Helping Migrants With Self Reliance In Rajasthan Social Work Essay

Grameen Evam Samajik Vikas Sanstha ( GSVS ) is a non-political, non-profitable, non-governmental organisation. It was registered in 2001 under the Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958. The Vision of the organisation is “ To educate, form and authorise the rural hapless to advance development as a liberating force aimed at societal justness, economic growing and autonomy ” .

The Mission of the organisation is “ To set up a merely society, where no 1 remains hungry, unemployed, illiterate and exploited. To endeavor for autonomy of community based organisation and beef up the capacities of people/communities for placing and work outing their ain jobs. ”Ajmer is celebrated for Pushkar and Dargha- two spiritual topographic points visited by 1000000s across the state. There are eight blocks in Ajmer territory covering 268- Gram Panchyats and 1038 gross small towns.

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There are 2, 23,745 households in these small towns and the rural population is 13, 06,994. Scheduled Caste comprises 16.12 per centum and Schedule Tribes 3.09 per centum of the entire population.Tourism is one of the many support chances for the young person, mostly in urban countries.

In rural countries, agribusiness is about rain fed accounting to about three-fourth of the entire cultivated country. Animal farming is another beginning of support ; nevertheless, unequal imbibing H2O in the summer months constrains incomes from this activity. Saline H2O, rippling topography, flaxen dirt are other factors that make both agribusiness and animate being farming in Ajmer territory less profitable through of import beginnings of supports for the rural communities. The 3rd and an of import beginning of support for a bulk of rural households in the country is migration.Migration to industrial, excavation and urban countries is a common phenomenon for people of Masuda block of Ajmer territory. The figure of people migrating for work from a family and the continuance of migration may change as per the demands of a family, but the income derived from this activity is every bit of import to these families as income from any other beginning. And possibly, the poorer the household is, the more it is into labor-intensive work and for a longer the period.There are two large finish Centres for migratory labors from Masuda block of Ajmer District.

These are Kishangarh and Beawar. Kishangarh is Asia ‘s the biggest market of marble. The industrial are of Beawar, on the other manus, places the biggest demand for labor in the territory as it houses 350-400 limestone shocking Millss units and a Shree Cement works. In add-on to this, there are mines of Shree Cement spread across eight to ten Gram Panchayats of Masuda Block. Beawar is kind of junction ( roadways ) for four neighbouring territories of the State, viz. Pali, Nagaur, Rajsamand and Bhilwara.

It is, hence, besides a finish Centre for migratory labor from these territories. In add-on to this, there is another migration finish at Bijaynagar, which has more than hundred brick kilns.Shramik Sahayata Evam Sandharbh Kendra ( SSSK ) , Masuda of the Grameen Evam Samaijk Vikas Sanstha ( GSVS ) , has underdone assorted support programmes for migrator ‘s workers.

Motions are witting corporate actions aided and initiated by a group to convey about comparatively rapid societal transmutation. The accent of the programme was on migrators as a whole placing the key jobs both at the beginning ( abode ) and the finish topographic point. This support programme was besides in the same line.

2. Activities during mobilization: Assorted activities have done to call up the population.

2.1 Baseline Panchayat Survey

This is the basic activity for holding the record of the figure of migrators in the peculiar small town. The records from the Gram Panchayat ( GP ) has being taken and recorded in the database of the administration. Later these shall be triangulated at the clip of study.

2.2. Repot edifice

These are to bond the community with the squad and to increase the engagement of the villagers. Initially the GSVS squad indentified the cardinal individuals of the small town. They met the villagers at the common topographic point of the small town and interact with them by speaking about the everyday activities and jobs. Community easy started to take involvement in the activities of the NGO.

The squad members besides started to distribute the assorted support plans peculiarly for the migrator ‘s workers. I with the members visited the households and shared the services and activities with the adult females besides. This creates the involvement of the villagers about the services of the NGO.

