What position did Manny play on the baseball team?
What was the cause of Michael’s father’s death?
Heart failure
What is the speed that Manny says that Michael can pitch?
80 mph
What part of New York did Michael live in?
What was Michael and his brother’s favorite TV show?
Law and Order
Why was Michael not eligible to play Little League baseball?
No proper birth certificate on file.
What country was Michael born in?
What is Michael and his team’s goal?
To play in the Little League World Series
Where do Michael and Carlos tell people there Dad is?
In Florida with their uncle
What is the name of the Major League baseball team that Michael follows?
New York Yankees
How old is Michael’s brother?
What is the name of the girl that Michael is interested in?
Ellie Garcia
Who is Ellie’s father?
El Grande Gonzalez
What is the name of Michael’s baseball team?
South Bronx clippers