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How to Find Your Passion and Discover Work You Love (Hint
You Won’t Learn THIS in School or Collage)

You can go to college.


You can get a degree in some, but the problem is that  you are learning in school will not usually
prepare you to find your passion.


This does not mean that teachers are useless; My mother is a
teacher, I think they are wonderful, they help in educating the world.


And they teach many important lessons like important
thinking, especially when you are young


But what do I know is that whatever you like, you will be
able to find your passion or you will learn till you try not to throw things


What do most children want when they grow up?


They will generally say, “I want to be an astronaut, I
want to be a doctor, I want to do a veterinarian. I want to be a police
officer, I want to be a firefighter.”


But as you grow older, your interests change


And you are usually lost, as if you were 20 years old, you
were in school, and you were in the same way, I do not want to become a police
officer, what should I do?

And you feel like everyone knows how to find their passion
and they know that they are going to become doctors, or they are going to be an
advocate, and their life is together


Most people do not really have their lives together


I know so many people who have graduated from law school,
and they no longer want to become lawyers.


They only ruin the life of seven years and are trapped in
debt of $ 200,000.


I am not here to say that college is good or bad; There are
reasons for all of this


But I think that I will earn money like two to three times
more money in my life, if I never go to college because I have lost many years
in school.


What I say goes to the world and tries to do different


Try out something new every day so that you can think that
you want or are passionate about it.


You do not have to pay for it, just do it for free.


Trying different things, you will find something you like
and most of you will hate


If you like it, then it can be the best experience, then do
it for another day.


Do it for a week, and after all, you’ll be fine, okay, it’s
getting old, or I do not like it.


You will learn what you do not like


Most people feel that depending on the experience they are
really passionate about life.


You will try and find things, this is what I do not want to
do and in the end, it leads you down to what you want to do.


When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor


As I grew up, I liked it, well, I want to become a computer


But I soon learned that I hate to go to laboratory classes,
and I came to know that computer science was not my obsession.


Then I started my website and decided that I want to become
a business owner.


I failed miserably in my first business


But I came to know that people are not coming to your
website just by raising a business


From there, I paid some professional agencies to help with
my business and I was cleaning toilets and toilets in theme parks so that they
had to pay.


but guess what? Those agencies were unsuccessful and they
did not give me the results I wanted


After all, I had to learn myself because I was out of money


And to go out and for myself, to learn and do things, I
liked it.


It has been found, I am doing well in marketing and what you
are doing well on is what you like the most passionate.


When you find your passion that you want to do for your


Like marketing, I liked it, I fell in love with it and found
out that I wanted to be a marketer.


I do not care if I am marketing as a business owner and I
have a marketing agency or if I am working for someone else and I am marketing
myself or I have worked for someone other than nine to five I am helping them
and marketing their business


I do not care as long as I am marketing because I am
passionate about it.


but it’s; Most people will not know what they are good and
passionate about


My advice to young entrepreneurs or college students is
simple, go out there and do something different every single day.


You will know who you hate, you will know what you like, and
you can understand what you are good


If you are trying then you will discover your passion


For most people what you like and you are good, you have to
go hand in hand, because if you like something and you are good at it, then
surely, you would like it more


When you think that what you like, you will do it more and
more, and that’s the way your career will usually end, and in the same way you
can be passionate about


I'm Mack!

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