How I Went About Getting My Msw Social Work Essay

I enrolled in more classs about aging, including Human Development through the Life Span and Health Aspects of Aging. I besides worked closely with my geriatrics societal work professor to develop, implement, facilitate, restructure, and construct on a memory attention group for aging grownups. I am go oning with this work at a local retirement place. My professor and I are developing a structured lineation and preparation for the residential Service Coordinator who will direct this group in the hereafter. This undertaking has been a challenging and confirming portion of my undergraduate Gerontology Fellowship Program.

My practicum was at a abode for people with limited incomes. I worked with people educating them about community resources, supplying emotional support to stray occupants and easing groups on exercising and healthy life. I besides worked straight with households to offer aid in nerve-racking state of affairs such as, heartache and loss, communicating with an aged parent, and referrals to local bureaus.

These experiences fueled my personal passion to work with the aged. My end is to obtain a MSW grade and derive the professional cognition and accomplishments to work efficaciously with the aging population. I want to larn to be a competent counsellor, advocator, and alteration agent for the aged. I believe a MSW grade will supply the instruction and internship chances I need to function the aged.

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My undergraduate instruction and major in societal work deepened my apprehension of the legion battles of the person, community and many complexnesss of this universe. I have researched and studied policies and Torahs impacting people with whom I work. While deriving cognition of Medicare and Medicaid I shortly noticed that the pilotage of these policies is hard and complex. Accessing Medicare, Medicaid and other benefits is even more ambitious if a individual has disablements, limited community service aid and/or deficiency of household support. I began to recognize I could be a individual who helps others go sceptered to entree needed services.

My ain experience turning up was that school was disputing. When I was in grade school I had to hold excess aid larning to read. In category I was placed in a group for extra aid. Initially I did non understand that I was non as competent in reading as the other kids. I struggled to cover with the defeats of “ being different ” . Each dark my female parent and male parent patiently helped me with my reading. Overtime I realized that I could get the better of my stigma based thought and academic challenges. I leaned that I could better. I became a solid reader yet recognized that academic assignments would take longer.

By being resilient and determined I grew and became cognizant of human potency. Confronting these barriers has helped me to go an empathetic societal worker focused on bettering the quality of life for others. While go toing the University of Montana ‘s BSW plan, I improved my academic public presentation inspired by my passion of societal work. I have the thrust and compassion to work with aged people who are in demand for societal work services.

In my practicum, at a retirement abode for people on limited incomes, I worked with stray seniors. My ends were to offer company, emotional support, and aid in procuring a broad array of resources. I studied and applied cognition of Medicare and Medicaid guidelines to help occupants and their households in voyaging these complex benefits systems. I witnessed heartache and loss from unwellness and decease of a partner, friends, and a pet. I supported persons as they transitioned from independent life to the retirement place. Beyond my initial ends, I gained a deeper apprehension of the value of listening, admiting, motivational guidance techniques, and single authorization.

During this practicum I implemented two common assistance groups. The first was memory attention, as mentioned earlier. The other was a wellness and health group. This group was designed to promote physical fittingness, societal interaction, and positive experiences. These groups besides resulted in increased socialisation among occupants. It was honoring to hear that many of the group members were blending more with other occupants during the dinner hr.

More specifically, I began working with an aged gentleman combating a assortment of reverses. When I met him he was populating entirely, go progressively more stray and began to demo marks of depression. He had developed macular devolution and had non come to footings with the fact that his seeing was non traveling to acquire better. He wanted so severely to hold his vision back. It was as if his life was bit by bit shuting in on him. On a positive note this gentleman was really physically fit, sort, and presented himself good.

I began run intoing with him and was able to organize a trusting relationship through our conversation. My first priortity was linking him to a blind and low vision bureau. I assisted him with puting up low vision computing machine equipment through the bureau. Additionally the bureau provided him with a white cane we established a regular, safe waking activity together. I was able to present him to take part in the two groups I was easing to increase socialisation. Overtime it became evedent there were some depression issues which could profit from an LCSW counsellor. I was able to set up guidance services with comeone who accepted Medicaide. These services provided tools for him to hold a better quality of life he besides expressed to me holding a more positive mentality. He expressed concerns and fright about siting the public trasit system. We discussed the benefits for him of siting public transit. He agreed to sit the coach with me. He so was enthousiastic an able to sit public transpotation to assignments and socialisation. I ecouraged him how to sit the coach and put up low vision equipment in his flat.

Helping this occupant reinforced my passion for being a societal worker and working with the aged. I was able to pass on and see many local bureaus along with reaching province and federal recources. I was eager to larn new resources, pattern my hearing accomplishments and assist him put ends and aims to get the better of the obstructions he was confronting. I saw first manus the power of societal work and differences a societal worker could do on many degrees. By working with this adult male I became more cognizant of how I portrayed myself as a societal worker. He demo me that while your life can be isolated and apparently lonely person from an outside position can come in and give you the tools to implement a more powerful subsequently life.

My greatest strength is my compassion for marginalized populations and my ability to believe critically about the issues they face. I have an apprehension of the person ; I use active hearing accomplishments and am good at developing a relationship, which leads to helping the person to do alterations. Through my BSW instruction I demonstrated first-class group work accomplishments.

During the summer of 2008 the Student Social Work Association, in coaction with a societal work category, developed the “ Wheelchair Ramp Project ” for an exigency shelter for adolescents. We identified the demand for this exigency shelter to be ADA compliant. This undertaking seemed that it would be really disputing to finish due to the clip period, we had three hebdomads to be after, fund-raise, and implement this apparently extended project. Logistically we worked to reach an designer, builder and landscape architect to donate their clip. We besides were able to reach local concerns to supply financess to finish the undertaking. The wheelchair incline was built within the three hebdomad clip frame. We even had donated money left over to supply financess to get down to reconstruct a bathroom to ADA criterions. We worked as squad to supply people with disablements entree to this exigency shelter and we were proud of our accomplishment.

I have developed strong group accomplishments as a facilitator. I believe in a common assistance attack to promote group members to recognize their ain strengths and develop their new accomplishments.

My strengths besides include holding a great sense of ego consciousness and societal work values. I honor each individual ‘s ego finding and am really cognizant of confidentiality. I besides believe I see each person as a alone human being and handle them with regard and self-respect.


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