?How does the director Steven Spielberg make ‘Jaws’ a tense and exiting film to watch? Essay

How does the manager Steven Spielberg make ‘Jaws’ a tense and go outing movie to watch? The movie Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975, having assorted techniques to make suspense, exhilaration and fright throughout the whole movie. This is done utilizing different types of camera shootings and motion, music, and mis-en-scene.Its about when a mammoth great white shark begins to terrorize the occupants in little island community of Amity, a constabulary head, a marine scientist and fisherman set out to halt it.

One of the three important scenes was, The decease of Alex Kitner. the scene takes topographic point on a crowded beach.High key lighting is used through out the scene. The camera uses a tracking shooting of a immature male child as he goes up to his female parent and pleads her to allow him hold another 10 proceedingss in the sea. The camera so follows him as he goes to acquire his Lilo and this can make suspense since the audience isn’t certain whether the male child will be the shark’s following victim. His swim trunkss are ruddy ( ruddy being the coloring material that attracts sharks every bit good as being symbolic for danger, fright, and blood ) . The audience is introduced to different possibilities of the shark’s following victim. This can make suspense since we don’t cognize who it will be. First, there is the adult male throwing sticks in the H2O for his Canis familiaris to catch- both the adult male and his Canis familiaris are possible victims since they are near the sea and it may be that the adult male has to travel in the H2O himself merely in instance his Canis familiaris needs assisting. There is besides the big lady drifting in the H2O.

Brody spots a black shiny form swimming towards the adult female ; and so we realise that it’s merely the top of an old man’s swim hat as he swims through the H2O. The camera shooting is flat with the H2O and big lady, so it may do the audience feel that they’re in the sea excessively. A character in the movie, named Brody, is besides at the beach. He watches the different people and seems agitated as he is non certain if the shark will assail. As one of Brody’s friends are speaking ( shut up on friends face, and broad shooting on the side of his face ) he sees a immature adult female shouting and sprinkling approximately in the H2O, paying no attending to his friend, he stands up, ready for action, and so realises it was her fellow raising her up from the H2O. These two false dismaies create expectancy for the audience since they expect the onslaught to go on and it doesn’t. A trailing shooting is used as the male child rushes into the H2O with his xanthous Lilo, and the adult male calls for his Canis familiaris.

This implies that something fearful is about to go on since his Canis familiaris has gone losing. This creates suspense since the audience does non cognize why and how the Canis familiaris is gone ; and whether he’ll return or non. A low angle is used as the boy’s legs kick under the H2O, with something hurdling towards him.The Jaws subject music is used making suspense and fright as it gets closer taking to the physique up of Alex Kitners decease. ( Non digectic sound used ) The onslaught is seen in the distance and the long shooting indicates that the people on the beach are excessively far off to salvage the male child. A general terror occurs as people rush out of the H2O this scene becomes really fast paced. We do non see the shark. Causing a sudden sense of expectancy. During this, Brody realises what is go oning and the camera rapidly rapid climbs in on his panicky face. The zooming-in camera shooting signifies the onslaught as powerful and big, approaching towards him ; which reflects back on what the existent shark itself is like.

While parents are first-come-first-serve towards the H2O to acquire their kids Brody still does non come in the H2O all he does it state everyone to acquire out. After the onslaught is over, a xanthous Lilo washes up on the shore, soaked with blood. A high angle is used, the coloring material yellow is used as the symbolic coloring material for danger and warning throughout the scene. The adult male who owns the Canis familiaris is have oning xanthous trunkss, and his Canis familiaris has been attacked by the shark. The male child was drifting on a xanthous Lilo, and he became the shark’s 2nd victim.Usually the coloring material for danger ( ruddy or black ) and yellow is usually the coloring material for felicity and sunlight. So already the audience can feel a tone of difference portrayed in this movie.

Another scene is Hooper and the boat. It takes topographic point in the Amity sea. Low cardinal lighting is used and it is really misty.This is to do tenseness and fright as people most vulnerable when it is dark. When Hooper finds Ben Gardeners boat there is no organic structure at that place, this cause a sense of enigma. So he goes in the H2O to happen him. Hooper so finds a sharks tooth there is a close up on the tooth. So the audience can seek and visualize how large the shark is.On his manner down composure creepy music is played, Steven does this to flim-flam the spectator into believing nil will be go on but so Hooper sees a hole and out comes the remains of Ben the camera whizzing to Ben’s face to make more fright. Hooper shriek in shock.The music becomes much more high pitched. Hooper so gets off in fright of what will go on if he stay in there any longer.

The 3rd and concluding scene is the flood tide. This scene takes topographic point in Amity sea, and has a mixture of both high and low key lighting.The boat is droping this is shown with a long shooting. Brody is stuck inside with the shark on its manner. As he tries to happen an issue the shark interruptions through the window and onslaughts, with is mouth broad unfastened ( shut up ) and so after an extreme close up of its dentitions. This done to frighten the audience and is really effectual. Brody so puts a gas case shot in the sharks mouth with so causes it to withdraw but no for long. Spielberg does this to give the audience a sense of alleviation so when the shark attacked once more it will be more shocking.The bells pealing to demo the boat is droping. ( digetic sound ) .High pitched music begins. Brody climbs up the pole armed. The shark onslaughts once more.

He stabs it with a shark pole. ( low angle ) . There is now a stopping point up of the shark seeking to seize with teeth Brody ( high angle ) and a long shooting of him seeking kill it. The shark eats the pole a goes back into the sea. Brody now prepares to kill the shark by hiting at the gas case shot in the sharks mouth.The scene is becomes faced paced as the shark heads toward the boat, waiting for the last 2nd Brody eventually shoots at the case shot making a mass detonation ( broad shooting ) of the shark pieces. The is done to do suspense and exhilaration for the audience, as waiting till the last 2nd to destruct the shark is more fearful and interesting.

These were non the lone scenes that were tense and go outing, there was the decease of Quint. Both high key illuming and low were used. Since Brody went to the dorsum of the boat when the shark attacked he was non killed.Then the shark came from the H2O ( low key illuming ) and opened oral cavity, shut up on oral cavity, to eat them the boat tilted so that Quint would be falling into its oral cavity. This was done to demo that Quint was powerless to do it more barbarous and dismaying decease. As five was skiding it became more fast paced and there were cuts between the shark and Five this was to construct suspense. When Five was bit, the sound of his castanetss checking was to add more consequence to do this more realistic and ruthless, him shouting ( digetic sound besides added consequence ) . As the shark swayed him side to side it became more awful to watch but this is what made the scene interesting. When he was dead and the
shark pulled him down this built the suspense and what made the scene so bewitching.

I think Jaws was land breakage and intense it was made in the 19s and is still so popular. The shark subject music was great it had a good secret plan and there was a good connexion between characters. Some of the shootings were great. e.g. the rapid climb shooting. I think people might non wish Jaws because of its effects as the twenty-first century prefers what they watch to be HD and the action scene to look highly realistic ( shark to non look sham ) , besides Jaws was the type of film which did non allow see the shark at the beginning to construct the suspense but some people don’t like that other classify Jaws a more of a thriller than a horror. Jaws is still poplar today for many reasons- it theme became popular as you could non bury it, the suspense of non cognizing how the shark looked and the fact that everyone thought it was destined to neglect as when they started doing the film they had non script, no dramatis personae and no shark until Steven came…


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