How when it comes to selling a product

How would you feel if you knew that you were being manipulated on a daily basis,
without even being aware of it? In our world today, we are surrounded by various
different advertisements. Whether they are in the magazines we look at daily, or even
on TV, as well as different social media platforms. We live in a little bubble where
we are constantly surrounded by different influential platforms; the most significant
one being advertisements.
Over many years, various companies have gone through different techniques figuring
out, which technique is more effective when it comes to selling a product to their
customers. Through decades, advertisements have grown at a vast pace. This is
shown through the comparison of advertisements in the 20s with advertisements
today. Advertisements in the 1920s focused on society and culture, whilst nowadays
it is more about controlling consumer-buying behavior through manipulation.
(Lowery, 2013)
In this paper, qualitative research, through various literature pieces as well as different
online articles and websites, was used to give you an insight on various aspects of
advertising and the effect that come with it. The qualitative research is separated into
various subparts starting with the origin of the topic, which is how our brain processes
information as well as how it is organized in relation to different methods. The body
therefore consists of subtopics of the brain, for instance how the human brain
acknowledges colours in reference to a study conducted by researchers at the
University of Missouri-Columbia, which claim that us humans link specific colours
that are present to specific brand logos and how we feel about the brand. As well as
advertisements and the emotions that are evoke and how these emotions influence our
consumer buying behavior. In contrast to these thoughts, different approaches to
advertising are discussed giving a greater insight to the advantages and disadvantages,
as well as the different tests that were conducted to obtain the according results.


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