Honour to Parents

Honor Your Father and Mother
“Honor Your Father and Mother…” (Exodus 20:12). Obviously, God felt that parents were such an important part of one’s life that He made this one of the Ten Commandments. Basically, this commandment says to honor your parents by showing respect and courtesy for their teachings and examples that honor God. Much in the same way paying “Tribute” to them means. The dictionary definition of “tribute” is literally “a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection.” I feel immense gratitude to my parents for taking the time to teach me God’s Word and principles for my life, as well as supporting me in everything I do. I truly understand that being able to train in the art of dance is a privilege and not a necessity. Thankfully, my parents have realized the important role that dance plays in my life now and they continue to make sacrifices in numerous ways to ensure that I continue to have this opportunity to express the talents God has gifted me with.
My parents have always home-schooled me. They believe that this is the most suitable way for them to instill in me Godly principles. Everything I study is taught from a Christian perspective, including the importance of being a part of a strong family unit. My mom has spent many hours worrying whether she is doing enough. Trust me, I think she is. Through her commitment to my education, it has allowed me to be an entire grade level ahead for my age. Being an only child, it would be very easy to become self-centered; however, my parents have taken the extra time and diligence to ingrain in me the necessity of being a family contributor. This life lesson has served me well in my involvement with a dance company and being a real team player. My parents first got me involved in dance at the age of three as a social outlet, but we soon realized that I could learn many important character traits, such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Additionally, I discovered something I am…


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