House Insulation Experiment

The aim of this experiment is to find out which of the following: Loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and no insulation, will keep the most heat inside a beaker over a period of time of twenty minutes.


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My prediction will be that the control beaker (the one with no insulation) will loose the most heat in twenty minutes, then the convection (the one with the polystyrene lid) will loose the next amount of heat, and finally the conduction and radiation will loose the least amount heat in the twenty minutes.


* Three Beakers

* Hot water

* Three Thermometers

* Polystyrene lid

* Lagging

* Rubber Bands

* Safety glasses



* We took three beakers, and around one, we tied some lagging with elastic bands around it. With another one, we put a polystyrene lid over the top, and left one on its own (the control).

* We took a jug of hot water, and poured the same amount of water in each beaker. We looked at the temperature from the thermometer before we put it in, to see the room temperature. We then put a thermometer in each beaker at the same time to make it a fair test.

* After every two minutes, we took the temperature of each thermometer to see how much the temperature had dropped in each beaker.

* After twenty minutes, when we took the final temperature, we had to look at how much the temperature had dropped before we finished the experiment.

Results: (on average out of three lots of results)


My prediction was right. The control beaker lost the most amount of heat in the twenty minutes; it dropped by 22 C. Then the loft insulation dropped by 20 C, and the wall insulation dropped by 17 C, making it the best way to stop heat energy from escaping a house.


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