Horizontal films and series. His article says “The

and Vertical Integration


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integration is when an institution owns another company within the same
industry but at different stages of the supply chain. For example, Warner Bros
see themselves as being a fully integrated company as they own film studios and
companies that, distribute and advertise their films. This is what is known as
vertical integration. However, Warner Bros is even part of a bigger company
that goes by the name of “Time Warner” and they own Warner Bros and various
other companies and use horizontal Integration to combine
its power and profits.









integration is when a company decides to buy, usually a competitor, in the same
stage of the supply chain and merge it with its company, e.g. Disney’s purchase of
Pixar Studios. Disney had started out as an animation studio that targeted
families and children. Disney was looking for different ways to grow itself and
to increase in profits. Pixar Studios ran similarly to Disney, however it was
further advanced when it came to technology and digitally animated movies. In order
to  grow their market share, reduce their
competition and gain access to new markets, Disney decided to take Pixar
Studios under its wing.



















Film in the UK has
vastly grown especially throughout past years. It has led to more job
opportunities and great contribution to the economy growth. The Guardian newspaper
has an article written  by Mark Sweeney
on economic growth as a result of UK being a more desired place to shoot films
and series. His article says  “The UK
cinema industry is enjoying a period of exceptional success,” said Phil Clapp,
who is a chief executive of the UK Cinema Association. He also said “UK
audiences are responding positively not just to a diverse and high quality film
slate, but also it seems to record levels of investment in all parts of the
cinema-going experience.” Also, the recent filming of Game of Thrones in
Donegal led to a growth of studios from around the world wanting to film in
Ireland due to its scenery. Moreover Titanic Studios was responsible for where
some of the production of Game of Thrones was held.



When it comes to
radio, BBC is one of the biggest and considered a top dog especially in the UK.

Being as big as they are this gives them the chance to contribute to the

A fact that I found on BBC’s official website
was in a section called “About the BBC” and then a sub section to that called “Inside
The BBC”. This section contains an article that was written on the 01/04/2015
and was last updated on the 07/04/2015, moreover this is where I found a fact
that claims “Of the BBC’s £3.7 billion investment of license fee income in the
UK, £2.2 billion is invested in the UK creative industries. The remaining £1.5 billion is invested outside
of the creative industries in the UK, largely in the digital and high tech
industries on activities, which support content creation and content




Between 2011 and
2016, there was a 16.6 per cent rise in the number of UK jobs in this category.

This category represented 12.5 per cent of creative industries employment.


Advertising and Marketing

 Advertising adds £120bn to UK GDP. This is
achieved by growing the level of productivity and economic interest


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