When one
person is at home with a new baby and the other remains at work they
can start living in different worlds and have less to talk about. If
parents can afford to take maternity and paternity leave
simultaneously it can benefit their relationship.”(Herb,2014)
Second the time off helps benefit the men with their workplace.
Vincent Dicaro, Vice President of Development and Communications for
the National Fatherhood Initiative states” Research indicates that
companies willing to provide this type of benefit as well as more
flexibility overall have more loyal employees, better staff retention
and higher productivity levels.”( Herb,2014)
Yahoo offers
eight weeks to dads and Facebook offers four months for paternity
leave. Other countries have embraced their stance on offering
paternity leave to fathers. Fathers in Norway get 10 weeks of paid
leave or two weeks for fathers in France, where President Francois
Hollande is trying to extend that benefit to six months.(
McGregor,2013) Men in the United States options at the time are only
looking at FMLA. In order to obtain FMLA the men must have worked for
1,250 hours at a business that has fifty employees. Even after all of
those prerequisites the federal government still won’t guarantee that
the lave will be paid.
Under the Trump
Administration they are looking to enact a new law regarding
paternity leave. For men to get more time parental leave would be
mandatory but not uniform:” States would be required to provide to
provide six weeks of parental leave and the proposal gives states
broad latitude to design and finance the program”(Kurtzleben,2017)
Other states
felt that they could not wait on the government to resolve this
matter so they started to pass their own legislation hoping that the
federal government would meet them half way with the matter. San
Francisco could be the first city in the United States to require
businesses to allow their new parents paid time off. Right now,
California pays a little over half of a new parent’s salary during
parental leave. San Francisco city officials want businesses to start
to pay the remaining 45 percent so that the parents are receiving all
of their pay during their time off.(Whitman,2016)
Next we will talk
about the opposing argument against men taking time off for paternity

The main reason
against men taking time off work has to do with job security ” The
Stigma of being the gut in the office who takes the maximum amount of
leave haunts many dads. It’s not the fear of losing a job exactly but
the unspoken disapproval and questions about dedication that can come
with a long leave.”( Hall,2013)
The second
reason is that people think men are just only taking the time off as
a vacation and to spend time with their kids. “I’m getting really
pissed off at men demanding that they get some sort of paternity
leave. If they can honestly come up with a good reason why other
than” Oh men should get to spend time with their kids too,” I
will applaud them. Women don’t go on maternity leave to “spend time
with their babies. Sure, that’s a part of it, but it’s not like they
can stay home and just ignore the kid. Women go on maternity leave to
recover from the pain endured during childbirth,” States writer
Rachel Hixson( Hixson, 2016)

As a man I
understand that I will never fully understand the depths my wife’s
body has gone through with having our daughters. In the same respect
I wanted to be there to help her with the physical pain after the
labor. My wife had two C sections. Unfortunately due to being denied
time off I had to let my wife recover on her own. While at work I had
to know that my wife was in extreme pain but still trying to provide
for our daughters.

I would think
that having a stressed out employee would not be something an
employer would want on their hands. As a parent I think that society
should stop being so cold to people who want to bring life into this
world. Society used to embrace a new life with joy and well wishes.
We as society need to go back to past generations thoughts on
families are a great thing. We need to look at our European
counterparts and develop something similar or even better plan to
embrace father hood in our native country. ” Peace is the beauty of
life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a
mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the
advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of
truth.” Menachem Begin


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