HM 450
Restaurant websites need an appealing, user-friendly design and functionality, including accessiblity and interactivity.
The visual appeal of the building and parking area are important to potential guests.
Equal employment opportunity (EEO) is recruitment, selection and promotion practices, which are open, competitive and based on merit
Using part-time workers results in giving less training
Most restaurants divide their technology into two parts:  back and front of the house
Employee meals are treated as a taxable benefit by the IRS
Task analysis can be converted into job instructions, which can serve not only as a guide to new employees but also as a quality assurance measure
The handheld device used to enter inventory amounts into the system is called a:a. PDAb. LANc.


a. PDA
The normal pouring cost for beer is:a. 10 percentb.

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15 percentc. 20 percentd. 25 percent

d. 25 percent
When a series of related responsibilities are written down in an organized form, they constitute a:a. task analysisb.

job specificationsc. job descriptionsd. job analysis

c. job description
Technological improvements have made it possible to do a restaurant’s food cost percentage in about _____ of the time is used to take and with more accuracy.a.

one-quarterb. halfc. one-thirdd. three quarters

c. one-third
Liquor pouring costs should be ____ to ____ percent of sales.a. 10 to 15b. 16-20c.

25-30d. 30-35

b. 16-20
About ____ percent of Fortune 1000 companies have significant e-learning initiatives underwaya. 65b. 75c. 85d. 95


On school days, minors of what age may only work a maximum of 3 hours per day, 18 hours per week: on nonschool days, 8 hours per day, 40 hours a week?a. 12 and 13b. 13 and 14c. 14 and 15d. 15 and 16
c. 14 and 15
In most full-service restaurants, the largest variable cost is:a. Labor costsb.

food costsc. beverage costsd. benefits


labor costs

Several restaurants use the ______ to assist in managing the restaurant – it aids from planning to control.a. Red Bookb. Blue Bookc. Black Bookd. Yellow Book

Red Book

According to the Census Bureau ___out of ____ employees are considered disable.a. 1,3b. 1,4c.

1,5d. 1,6

c. 1,5
The most useful source of employees is:a. referrals by reliable present employeesb.

classified adsc. job fairsd. local partnerships

a. referrals by reliable present employees
The first goal for an orientation program is to:a. explain and show what is expected of employeesb. ensure that employees know what to do and who to aske when unsurec.

explain the company history, philosophy, mission, goals, and objectivesd. none of the above 

c. explain the company history, philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives
Closely related to role playing, which has been around a long time, which of the following is a technique that depicts the right way to handle personnel problems, shows how to interview and evaluate applicants and demonstrates decision making?a.

behavior modelingb. awareness trainingc. learner controlled instructiond. coaching


behavior modeling

The word “manage” implies:a. purposeb. mobilization of resourcesc.

Punishmentd. A and B

D. A and B
Employee development programs dea with:a.

perspectivesb. attitudesc. feelingsd. all of the above

d. All of the above
Behavior modification theory urges:a. an immediate reward for whatever behavior is desiredb.

an immediate punishment for undesirable behaviorc. no rewardsd. B and C

a. an immediate reward for whatever behavior is desired
French cuisine includes literally hundreds of sauces but basically, there are eight “mother” or leading sauces, each with a number of variations.
Fusion cuisine is a blending of the techniques and ingredients of two different cuisines – such as Japanese and French
In costing an inventory, the LIFO system costs the item at the price paid for the merchandise purchased last.

The cooking line is the most important part of the kitchen layout
Various kinds of dining room service organization exist, the server/busser combination being the most common
Ambiance is often ranked as the most important factor in restaurant selection by patrons opposed to service
In many restaurants, servers are selected, in large part, based on appearance – the best looking women and the handsomest men
Today, a reasonable sales split is about 25 to 30 percent beverage sales and 70 to 75 percent food sales.
The speed rack holds all of the top shelf liquor
In the food and beverage industry, it is estimated that 50 percent of employees steal regardless of the controls in place.
The legislation that governs the sale of alcoholic beverages is called dream stop litigation
Symptoms of staph appear in:a. 1 to 2 hoursb.

2 to 6 hoursc. 6 to 12 hoursd. immediately

b. 2 to 6 hours
WHich of the following causes a majority of the tourist symptoms commonly experienced in developing nations?a. Salmonellab. Staphc. E.colid.


c. E.coli
Velvety smooth sauces made from either thickened veal, fish, or chicken stock are called:a.

Velouteb. Bechamelc. Espagnoled. Hollanaise

A. Veloute
In some establishments, everone sstares tips on a fixed-ration basis (including the kitchen), a practice common in Europe and the Middle East; this is called the:a. TRONC (truck or box) systemb. LIFO systemc.

Tipping out systemd. FIFO system

a. TRONC (truck or box) system
Which of the following is not one of the seven commandments of customer service?a. Bend the rulesb. Lie if need bec. Be a fantastic fixerd.

