Humanity a very old, powerful and indispensable instinct

Humanity has come from a
very long way since the beginning of its journey on the earth. Humans started
as weak primitives who were merely scavengers of wild predators. However, this
condition of humanity sounds like an old lullaby for today’s gods of the earth.
In the very beginning, they were silently hiding in shadows and waiting for
their turns to feed or one day maybe ruling over the earth. That day will have
come eventually and these weak creatures will have become mighty devourer gods
of the earth and even universe. Even these gods will create their own followers
such as androids, humanoids or robots for their needs and comfort. But how
could they achieve this “god” title? Yuval Noah Harari states that “the most
common reaction of the human mind to achievement is not satisfaction, but
craving for more” (28). So, it can be uttered that throughout the long journey,
nothing satisfied humankind. Being only part of the earth is not enough for us,
we have to dominate and rule the earth. As the gods, even the sky is not the
limit for us. So, humans crave for being the gods of the whole universe. The
source of everlasting craves of humanity for more is the ego. Thus, the question
of what makes us human can be answered as ego which is the god inside us who
wants to be worshipped, applauded and appreciated.

Ego has been a very old,
powerful and indispensable instinct of humanity. Therefore it is impossible to
define being human without mentioning ego. It has become the god inside each
human being and determines the fate of these miserable primitive ancestors of
us. Humanity has reconstructed its identity as gods of the earth above all.
Sapiens have paid attention to the voice inside their heads dictating them to
improve, develop and rule of course. Sigmund Freud describes ego as “indispensable
attainment of an aim” (68).  From this
statement of Freud, it can be considered that major aim of humanity has become
climbing to the top of food chain and having control over every creature and
thing on this planet. Humans have started their attempts at domination with the
environment. So, the new gods redesign their worlds according to their needs
and wishes. Also, the ego can be defined as “fulfilment of a wish” (43). While
fulfilling their wishes, humans ignore others except themselves devouring the
dwelling space of the animals and plants. They reflect the dark side of the
gods and maybe this side is the only one that humanity could reflect on its
servants and followers. However, these followers cannot be enough for the gods
of the earth. We demand and create enhanced and better versions of our previous
subjects. “Humanoid robot designed specifically for your unique needs” (Dick 13).
This advertisement from Do the androids
dream of electric sheep and also, Westworld’s
constructed space which is only for the guests’ adventures and leisure time
activities prove that   everything exists
or is created only for humans and our previous followers are not enough for the
god inside us anymore.

Humans are exhausted and
lazy gods of the earth. They want to lie down doing nothing in their Olympus.
One of the most important reasons for creating and manufacturing robots and
androids is being in need of labour force for both our daily lives and
industrial production. For the industry, instead of hiring and paying money to
humans to manufacture some products, gods have come up with an excellent idea
but only for themselves of course. This idea has been creating faster and
stronger workers without giving any money or right. Actually, the working
condition of a robot is today’s definition of slavery. Obedient slaves of the
gods work without getting tired or needing any breaks or holidays. Ages ago,
animals which were enslaved by humans could not work non-stop and needed
feeding or caring frequently. However, these brand new followers are highly
upgraded versions of our old ones. Furthermore, we and our successors will buy
these brand new slaves for daily responsibilities of us. The gods inside us and
inside our successors do not let a god clean his/her own house or cook the
meals when they have the ability to buy or create a suitable “product” for
these jobs. Also, Michael Bay’s The
Island draws attention to creating clones and “harvesting” them to extend
the life span of their double ganger gods. Other than these, the gods of the
earth have emotional and psychological needs to silence the unbearable screams
of their egos inside their heads.

The god created us in his own image. This belief is an
important support of human ego to rule the world and make humans believe the
oldest lie in the world which is everything on this earth created only for
them. Thus, ego has reconstructed human as the gods who tend to believe their
own lies. Consuming and enslaving anything that they can, humans are
desperately trying to satisfy their egos. The very essence of almost every
technological enhancement and invention of robots and androids can be regarded
as a combination of efforts for satisfying our ego and perfectionism.
Never-ending emotional demands of the ego inside our minds which are being loved,
appreciated and applauded cause creation of new followers for the gods of the
earth. Thus, the high percentage of science fiction novels and movies focus on
these demands and mostly consequences of them. Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence mainly concerns these demands of humanity.
In the movie, scientists create an android child called David who or which is
programmed to love people unconditionally and eternally. Although he/it is
programmed to love, his gods are not. He has been abandoned by his owner saying
that “stories are not real, you are not real” (00.51.10-00.51.11). Declaring
them the unreal machines humans think that they have right to determine the
fates of them. In their earthly so-called paradise, humans enjoy creating and
setting up their new toys when the old ones are not enough anymore.  For the gods of earth, androids are just
slaves or toys and they cannot be regarded as equals to humankind. In Artificial Intelligence, anti-android
supporters run a circus which is specially designed as a place of torture,
humiliation and suffer for androids. Humankind’s ego determines a clear cut between
human and android. However, when the borderline between us becomes too transparent,
humans have to find some ways to separate us completely. The source of drawing
borderline is our ego of course. The gods and their followers cannot be at the
same level or side. If the lines become blurry, the gods of the earth will lose
their authorities and titles. Their egos cannot let that happen. Precautions
must be taken.

