Hello my camp to you for a 25%

Hello dragons, today I am here to pitch my camp to you for a 25% share in my business for $20,000. My name is Ben Gruhle,  I am the owner/ operator of Elite Rugby Camps, and I am a rugby player/coach and developer of the camp, I’m also an entrepreneur searching for cash in exchange for a share of the company.My Goal My goal is that every Rugby player gets the proper one on one time that it takes to develop them into the best player they can be, There isn’t a Rugby camp out there that cares as much about the development of new players and the development of the great sport of Rugby. I will price the camp at a very reasonable price so it stays affordable but there is a bundle option so when you purchase more weeks the more that comes off the total, in turn, gives you a deal.When I started this camp it developed for an opportunity when I saw that there was a gap in the skills from the first year and the players with experience and I have been on a mission ever since.  I am looking to expand my idea into a functioning camp. because I believe that early intervention is key to learning a brand new sport. Pricing and projectionsI am always looking for ways to change the business for the better. That will be apparent when they see how organized and professional   the camp is, they are paying for the quality and the camp is one of a kind. We will try to give your children the best Rugby and camp experience possible, as the quality of the camp will remain amazing, and even if you’ve never played before not to worry we are here to teach you.Why should you investYou should invest in me because there is currently a gap in the skill level of young payers and we have set out to change things. my projections are that we will make 20,000 in the first year. At Elite Rugby Camps we have set out to change the future of the sport for the better this will grow the sport and change the face of the sport.


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