None of the above

B. Lie if need be
What is the “hands-in-the-pocket” policy?a. no matter how obnoxious a patron becomes, never consider being physical in handling the situation.b. Servers should keep their hands in their pockets when not taking an orderc. Bussers and servers should always immediately put extra tips in their pockets when given to them.

no matter how obnoxious a patron becomes, never consider being physical in handling the situation.

Which of the following types of lighting is favorable in a dinner house?a. Recessed lightingb.

bright lightingc. high lightingd. low lighting

d. low lighting
In order for any sparkling wine to called “champagne” it must come from:a. Italyb. Portugalc. Californiad. France


Red wine gains its color during which of the following processes?a. Crushingb. rackingc. fermentationd.


c. fermentation
Sherries, Ports, Madeira’s, and Marsala’s are fortified wines, meaning they:a. are fermented for a longer period than any other type of wineb. are fermented for a shorter period than any other type of winec.

are flavored with herbs, roots, flowers, and barksd. have had brandy or wine alcohol added to them

d. have had brandy or wine alcohol added to them
The most popular varietal red wines include all but which of the following?a.

Cabernet Sauvignonb. Zinfandelc. Merlotd.

Pinot Grigio

d. Pinot Grigio
Public relations are efforts to make the public favor the restaurant without resorting to paid advertising
The mission of a restaurant is reviewed and changed as often as necessary
Commercial banks take more risks than other lending facilities because they have the largest pool of money to draw from
Fixed costs change proportionately according to sales
The rapid-turnover style of restaurant generally has a high check average, but produce a low sales volume
Double taxation occurs when the profits of a corporation are taxed and are then passed on to the owners, where the profits are again subject to taxation as individual income
Under the law, all businesses are operated as proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations
THe owner of the land on which a restaurant sits gets a depreciation allowance
Which of the following is finding out what guests want and providing it at a fair price that leaves a reasonable profit?a. positioningb. segmentingc. salesd. marketing
d. marketing
One marketing technique is the SWOT analysis, it stands for:a.

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threatsb. segmenting, weaning, optimizing, trainingc. strengths, weaning, optimizing, trainingd.

segmenting, weaning, opportunities and threats

a. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
There is a ____ percent success rate of the SBA loans to restaurants.a. 25b. 55c. 45d. 65
d. 65
Which of the following is not a source of collateral for a bank mentioned in the text?a.

real estateb. savings accountc. life insuranced.


d. automobiles
Loans cannot be made at more than ____ percent interest over the prime lending rate.a. 2.

25b. 2.50c. 2.75d. 3.00

c. 2.


A standby amount of cash to open the restaurant and to get through possibly several unprofitable months of operation is called:a. capitalb. profitc.

collaterald. income

a. capital
Banks want assets that they can take if a loan is not repaid, this is called:a. swindlingb. collateralc. negotiatingd. capital
b. collateral
Keogh plans make it possible for a self-employed person or someone who has come from self-employment to put up to ___ per year or ___ percent of the annual income from the self-employment into a tax-sheltered retirement plan.

a. $30,000; 33b. $20,000; 33c. $20,000; 25d. $30,000; 25

d. $30,000; 25
Workers’ compensation insurance is:a.

Federally mandated but administered by the statesb. not federally mandated but administered by the statesc. federally mandated and administeredd. optional

a. federally  mandated but administered by the states
The law that was designed to increase wages and increase employment by reducing the hours of the average workweek is called the:a. Americans with Disabilities Actb.

Fair Labor Standards Actc. Federal Equal Pay Actd. Age Discrimination in Employment Act

b. Fair Labor Standards Act
If the owners of a corporation do not want to accumulate after-tax income in the corporation, or if its shareholders are in low tax brackets or have personal tax loses, which of the following corporations is ideal?a. "P"b. "S"c.

"L"d. "LL"

b. "S"
Which of the following bans discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, and national origin:a. fair labor standards actb. civil rights actc. federal equal pay actd.

age discrimination act

b. civil rights act
The simplest business entity, for tax purposes is the:a. sole proprietorshipb. limited liability corporationc. partnershipsd. corporations
a. sole proprietorship
Federal law stipulates that businesses (including restaurants) may not misrepresent what they are selling
Open kitchens are decreasing in popularity due to various disadvantages
Dinner-house menus separate similar entrees: beef in one section, seafood in another.
Restaurateurs are letting the menu drive business, and many change menus and prices four times a year
A table d’hote menu offers a selection of several dishes from which patrons choose to make a complete meal at a fixed price
Product specification sneed only be reviewed, not reset, each time food is ordered.