Oblivion has been an essential fear for humans. They
have invented writing to get rid of being forgotten. Humans record their own
stories and journeys through writing. Gods of the earth fell appreciated when
they read and write stories of their strength and valour. In need of being the
protagonist of every story can be considered as another definition of the ego. What
if new writers rise and take over the rest of the history of the earth? What if
new gods of the earth terminate their authority forever as humans did to the
dinosaurs and other predators?    Humans
cannot lose their godly authority on the earth. According to Freud, ego (re)takes
control and acts aggressively not to lose the authority (58). Therefore, as it
is observed in most of the science fiction novels and motion pictures, turning
to the ancient gods of the earth are the worst phobia of humankind and its ego.
If there is nobody to worship them, it will be hard to declare himself or
herself as the god. However, worshippers must be controlled, directed and repressed
in case of any rebellion or overthrow. Human ego cannot bear even the slightest
possibility of their enslaved, manufactured subjects being the new gods of the
earth. In his distinguished science fiction novel I, Robot, it is stated that “A robot may not injure a human being,
or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey
the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict
with the First Law” (Asimov 51). These principles of robotics reveal that human
life has always a high priority. During the production process of the robots,
this priority is encoded their operating systems and so-called decision

Sky has never been the limit for humans who recreate
themselves as the gods of the earth. Conquering and dwelling upon the sky are
essential characteristics of the gods. Ancient people tried to build Tower of
Babel to reach the heaven and the god according to some myths, however, was reaching
the real aim of humans? It is hard to admit this motivation for building Tower
of Babel considering the god inside each of us. Most probably, the real
motivation was being the gods. This attempt was severely punished by the god. The
punishment was the loss of the communication through destroying the common
language. In spite of the punishment, humankind will never give up on reaching
to the sky. They have built skyscrapers to see or make Apollo feel their
presence and potential better. Any punishment has not come yet. Humans mostly
aim a one-way visit from earth to the god or space What If the god decides to
come before them, what would humans do? Clarke’s Childhood’s End answers this interesting question. Continuously,
actions of humans take us to ego which is the god inside us. Being the gods of
the universe turns into another competition and challenge for the gods of the
earth. While Earthly gods are competing with each other building their own
versions of Tower of Babel, lords from the sky come before them. Other than the
arrival of the gods, there is another great danger for humanity: A possible
attempt to the rebuilding of the tower decided by the brand new followers. The
current gods of the earth have to be alarmed against recurring Lucifer the
rebellious son pattern.

Lucifer revolts against his father saying that “Non
Serviam” (New Jerusalem Bible,
Jeremiah. 2.18). The oldest rebellion can be considered as the beginning of the
father or the god- son conflict. It is possible to continue as the conflict
between human ego and robotic hubris. Although, Lucifer could not win the war
against his god, can gods of the earth repress the uprising of the new “light
bearers”? Eternally, thesis and anti-thesis chase one another. Every god has a
Lucifer who wants to be the god and every Lucifer has a god who resists leaving
the throne. Being the gods of the earth was not a simple quest. All those
sacrifices, casualties and efforts would be for nothing, if humanity lost
“Olympus”. To be able to win against a possible robotic hubris, humans adapt
the essential ideas of the ego ,which they used against each other, as
dehumanization, alienation, and discrimination to robots and androids. They are
objectified and dehumanized in almost every area of life. They are deprived of
being independent and free individuals by the harsh rules encoded both on their
minds and on society. Robots and androids are declared as slaves or servants of
us to clarify and strengthen their pathetic status in the presence of their
gods. As it is blindingly obvious in Westworld,
Worse than even dehumanization, their gods falsely humanize androids making
them believe that they are humans with disrupted truths and memories. This kind
of humanization is not for the benefit of the androids of course. It is another
precaution of the ego in any case of the rebellion. Ego whispers to humanity
the god’s fault which was giving too much value to Lucifer at first. So, humans
devalue their followers as much as possible in every area of life taking
lessons from the past. Different from the past, humans’ followers are physically
and technologically superior to the gods of the earth. However, it is not the
first or the last challenge for human ego. Ego has always been the essence of
being human and the Ubik of every
problem to continue being the gods of the earth.

Consequently, humankind recreates itself from nothing
to the gods of the earth with help of the ego. Humans reconstruct and
deconstruct their environment enslaving the nature and animals. So the new gods
of the earth’s first subjects become animals. Their slaves have served them till
their gods are in need of brand new followers and servants. The ego strives for
more every time humans achieve something. Enslaving the earth is not enough for
humanity, it aims the sky and wants to build another enhanced version of Tower
of Babel being ready to face any possible punishment from the sky again. For
their new Olympus, humans create new followers which are more capable slaves
for the new heaven. The very essence of the creation of robots and androids
goes back to the god inside us who wants to be worshipped, applauded
and loved by all. Like every god, the gods of the earth also have “Lucifer
complex”. Therefore, humankind is always alarmed against a rebellious attempt
of a son. The oldest phobia causes harsh discrimination, hatred and fear
against the new slaves. The phobia of losing to the new “Lucifers” and
precautions which were taken because of it stated by many important
distinguished science fiction writers. Bounty hunters and slave robots of
Philip K. Dick’ Do Androids Dream of
Electric Sheep, Clones for every need of the humanity of Michael Bay’s The Island, Flesh fair and production of
David to love people of Steven Spielberg’s Artificial
Intelligence, three laws of robotics of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot etcetera reveal the essence of being human as the ego. The
ego becomes the god inside us commanding to conquer, devour and rule the world
and even universe being deaf and blind to others’ sufferings and screams.






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