2.3 Village meeting

To increase the engagement of the villagers the cardinal activity done by the NGO squad was ‘puppet show ‘ . To roll up the people at the common topographic point called ‘hathan ‘ the proclamations were being done through microphone system traveling across the chief streets of the small town.The meetings were held in assorted small towns of the Masuda block. In these meetings treatments were held for trade specific migrators, migrator ‘s households and those workers who came to their places for household grounds.

In these meetings the squad members of the NGO gave information about work and services of SSSK Centre. The squad members counselled migrators and their household members. They told about assorted issues like consciousness about ID-Cards, enrollment for the migrator ‘s workers. The jobs related to their finish and abode ( beginning ) has besides discussed. After the guidance, the squad registered migratory labors during these meetings.

In these meetings the squad besides discussed about labor ‘s right and how to acquire their rights.

3. Support activities for migrators

3.1 Developing a database for tracking

They maintain and record the study informations for all the Gram Panchayats where the baseline study was done. In this activity they have maintained the record of families and analyzed the current migratory per centum on the footing of that record. They are besides giving the Migration Register to Gram Panchayat for their information for the ground of connexion with the Government organic structure. The database besides updated on package and Gram Panchayat. The analysis of baseline study of migratory populations and the Gram Panchayat profiles are attached with the study.

3.2 Inaugural Program at Block Level.

The block degree inaugural plan of Shramik Sahayata Evam Sandharbh Kendra had organized at Masuda. They invited and arranged orientation programme for Govt. Military officers, Sarpanch ‘s, and villagers of Masuda Block and publicize the supports and services of SSSK for Migrant population. In this Programme, the squad explain about the Services of SSSK Masuda through movies, slide show, talk methods and treatments.


3. Publishing ID-Cards of Migrant Labour

Looking to the demand for aid peculiarly at the finish topographic point, the ID cards has issued to the migrators. These helped the migrators in instance of designation for constabularies while coming back to their place in dark hours, place town abode cogent evidence required in instance of geting rented room etc.

3.4. Arranging Mobile Canopies for Spreading Service of S.S.

S.K. Masuda.

Mobile Canopies were arranged at Village Level, Panchayat Level, and Block Level in every month at different location of Masuda Block. These were to publicize about the services of S.S.S.

K. like reding, enrollment of migrators and publishing Id-Cards to migrant workers and raising consciousness among migrators on migration related issues and support bundles offered through the SSSK.


Meeting & A ; Workshop with Masuda Migrant.

In these meeting & A ; workshop, workers were chiefly from Bricks Bhatta ‘s, Construction, Mining and Lime rock industry. The SSSK squad discussed about their life status, their work profile and wellness jobs apart from their on the job conditions. The SSSK squad besides discussed with the striplings groups, which are left to them, striplings have a leaning to hesitate and be infected by sexual catching diseases, and fiscal issues, at last the squad discussed about corporate and do cognizant and inform about all issues and developing accomplishments of them.


Arranging Trade-specific Health Counselling Camp for Masuda migrators.

Health specific reding cantonment in these Gram Panchyats has organised. In these cantonments it has been found that workers suffer from assorted catching diseases. We informed them passively and besides help them in geting protective workings and accessing seasonably medical attending in the instance of bad lucks. For this, a parttime service of a medical practician or occupational wellness specializer has been sought.

3.7 Destination Visit for Meeting & A ; Registration of Migrant.

Destination topographic points like Jodhpur, Bhilwara, Bijoliya, Borunda, and Delhi are visited.

The squad taken a meeting with Masuda migrators and gave information about SSSK Masuda ‘s work and services of SSSK Centre. The squad members advocate with migrators about assorted issues like consciousness of ID-Cards, Registration and to understand their finish and residential jobs. During these finish visits, the jobs like hapless populating Standard, wellness issues, and hapless economic status were observed.

Legal Counselling cantonment.