Operators use food and labor costs as a combination known as prime cost, which should be close to 55 to 60 and of sales.
Kitchen floors are usually covered with quarry tile, marble, terrazzo, asphalt tile, or sealed concrete.
Carpeting in kitchens is permitted by building codes but not advisable
The number-one cause of restaurant accidents is slipping and falling
Egonomics is the applied science of equipment design intended to reduce staff fatique and discomfort.
The microwave oven should never be used in a restaurant kitchen
There are two basic components of value creation:a.

what you provide and what you charge for it.b. what you make for profits and what you charge for a productc. what your guests want to pay for an item and what you charge for itd.

none of the above

a. what you provide and what you charge for it
The difference between the sales price and the cost of the item is called the:a. ratio of expenditureb. contribution marginc.

overhead expensesd. disbursement margin

b. contribution margin
The area set aside for kitchens costs about ____ percent more than in a standard kitchen.a. 10b.

15c. 20d. 25



Food is prepared and rapidly chilled to prevent bacterial growth and is available in portions of various sizes during the:a. sous-vide methodb. cook-chill processc. sous-chill processd. a and b
b. cook-chill process
Restaurant equipment is generally thought to have a life expectancy of about:a. 1 yearb.

3 yearsc. 7 yearsd. 10 years

d. 10 years
according to the text, after being purchased restaurant equipment may drop as much as ____ percent in value.

a. 80b. 85c.

90d. 95

a. 80
McDonald’s restaurants are built around a:a. griddleb.

convection ovenc. deep fryerd. a and c

d. a and c
As additional items are placed in the oven, heating or cooking time may increase by ____ percent or more per item.a. 25b. 50c. 75d.


c. 75
Because evaporative coolers have no need of compressors, they operate at approximately ____ percent of the cost of operating a refrigerated air-conditioning unit of similar cooling capacity.a. 10b.

15c. 20d. 25



Operators who frequently use canned fruits or vegetables perform can-cutting tests, usually in the:a. fallb. springc.

summerd. winter

a. fall
Par stocks are:a. the reasonable amount of items to have on handb. stock points that indicate more items should be orderedc. none of the aboved. a and b

the reasonable amount of items to have on hand

The length of time an item can be stored without appreciable loss of quality or weight is called ____.a. mainenance periodb.

freshness timec. shelf lifed. safety period

c. shelf life
Emeril Lagasse is thought to be the father of the modern restaurant.

Centralization increases the costs of order taking, food preparation, and accounting.
Casual dining is less popular than the other types of restaurants because it does not fit the societal trends of a more relaxed style.
Family restaurants grew out of the coffee shop style restaurant.
Concept comprises everything that affects how the patron views the restaurant:  public relations, advertising, promotion, and the operation itself.

Loss of the right to use a name means changing signs, menus, and promotional material
There is no such thing as a completely new restaurant concept
You should never name a restaurant after its owner.
Which of the following was located in New York City and is thought to be the first restaurant in America?a. Delmonico’sb. Julian’s Tavernc. Grand Tavernd. Julien’s Restaurator


Which of the following involves the least financial risk, yet the psychological risk may be high?a. buildingb. buyingc. managingd. franchising


A 100-seat restaurant, fully equipped, costs anywhere from:a. $1,000 to $2,000 per seatb. $2,000 to 3,000 per seatc. $5,000 to $6,000 per seatd. $6,000 to $10,000 or more per seat
d. $6,000 to $10,000 or more per seat
A land marked study H.

G. Parsa at Ohio State University found the actual failure rate of restaurants in Columbus, Ohio was:a. 59% for a 3-year periodb. 19% for a 3-year periodc. 80% for a 3-year periodd.

10% for a 3-year period

a. 59% for a 3-year period
Boulanger believed that which of the following was the cure to all sorts of illnesses?a. vegetablesb. carrot juicec.

thymed. soup

d. Soup
Of the hundreds of types of ethnic restaurants in the United States, which type boasts the largest number? a.

seafoodb. mexicanc. chinesed. italian

d. italian
The QSR segment:a. includes all restaurants where the food is paid for before serviceb.

offers extensive menusc. includes all restaurants where the food is paid for after serviced. includes steakhouses

a. includes all restaurants where the food is paid for before service
The first known quick-service restaurant dates back to the 1870’s, when a New York City foodservice establishment called the:a. Plate Houseb.

Grand Tavernc. Subwayd. Delmonico’s

a. Plate House
In the recent past, most food service millionaires have been:a.

managersb. buildersc. buyersd. franchisers



A concept created by Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise is:a. Papagusb. Corner Bakery Cafec. Hard Rock Cafed.


a. Papagus
Up to ___ percent of the meals eaten away from home are for utilitarian purposes, while the other ___ percent are for pleasure.a. 75, 25b. 90, 10c.

25, 75d. 10, 90 

a. 75, 25
Surveys show that 40 to 50 percent of all table-service restaurant customers arrive in:a. Groups of 4b. Groups of 3 or morec. Pairsd.


c. Pairs
Without a doubt, the most profitable restaurants are in the:a. Steakhouse categoryb. Fast food categoryc.

Fine dining categoryd. Quick service category

d. quick service category
The magazine Restaurant Business publishes an annual Restaurant Growth Index, the purpose of which is to list:a. all the new restaurants that opened in the USb. The best and worst places to open a restaurant in the USc. New restaurant job openings

The best and worst places to open a restaurant in the US