How strongly opinionated to cease the program. Then

How does Chinese government and citizen feel about the  North Korea’s nuclear program? 

 China is one of the powerful and rich country in the world while, the almost citizen of North Korea can’t even afford to buy food, but there is an embassy in Pyongyang and North Korea embassy is located in Beijing’s Chaoyang District which means they had a good relationship and a strong alley. Then How can the two countries combine strongly?

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  In May 1950, Kim Il-sung surreptitiously visited Beijing to rendezvous with Mao Zedong and to group- think about Chinese leadership and his war plans and in October 1950 China accessed the Korean War to support North Korea. China dispatched the Chinese People’s Volunteers to Korea to fight against the United Nations Command. After the war, 38th parallel was established as the boundary between North Korea and South Korea. 

   On July 11, 1961, China and North Korea signed the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty. The treaties were to ensure that China provided military supports and other support for any attack from outside. This treaty had been stretched twice longer so it continues until 2021.

   But North Korea’s nuclear program became a deep concern for the international community
including China. On October 27, 2017, according to CNBC, “The decades- long strategic relationship between Beijing and Pyongyang is looking increasingly strained.” It is because of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction (nuclear program). The consequences of operating the program was influential, Beijing has stopped domestic business trading with North Korean client not only because the nuclear program is really catastrophic, Beijing has to compliance with international sanctions.

   The North’s nuclear program has exasperated Chinese public and even threatened China.  An Chinese interviewee has said “North Korea needs to stop spending money on nuclear weapons. They are spending too much money on weapons so the country can’t develop and most of the citizens couldn’t even afford to buy food. Some Chinese still think North Korea is our friend despite of nuclear program but they should definitely stop the program.” The interviewee views negatively about the nuclear program and strongly opinionated to cease the program. Then what is the nuclear program?

   North Korea has nuclear weapons, the effect of nuclear weapon is very powerful. It affects chemically and biologically on humans and animals. Since 2003, North Korea was no longer in Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons(NPT). North Korea had tested missile and nuclear weapon in 1993, 2006, 2009,2013, 2014, twice in 2016, and 2017 and they  continuously developing nuclear weapon.

  The history of the program had started in about 1962, North Korea asked for help in developing nuclear weapon to the Soviet Union eventually they refused but they compromised to help North Korea to make a peaceful nuclear energy program. In 1980s, North Korea focusing on practical uses of nuclear energy and NPT did ratify North Korea to have a missile test but North Korea did not include the require for safeguards agreement with the IAEA until 1992.

   According to a 2014 BBC World Service Poll, North Korea was the country that had a high percentage of negative views from the world. 20 % of Chinese people said North Korea influence positively and 46% view negatively.  Some Chinese who think North Korea has negative influence said, “Supporting doesn’t means like” or  “North Korea is quite a troublemaker” and many other critical statements.

  Some analysts said that while North Korea is eager to fight, China`s response would be meaningless and China would have to maintain a strategic equilibrium on denuclearization of South Korea. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a news conference on Thursday that China is striving to resolve the issue through denuclearization, peace and conversation. 

  According to CNN, the leaders of China and North Korea have sent personal messages, “Chinese President Xi Jingping have said he wanted to help promote “more wonderful happiness” in both countries while “defending regional peace,” in a statement which was published by North Korean state news agency (KCNA) in November 3 ,2017.” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said “China and North Korea are neighbors and we are dedicated to developing our traditionally friendly party to party and state to state relations.”

  The North’s nuclear program is the one of issue and some countries are concerning about it. In China, there are opinions about the nuclear program and it seems some Chinese hates North Korea and their nuclear program but some politicians wanted to keep the relation between North Korea. This problem also involves US and Japan. In April 2017 interview with the Financial Times US President said, “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will” to force China to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. 

  It seems to be have many opinions and solutions, in South Korea, the government already activating the solution. The organization of President Donald J. Trump has also shaken up US arrangement toward North Korea and the U.S. military has ventured up joint activities with Japan and South Korea and has occasionally dispatched U.S. bearer strike bunches close North Korea as a show of power.

Calvin Moon is a reporter for Fox News who had worked at the Korean National Assembly. 


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