Hii to them?Or aren’t they secretly in love

Hii friends,
?Have you ever wondered on how to spy on someones social media messages .Well when it comes to facebook.It is  impossible .But today we will share  with you on How to keep an eye on someones Facebook account?  Let’s talk about Facebook.The biggest social networking site of all time.Let’s not forget about the numerous fake ids been used on Facebook, In fact, let’s not forget about how this is the easiest way to meet someone new from any part of the country and befriends.But have you ever thought about how these easy things can create changes in someone’s life?Facebook is the easiest way to meet someone and know about them through their bio.Through their post and all others.But have you ever thought about how to keep an eye on what your near and dear ones are doing on facebook?Are they really use using this social media site properly or are they been made a victim of someone who is unknown to them?Or aren’t they secretly in love with a terrorist? Well, these are some of the basic questions which can create doubts in our mind.But my dear readers, today I am going to introduce you all to an amazing application by which you can keep an eye on someone’s facebook account?
?Not only the application but also the features of the applications are as good as the application.This application is a life saver guide for your near and dear ones.
?So let’s talk abt the features of the application.
?1)You can view the facebook chat dialog box of the of the person.
?2)You can also check the names of the person they are chatting with.
3)You will easily be able to get the date and time stamps of when the chat took place.
4)You will also get an access to the audio and video which is been shared on the application along with the time and date stamps.
5)All the chats are uploaded on the account of the person who is trying to keep an eye.
This were the features.Now , lets talk abt how to Install the application.
1) Go on google and search , Facebook spying applications.
?2) Download the very first application from the link given on google
?3) Sign in with your facebook id and enter your mobile number.
?4)Enter the otp received.
?5)Now enter the name of the person whose account you want to hack .
?6)Congratulations, You are now all set to hack anyone’s  facebook account  and keep an eye on their usage.
?Well, this was all about how to hack on someone’s facebook account. But make sure one thing that you don’t use all these applications and misuse the benefit and harm the mankind .This applications were created with a motive of solving problems .Hope all the doubts have been cleared and if you still have some unanswered questions in this page.You can comment below and we would be happy to help you.


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