They had organized a legal consciousness and reding cantonment. In this Programme the labor advocator and squad explain about the labor Torahs to the villagers and how to utilize these Torahs.

Career reding cantonments for migrator ‘s young person.

The assorted calling reding cantonments for migrator ‘s young person were organized.

In these cantonments, different module advocate to migrators young persons about occupations. In these programme young person besides express their involvement of work sector.

Training in Financial Literacy

SSSK had organized a fiscal literary preparation programme for migrator and migrator ‘s households. In this preparation programme the SSSK squad and resource individuals explained about the fiscal issues.

After this preparation programme SSSK squad aid and motivate migrator ‘s adult female ‘s to make Self Help Groups and facilitates them.

Corporate Formation-

With these attempt villagers with the aid of SSSK squad established collectives for safeguarding their rights at the finish topographic point. E.g. Jai Ambe Khan Shramik Sangh.


Capacity Building

Aajeevika squad visited five times and Aravali squad visited two times to the SSSK Centre in last twelvemonth. The squads visited at SSSK Masuda and taken a meeting with SSSK Masuda Staff. The squad got knowhow about SSSK Masuda ‘s advancement like for Panchayat base line study, Registration of migrators, ID-Cards, finish visit, corporate information and formal Inaugural map of S.S.

S.K. , mobilizing of Centre ‘s activities and discussed about future class of action. It was decided to develop village co-ordinators so that they can understand this mobilization procedure in a better manner.

4. Accomplishments after mobilization:


N.ActivitiesImpact1.Baseline Panchayat SurveyIn the procedure the NGO has got of import informations about migratory households and entire population. Through this information they have a good cognition base about migrators and generated records for the support programme.2.

Repot edifice and Village MeetingSSSK got better understanding about trade specific migrators, came to cognize about their jobs. After these activity villagers were planned to do corporate, this was helpful at the finish topographic point.3.

Developing a databaseThis is really of import factor ; by this database they got information about all Gram Panchayat ‘s and will be sharing with Govt. bureau to enable them to understand about migratory people.4.Inaugural Program at Block Level.By the Inaugural plan they got good promotion among the nearby countries besides.5.

Publishing ID-Cards of Migrant LabourThe importance of ID card is huge in that country. As this proven really helpful to the migrators particularly at finish topographic point i.e. the topographic point of the work.6.

Arranging Mobile Canopies for Spreading Service of SSSK Masuda.By set uping nomadic canopies and Puppet show the NGO got good response from the villagers. After these canopies, the per centum of labor seeking the SSSK services has increased.7.Meeting & A ; Workshop with Masuda Migrant.It gave an penetration on the job of migratory workers both at work and in life.

In this meeting they started the procedure of developing trade-based collectives. It will increase company and individual support linkages for migrators at the beginning topographic point.8.Destination VisitBy these visits the squad got information about the migrator ‘s jobs and assorted issues like wellness, abode and economical position.

9.Arranging Trade-specific Health Counselling Camp for Masuda migrators.By set uping this cantonment SSSK squad could understand about the occupational wellness position and hazard of the villagers in a better manner.10.Capacity Enhancement Training ( accomplishments development & A ; fiscal ) and Counselling of Migrant.Over a period of one twelvemonth, GSVS- SSSK Masuda conducted a nomadic mending preparation in 28 July to 28th Aug. 2010 for 25 unskilled young person.

After this preparation 8 trained young person migrator working on different nomadic mending store, and some of them have ain stores. This twelvemonth SSSK besides sent 4 young person migrator in CCCL Ltd. Chennai in assorted trade.11.Mazdoor DivasThe jobs related to pay payments at the finish topographic point has discussed.

