Higher Ed Legislation
Morrill Act
1862Land to Union states & territories for engineering, agriculture, & military scienceOver 70 “land grant” colleges est.Impact = more access to educationLand grant dogma – could work through college debt-free
Second Morrill Act
1890Land grants to southern states & establishment of black colleges
Servicemembers’ Readjustment Act/GI Bill
1944Impact = 7.8 mill WWII vets degree or training, & 2.4 mill vets VA home loans Comm coll movement, gateway to middle class, and rise of the suburbs
Brown v.Board
1954Separate but equal is unconstitutional
1958Math & science
Higher Education Act
1965Title IV- Pell Grant
Montgomery GI Bill
1985Current plan- covers reservists
1974Student access to their records & protection of privacy