SSSK squad with the labour leader met with the SDM ( Sub Divisional Magistrate ) .12.Legal Counseling cantonment.After organized a legal consciousness and reding cantonment SSSK got some instances from the country, in these instances SSSK solve 3 instances of out of 8.13.Training in Financial LiteracyAfter this preparation programme SSSK squad aid and motivate migrator ‘s adult female ‘s to make Self Help Groups ( SHG ) and facilitates them.15.Multi interest holder workshopAfter this workshop group decided to subject a docket to Govt.

of Rajasthan about assorted issue like I-card acknowledgments by authorities, wellness cantonments conducted by honours and the PDS system for labor in province, kids education installation in working country, Pension for labor etc.16.Corporate formationSSSK squad established 2 collective named “ Jai Ambe Khan Shramik Sangh ” & amp ; “ Devali Eent Bhatta Sangh ” .17.

Different Orientation & A ; Training ProgrammesThe members of Masuda corporate got introduced about the direction of other collectives. After this orientation the villagers took much involvement to organize collective for their common involvement.

5. Social Mobilization for natural resource direction for poorness relief

The NGO has done societal mobilization for natural resource direction in the 13 small towns of Masuda block. The ministries of rural development and UNDP has initiated and funded for this. With the support of ARAVALI the NGO has aims to work with adult females collectives for their socio- economic development by working about and direction of natural resorts. The activities are capacity edifice of self-help groups ( SHG ) , facilitate adult females for assorted Govt.

strategies. Programme for bettering the societal position of adult females. Facilitate adult females in the field of agribusiness and carnal farming. 11893 people are being benefited by the mobilization.




Womans of SHG are able in recommending their concerns at appropriate degree.Role of adult females in decision-making procedure has been increased.Enhancement in accomplishments of adult females through assorted preparations.Addition in awareness degree.

Womans have started availing installations of assorted govt. strategyIn the groups meetings issues related to Health, Education, and jobs at small town degree have started to be raised.Rs. 1375701 is the entire economy boulder clay day of the month of all the SHG31 groups are availing bank recognition.131 adult females have been linked with support activities.2 adult females elected as the member of PRI.

32 adult females linked with govt. strategies.Revolving fund Provided to 50 SHG ‘s ( Rs. 35000 /- per SHG )

6. Decision:

The societal mobilization which has brought by the NGO has uplifted the supports of much rural population. The GSVS has succeeded in support programmes for migration by the societal mobilization. The squad has developed better understanding on this issue. In last six months, the activities that they did helped them understand better challenges of migratory workers like occupational wellness, abode jobs and their partner instruction etc.

In such a manner, it could be said that they have more knowhow about these issues of migrator ‘s population. This is greatly helpful for the better migration direction, the wellness guidance and skill preparations of the people and their several plants that they want to make. In these subjects, the NGO could work with them better.In general, migration is defined as physical motion from worlds from one country to another.

The figure of worlds involved and the distance between old and new country can differ a batch, merely every bit good as the grounds for migration.As the Masuda Block of Ajmer territory in Rajasthan province, can be described as an developing country with a thin population from chiefly rural communities, migration to industrial, excavation and urban countries is a common phenomenon. After the intensive mobilization and research, it came to come up that the per centum of migratory families in the country is up to 36.85 % .

The figure of people migrating for work from a family and the continuance of migration may change, but the income derived from this activity is every bit of import to these families as income from any other beginning. And possibly, the poorer the household is, the more it is into labor-intensive work and for a longer the period. There are four major trades in which migration from Masuda Block is soon focused upon.

Building and building work ( including masonry work ) is of great importance, whereas a big figure of migrators are besides found working in Reinforced Cement Concrete ( RCC ) concern. Mine working, frequently in vicinity to industrial countries, and shoe fabrication in Mumbai ( particularly immature households ) complete the chief finishs for people, whose support is chiefly sustained through agribusiness and carnal farming.Abbreviations:SSSK- Shramik Sahayata Evam Sandharbh KendraGSVS- Grameen Evam Samaijk Vikas SansthaNGO- Non Governmental OrganisationGP- Gram PanchayatAB- Aajeevika Bureau, UdaipurAR- Aravali, JaipurMentions: hypertext transfer protocol: //